Multi-location Business Center

Multi-location brand management

Monitor the online activity of thousands of businesses, including insights on Reviews, Listings, and Google My Business, through Vendasta’s multi-location platform.

Easily manage your brand today!

Reach Further
Use Vendasta’s multi-location dashboard to increase your brand’s reach by easily managing all aspects of your business’s online presence.
Engage Customers
Publish social posts to all your locations at once. Quickly respond to the reviews across all your locations, ensuring your customers never feel ignored or unheard.
Never Get Lost
Ensure each and every location is found online by maintaining accurate listing information on search engines, directories, apps, and GPS.
Post to Social
Managing social media for all your locations has never been easier. Quickly publish multi-location posts and eliminate time-consuming, manual posting.
Stay Updated
Nothing gets missed with our automated reporting. Stay current with your business locations using data and trends pulled directly from your suite of products.

Who uses Multi-Location Dashboard?

Anyone who manages multiple business locations, including Brand Managers, Franchise/Franchisors, Marketing Agencies, and multi-business owners.

The perfect solution for one, some, or all locations

Brand Data All In One Place

Get a big picture view across all your businesses with our multi-location data insights. With data pulled from analytics providers, such as Facebook and Google, and our own Vendasta products, such as Reputation Management and Listings, you’ll see everything that’s happening down to the individual location.

Find Your Top Performers

Shine a spotlight on any number of your locations with a variety of filters. Sort the data by any criteria you want and pivot by source, so you can see which business locations stand out for better or worse.

Multi-Location Social Posting

Brands need to tell their story consistently while maintaining a social strategy for every location. With multi-location social posting, you can create a post once and publish it on all your locations’ Facebook pages. Plus, with dynamic content and further customization, you can ensure that your posts are personalized for each location.

Multi-Location Social Posting

Workflow Management

Managing the reviews and listings for your locations is crucial to building a strong brand. With our multi-platform dashboard, handling these workflows has never been easier. With the information collected into a single stream, you’ll be able to respond to reviews with suggested responses, correct listings, and so much more, all from one place.

Multi-location Reporting

Show proof of performance with our in-depth multi-location reporting. By integrating with sources such as Google My Business, you can analyze the data you find important, including website traffic trends, goal conversions, and page views to get a complete picture for any number of your business locations.
Multi-Location allows our clients to know what is going on in every market and quickly take action. All levels of any organization we serve, including corporate stakeholders, applaud these insights to help make well-informed operational improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

We’re faster to market, increasing sales, delivering better experiences, and driving scale and consistency with Vendasta’s Multi-Location brand management.”

Erica Byrum

Additional features

User Access Management

Easily control who has access to your business locations by creating sub-regions. Assign reporting and management access of specific regions to owners and regional managers, in any configuration you need.

Powerful Mobile Experience

Managing multiple business locations keeps you busy, and you’ll often need immediate access to the dashboard. That’s why we’ve developed an exceptional mobile experience, available to all users, anywhere on any device.

Pulls data from multiple sources

To ensure you have the most comprehensive view of your brand possible, our platform supports data from a variety of sources. This includes Google My Business, Review sources, Listing sources, Advertising Intelligence, and Google Analytics to name a few.
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