Here's a thought—you don't need to be an expert on every marketing tactic in order to sell it. That's why white label solutions exist. Let's back it up a bit...

As an agency owner in the digital world, it's hard to do everything. Websites, reputation, social media, brand—how do you keep pace with all these services when they're evolving at breakneck speed? The new marketing stack that local businesses need is constantly growing, and it's hard to keep up with the kinds of marketing solutions your clients want, need, and demand.

Your company should focus on what you do best—and do it better than anyone else. If your specialty is social media, deliver a 10x social media experience to clients. However, we're in an age where local businesses expect more marketing offerings from fewer partners and don't want to juggle ten different companies and contracts. That's where white-label and private label software, products, and services come into play to fill in your gaps and help you become a full-service agency. 

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What is a White-Label Solution?

White-label solution is a product or service you can rebrand and resell as your own to clients. A white-label product is typically developed by Company A that can be rebranded and sold under Company B.

White-label services are managed fulfillment services where a team from Company A can fulfill work for the clients of Company B.

All of these products and services appear on the outside to be part of Company B, but behind the scenes, they're offered by Company A.

Here's a visual to help explain:

White-Label Solutions

Taking advantage of the ever-expanding list of white-label business opportunities that exist in the digital marketing world can lead to huge gains for your agency, without "losing face" by openly outsourcing your products and offerings.

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What are the Benefits of White-Label Solutions?

There are many benefits to adding resellable and rebrandable digital marketing products and services to your core business model.

One of the largest benefits is scaling. These white-label solutions allow you to scale your business in many ways, fast and securely.

  • Scale your offering. By leveraging white and private label solutions, you’re able to instantly add new products and services to your core offering. You can quickly grow from entrepreneur to agency and beyond.
  • Scale your costs. Leveraging these resellable solutions means you’re cutting overhead and resource expenses. There’s no development work or IT setup for products. There’s no training or in-house bodies for fulfillment. Everything is turnkey.
  • Scale your revenue. By leveraging white and private label solutions, you're adopting a bulletproof ROI model. Get products and services at wholesale, markup the price, then resell under your agency’s brand.

White-label business opportunities are huge opportunities to grow your brand, reputation, basket of offerings, and scale your revenue to the Nth degree.

Here are other key benefits of embracing these opportunities:

  • Increase revenue and profits. Each new digital marketing service you offer creates a new incremental revenue stream for your business.
  • Grow the reputation of your business. By offering every digital marketing solution local businesses need, you'll quickly become the go-to "local expert."
  • Improve client retention. More products = more reasons for clients to stay and make you their one-stop shop.
  • Let you focus on your core values and brand. With less time on fulfillment and figuring out nitty gritty specifics, you can focus on what your agency does best and build out your brand to stand out in the crowd.

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9 White-Label Solutions to Skyrocket Your Revenue

local business needs

The New Local Marketing Stack

Below, we'll cover 9 digital marketing areas with white-label selling opportunities.

For each solution, we'll describe the business opportunities, lay some sweet stats about why this product is a must-have in your digital marketing basket, and even recommend specific solutions you can find in the Vendasta Marketplace and elsewhere for you to get out and start selling.

Without further ado, let's cover some white-labellable products and services to sell across the entire marketing stack your agency can take advantage of to grow your revenue.

1. White-Label Digital Advertising

white label digital advertising

What is white-label digital advertising?

White-label digital advertising can be anything from rebrandable advertising platforms to reports, campaigns, or products that allow you to brand and resell digital advertising services to local businesses. As digital advertising is generally a marketing service, the most common form of white-label opportunity in this realm is service fulfillment. Your business can partner with a white-label service provider to design, create, and maintain digital advertising campaigns for your business clients.

Why digital advertising?

Digital advertising is often considered the top of the marketing stack, and a vital service to offer business clients. Digital advertising brings that top-of-funnel traffic and attention to all the other marketing tactics the business is carrying out. With more eyes on the business and their offerings—and the right eyes with digital advertising's advanced targeting tactics—your business clients will be driving more sales and conversions than they would've thought possible.

Did you know that nearly 87% of small businesses currently use digital advertising mediums to grow their business? Furthermore, two-thirds of SMBs plan to start using such mediums.

The total revenue that agencies generated from digital advertising in 2019 was $17.5 billion. Hence, with more local businesses looking to spend on advertising, you'll want to offer some sort of advertising services for them to buy (before they leave you for competitors!).

Any agency that offers marketing services should consider white-label advertising. No matter what aspect of marketing your agency focuses on, paid advertising is the "top of the stack" that will greatly help local business clients acquire new customers and drive consumers to other pieces of the local business. Digital advertising is also one of the easiest areas to provide clear ROI reporting in, as ad spend directly correlates to results like conversions and sales.

However, PPC, Social, Display, and mobile advertising can be difficult waters to navigate without an expert on your team. Introducing a resellable advertising solution lets you borrow the expertise of a team of advertising specialists and add them to your brand to fulfill your client's campaign needs.

Reseller advertising programs are great because:

  • It's easy and requires no extra work for your agency to offer it
  • Clients get great results, as an expert team is running their PPC campaigns
  • Your agency looks great because your clients get great results they attribute to your services
  • It’s a new revenue stream for your agency, as every business is clamoring to get help with their digital advertising

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What to consider in white-label digital advertising solutions

The type of campaigns available completely depends on the white-label provider. Consider a rebrandable option that cover many aspects of advertising services, such as:

  • Multi-channel campaign creation and optimization
    • AdWords Search
    • AdWords Display
    • Youtube video
    • Facebook
  • Design
    • Facebook and Display ad images
    • Mobile-optimized landing page

White-label digital advertising: suggested solution

With Vendasta's white-label Digital Advertising Solution, you can offer clients fully-managed multi-channel advertising campaigns that drive real results to their business. Your clients get results, you get new revenue—it's a win-win.

2. White-Label Social Media Marketing

white label social media marketing

What is white-label social media marketing?

White-label social media marketing can take many forms—social media content creation, social media services like managed posting, or even rebrandable social media management products. All of these solutions are re-brandable to be sold by resellers at their own price point to offer new social media solutions to their business clients.

Why social media marketing?

We don't have to tell you again that social media is a must for every agency and business looking to make a living (and more) in the digital world. Being active on all the right social platforms lets your clients:

  • Interact with their consumers
  • Increase brand awareness and participate in the conversation
  • Increase sales with strategically placed "learn more," "call now," and "message us" buttons

Did you know that social media marketing currently is the most-preferred tactic that SMBs use? Research states that 73% of SMBs use social media marketing for their business needs. 

That's 73% of small business clients that you're currently missing out on if you don't offer social media services. Additionally, 63% of SMBs will increase their social marketing spending in the coming year.

Therefore, by stepping in and lending local businesses' social media strategy, you'll scoop up a large share of the market.

What to consider in a white-label social media solution

A great way to get into the social media marketing space with a white-label product is with a social media platform. Offering your clients a single-source-of-truth to manage all of their social profiles lets them take control of their social presence, engage with clients, and generate new leads—all through a platform that's branded and sold as your own.

Make the option you choose is:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • 100% re-brandable
  • Fully supports all major social channels, with post engagements, comments, and more

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White-label social media marketing: suggested solution

Vendasta's Social Marketing tool is a simple and scalable social media management solution for agencies to offer their clients. You can even use the platform yourself to for white-label social media management and take your client's social presence into your agency's hands.

3. White-Label Apps

white label apps

What are white-label apps?

White-label apps are applications built by a white or private label app development company and rebranded and resold by other businesses. White-label app solutions can be a service where an application is ordered from Company B (reseller) by their business client but actually built by Company A (third-party service provider). A white-label app can also be a specific application built by a provider that is rebranded and resold by multiple resellers.

Why apps?

As Entrepreneur states, having a website presence is no longer enough for a local business. A mobile app is now a necessity as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Did you know that 90% of mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps? If your client wants to hit their consumers where they live, then investing in a mobile app for their company is a good move.

However, app development is complex, and fulfillment of this new service would require an entirely new development team dedicated to building custom apps for business clients. By outsourcing this service to a third-party development team, you can add "mobile app" to your other marketing services without having to worry about additional overhead costs and development complexities.

What to consider in white-label app solutions

Mobile apps are a huge value-offer to add to your store, but building client apps requires high-quality custom development work. When you're selecting your white-label partner to provide this service, make sure you look for the following:

  • 100% custom app development for clients
  • Progress reports with drafts, and early versions of the app to review
  • Thorough QA testing on every app
  • Supports multiple revisions on early app versions
  • Continued support once app is live in the Apple and Google Play stores


White-label apps: suggested solution

BiznessApps offers a white-label mobile app builder service that is unique to each of your business clients. They've been trusted by big brands like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, the New York Times and more to build custom mobile apps, which means that your business clients' mobile app presence is in good hands. Check them out!

4. White-Label Reputation Management

white label reputation management

What is white-label reputation management?

White-label reputation management solutions are re-brandable services and products that deal with a business' online reputation and reviews. There are a few aspects of online reputation management that can be white-labeled. Software like a platform to monitor a business' reputation would be a rebrandable product, and services like review response and review generation would be a white-label fulfillment option. You could combine these together for a full-scope reputation management solution by finding a provider that offers both reputation management products and services.

Why reputation management?

Did you know that 86% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017? Helping your clients manage their online presence has become a critical part of thriving in the digital space. Think about it: if you Google a brand when you're considering a purchase, are you likely to follow through with that purchase if the business has terrible reviews? Similarly, wouldn't your hesitations and nerves be calmed if you saw a high star rating with lots of reviews? An online reputation can make or break your clients' business.

However, monitoring the internet and responding to each and every review is a lot of hard work—even for experts. What you need is a solution where you have reviews pulled into one central platform from all across the web so you can respond and monitor as necessary. To add a cherry on top, also offer review response options for a few extra bucks to bring in additional revenue!

Businesses will jump at the opportunity to improve and grow their online reputation, which means happy customers and more money in your pocket if you can be the agency to provide it.

“Online listings, local search, and social media management are critical components of today’s multifamily marketing stack, but they require hours of overhead and considerable expertise...our Reputation Concierge services relieve apartment communities of these duties, provide dashboards for one-stop social media monitoring, and most importantly build a strong and accurate online and mobile presence that can help keep properties at peak occupancy rates.” — media company

*Note: If you manage multi-location brands, this post might also be up your alley.

What to consider in a white-label reputation solution

A good place to start with white-label reputation is to provide a re-brandable platform for your clients to monitor their online reputation.

Make sure the reputation solution you choose is:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • 100% re-brandable
  • Monitors reviews and mentions from all of the top review sites, including vertical-specific websites and all social channels
  • Supports review response through the platform

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White-label reputation management: suggested solution

Our Reputation Management Software pulls in reviews from every major review site, including industry-specific sites, and lets your clients respond and monitor the reviews all from a single place.

5. White-Label Website Solutions

white label website design

What are white-label website solutions?

White-label website solutions can be any website-related service or product that a reseller can rebrand and sell at their own price point to business clients. This can be a website hosting reseller program, re-brandable web design services, or even resellable website add-on products. The most common form of white-label websites is a design & development service provided by a third-party provider. Companies can sell websites designed by the white-label website provider under their own brand and at their own price-point.

Why websites?

Websites are a core aspect of any business' online presence and acts as the "home-base" for their virtual doorway. Every other aspect of digital marketing funnels back to your website, which acts as the foundation of your client's online presence and is generally optimized for making that final conversion or sale. We've said it before and we'll say it again: if you don't build websites for your clients then someone else will.

Did you know that 51% of small businesses invest in websites for their digital marketing? Taking advantage of a white-label website solution will turn your business into that sticky agency that clients can depend on as their one-stop-shop for marketing solutions.

What to consider in white-label website solutions

Adding some form of white-label website design & development solution is a great idea for any reseller that works in the marketing space. A no-brainer option is to offer a full website package through a white-label provider: website creation (design and development) and hosting.

More resellable website add-ons like appointment schedulers, live chats, form builders, and more are also available across the web.

White-label websites: suggested solutions

Our WordPress Website Pro and Website Creation solutions are perfect to package, rebrand, and resell to your clients as a holistic website approach.

White-label website hosting on the Google Cloud Platform with one-click set-up. One login gives your clients access to reporting and supplementary digital products that are ready to sell! Host your sites on Website Pro and give your agency the power to build fast, secure, and robust WordPress sites for any business.

White-label website design. Choose from 1-page, 3-page, 5-page, or more! Built for conversion and sales on the easiest-to-use CRM—WordPress. Your clients provide the required information to our design team, and we deliver websites made to help local businesses grow. Revisions included!

"Working with my partner Vendasta became that much better when website creation appeared into Marketplace. Budget is always a concern for small businesses as well as timing...well that has now been resolved! AMG has launched over 30 websites in the past year utilizing the website creation in Marketplace, ranging from simple and effective landing pages to 10 page fully custom designed websites. Here is the key however—not only are these websites cost effective for the client, but are great looking sites with optimal functionality. At the end of day, my client has a website that they love completed in a timely manner that fits their budget." —AMG branding agency

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6. White-Label Content Creation

white label content creation

What is white-label content creation?

White-label content creation is where copywriters provide written content for resellers to give to clients under their own brand and price point. This content can take the form of blogs, social posts, website copy—almost any digital written copy you can think of. This service can be fulfilled in a few ways: either a one-time content purchase, like a blog, or an ongoing service like "X" social media posts per month. The copywriters work under the reseller brand, and the written work may or may not take a branded format.

Why content creation?

Stop me if you've heard this one before: content is king! That's where your content creation services come in. Every piece of a digital presence needs written content, whether it be a website page, a blog post, or even the script for a video.

Content creation is especially critical for maintaining a social media presence and cultivating a blog that helps clients rank in the SERP. Many local business clients, however, don't have the time or written-word expertise to fill blogs with beautiful prose or keep up with fast-paced social media feeds, so offering these services through trained experts can be huge for your business client's success.

Did you know only 33.9% of companies publish blog posts or articles, but almost every business would benefit from having a blog!

By adding content creation to your basket of offerings, you're filling in a lot of gaps that many agencies and media companies don't provide their clients. Offering white-labelled content like blogs and ongoing social posts is a great way to quickly grow your revenue with existing clients.

White-label content creation: suggested solution

You can offer clients custom blog posts, and fill their social media calendars with posts from our white-label marketing services team!

  • Social posting

Engaging, timely and relevant content for your client's social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more

  • Blog posts

High-quality, relevant blog posts for your client to strengthen their online presence. The topic of the blog post can be hand-picked by your client or selected by our team of copywriting social media experts


7. White-Label Graphic Design

white label graphic design

What is white-label graphic design?

White-label graphic design is a service where a graphic design specialist or agency creates custom design work that you can rebrand and resell through your own company. It can be resold service where the graphic designers work with the end clients, but they work under the umbrella of your business.

This is an aspect of rebrandable content creation, but focused on the vast visual side of marketing—from business card design, to brochures and content design, to full corporate brand identity design.

Why graphic design?

Remember when I said content is king? This is the visual part. When you're marketing your business online, the way to stand out is with pictures and a strong brand identity. You name it, and it probably needs some aspect of graphics. Website? Needs imagery. Ads? Need ad images. Social posts? Perform better with the right visuals attached.

If you're offering some type of marketing service to business clients, you'll definitely want to add graphic design as an add-on or additional service. Then, you can bundle other marketing tactics like social media management with custom graphic post design or even offer full brand-development services to new business clients.

By adding graphic design to your basket of offerings, you can add a built-in upselling business opportunity to many of your existing services.

What to consider in white-label graphic design services

Graphic design is a great resellable option to add to your store, but keeping quality consistent is key.

Make sure the solution you choose includes:

  • Unlimited design concepts
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • 100% original graphic designs for your client's brand

White-label graphic design: suggested solutions

Graphic Design Services: with this solution, you can offer white-label graphic design services like logo design, business card design, and corporate identity packages from our Marketplace. Bundle new graphic design services with any existing packages to increase your revenue!

8. White-Label Email Marketing

white label email marketing

What is white-label email marketing?

White-label email marketing is an email marketing platform built by a white-label software development company and rebranded and resold by reseller companies to local businesses. It's a re-brandable platform you can customize with your company brand and sell to your business clients as a place to manage their email marketing campaigns.

Why email marketing?

Email continues to be a great platform for local businesses to reach their audience—with promotions, contests, newsletters, you name it! Despite what "they" say, email marketing for businesses isn't going anywhere.

Did you know that 56% of companies currently use an email marketing provider and are 75% or more likely to be purchasing of marketing automation software over the next year? That means big dollars are going to be spent on email marketing platforms in the coming years, and don't you want those dollars funneled into your business?

Building a robust email marketing platform is a huge task, so taking advantage of the email platforms that already exist that are re-brandable and white-label is the perfect opportunity.

What to consider in white-label email marketing solutions

Email marketing campaigns and strategies are only so good as the email marketing platform itself. When you're in the market for a white-label email solution to sell to clients, look for:
Robust email campaign reporting (including CTR, open rates, sales, and trends over time)

  • 100% white-labeled and rebranded platform
  • Customizable email campaign templates for clients
  • Compliance with email spam laws

White-label email marketing: suggested solutions

You can take control, and give control, of email marketing to your business clients with Campaigner's email platform with their white label email reseller program. Add their robust email marketing platform to your store with your brand and resell the software as your own to clients. Join their reseller partners who are seeing millions in annual revenue through their program

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9. White-Label SEO

white label seo

What is white-label SEO?

White-label SEO solutions can be a platform or a service that's designed to optimize your client's digital content that's re-brandable to be sold by your company. These SEO services are designed to get your local business client found in the SERP and increase their online visibility against the competition.

There can be white-label SEO options that include managed fulfillment or white-label SEO software for your clients to manage their own SEO optimization. The software helps your clients optimize their own content, and the resellable SEO service would have a third-party fulfillment team do the heavy-lifting for you.

Why SEO?

SEO is all the buzz, and for good reason. Every business wants SEO services now that they're understanding the digital landscape and the role that search engines play. With SEO being such a hot topic, every agency needs to be able to offer some sort of reseller SEO solution to stay afloat.

Here's the big selling point: SEO strategies help your clients get found on Google without paying for AdWords campaigns. And the easier your clients get found, the easier they get visited, and the easier they make sales and increase their revenue. And revenue bumps for them that they attribute to your company = revenue bumps and brownie points for you. This is one of the hottest business opportunities in 2018!

Did you know that 17% of small businesses invest in SEO? However almost 40% plan to use more SEO tactics this year. And that number is growing constantly as local businesses realize the value of being found organically in search.

SEO reselling services are appealing because, by adding an SEO solution to your basket of offerings, you can help your clients grow their revenue and improve their overall online visibility and presence. Plus, listings and SEO go hand-in-hand, so you can automatically bundle a number of products into "SEO" packages without having the SEO expertise (thank you, white label!).

What to consider in a white-label SEO solution

If you want to raise your client's domain authority and ranking on key terms, here's what to consider for a reseller SEO program:

  • Content creation/optimization services to rank for key terms
  • Robust reporting dashboard to showcase the progress and results of the SEO services
  • Frequent updates and documentation of the SEO process
  • Details on key benefits of improved SEO, such as increased organic traffic from improved SERP rank

White-label SEO: suggested solutions

SEO Network in our Wholesale Marketplace is a white-label SEO software and service that you can rebrand and sell to clients. A team of SEO experts fulfills optimization services on the best keywords selected by your business clients and offers a platform (non-brandable) for your clients to login to watch their SERP rank progress.

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Risks to Consider Before Adopting White-Label Solutions

Like with all solutions, there are positives and negatives. When you're effectively outsourcing your work and products to an external team, there will always be a risk.

Here's what you should be wary of with adopting these reseller marketing solutions:

1. Swapping quality for price tagwhite label price tag

When you're trying to balance the quality of work with the price of work, it can be easy to go wrong. Do your white-label provider research thoroughly beforehand, and even after signing the contract, to ensure that you haven't cheaped out on quality work. Remember, it's your brand that's attached to the products and services the provider is offering, so make sure it's up to your branding standards.

If the price tag and promises are too good to be true, they probably are.

2. Inconsistent branding

your logoA good white-labelable option cannot be effectively merged into your core services if the branding doesn't fit. A good white-label provider will ensure that the products and services they deliver match perfectly with your company's branding to give an overall consistent appearance on the outside.

Watch out for inconsistencies in the product/service branding your partner delivers! You don't want your clients to lose trust or become suspicious of your business. While adopting these third-party solutions isn't a bad thing, the point is to seamlessly integrate these new services into your core business, so take the time to choose the partner that will do it right.

3. Unreliability and poor communication


When you rely on a third-party service provider to fulfill services for your clients, they have to be reliable. Can they deliver on time? Are they in clear communication with you/your clients about their timelines and the progress of the projects? Will they suddenly "ghost" you in the middle of a project and leave work unfinished?

These are all risks you have to consider when choosing a reliable service provider. Remember, unreliable fulfillment services sourced through a white-label provider will only stand to hurt your brand.

Choosing Your White-Label Partner

Choosing a trustworthy, high-quality white-label service provider to partner with should be a long process. Remember, you're integrating another company's digital marketing solutions into your core company, so you have to be able to rely on the quality and reliability of the company providing it!

When choosing your resellable, rebrandable software and products, there are some fundamental questions to ask to help you make the right decision.

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There are dozens of options when it comes to growing your revenue with white-label marketing software and services. All it comes down to determining what services you'd like to offer, and who you'll partner with in terms of white-label service providers.

In conclusion, white-labeled and private label solutions are not something your company should pass up, and adding new products and services to your digital marketing agency means adding new incremental revenue streams and improving your bottom line.