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White-label Publisher Solutions: beat competitors and level up your brand

Offer a full suite of digital must-have products and solutions to new and existing clients. Vendasta is a proven resource for newspapers, Yellow Pages, radio, web agencies, and more. With a Marketplace of 200+ digital products, you’ll attract, upgrade, and retain your clients while our white-label platform does the work.


Solutions for Media

Engage & retain clients

Sell digital with ease

No major investment

Easy CRM

Engage and retain clients, and beat competitors in your market

Use the white-label Vendasta Marketplace to start selling a host of products under your publisher solutions brand right away, and get a leg-up in your local market. Going to market is easy with our support teams and out-of-the-box products and services.

Offer essential digital products and services under one centralized client portal, under your brand. Your clients will know you as their trusted marketing expert, keeping you up-to-date with the ever-changing digital world.

Your client portal offering: Business App

Business App is a single-sign-on client portal that allows your clients to manage their digital strategy and products from one place. Here, they get access to your Marketplace of products and services, automated proof-of-performance reporting, client messaging services, and more. Engaging your clients in Business App proves your value and retains them over time. Plus, it’s free!


Vendasta’s try-before-you-buy model allows your publisher solution sales team to work more effectively—your prospects can try a limited version of a product before committing to purchase. Once a client shows their interest in a product, your expert sales team reaches out to complete the upgrade and sale. Engage and retain your clients for the long term.


Transform your salesforce to sell digital with ease

Use Vendasta’s integrated selling system and empower your publisher solution salespeople to sell foundational solutions that your clients need. Our sales CRM sends hot leads directly to your sales team’s inbox, notifying them of interested customers, and what products they are looking for.

Go-to-market is easy with pre-made campaigns

Build out your publisher solution’s online store to accompany your services. With ready-built email campaigns, your go-to-market speed will be fast and simple. While you build out your Marketplace Store, the expertise of Vendasta and our vendors is on hand to get your team selling as quickly as possible.

Set up your store fast

Create your online store by bundling your own services with some complementary products within the Vendasta Marketplace. Curate your store with blogs, listings, reputation management, social marketing and many more products and services that will enhance your clients’ SEO. Set up your store for success by checking out our free course!

Setting Up Your Store for

Sell digital solutions under your brand with no major investment

Vendasta’s white-label software allows you to quickly go-to-market without the need to hire developers. We offer a platform for you to manage your business clients and prospects, automations such as email marketing, workflows, and proof-of-performance reporting. Vendasta saves you time and effort, so you can focus on delighting your clients and growing your revenue.

With a full suite of 200+ products, including six foundational must-have products for any small business. Website, social media, reviews, and findability are all online areas your clients need in their digital strategy.

Accelerate your clients' growth—organically

Still not convinced? Take it from the over 100,000 local businesses that we’ve helped to accurately and efficiently claim their Google My Business (GMB) listing. Vendasta is proud to be a Featured Partner by Google My Business, a partnership developed over years of helping agencies just like yours.

Scale your revenue quickly

Help your clients establish credibility in their vertical with SEO focused blogs, optimize their Google My Business listing with monthly name, address and phone number data verification, or get our team of marketing experts to professionally and quickly respond to online reviews on your client’s behalf. Offer a complete solution by giving everything they need end-to-end and under your brand, through our white-label digital marketing services.


Focus less on managing a complicated CRM

Get all of the software your team needs under a single all-in-one publisher solutions platform. With our easy to use CRM and award-winning Snapshot Report tool, prospecting and upgrading clients is easier than ever.

Handle your billing, invoicing, storefront, client list, proof-of-performance reporting, and more - all under one roof with our Sales & Success Center Solution.

Sales Intelligence Tool: Snapshot Report

Meet Vendasta’s award-winning sales intelligence tool: Snapshot Report. This automated tool instantly provides your prospects and existing clients with insights into their business and ways they can improve in major areas online. Clients or prospects can easily see and understand how they appear in local search results and how their online information affects their search ranking. They'll be able to see how their business appears within Google's search results, where they rank on Google and other search platforms, and their organic keyword performance compared to the competition.

Discover more about Snapshot Report

With Snapshot Report, your prospects and clients can visualize how digital performance is key to getting customer conversions. Snapshot Reports allow clients to gain insights into each way their business is performing with suggestions for improvement. They get up-to-date data on their online listings, reputation, website, social media performance, and much more. Use this data to educate your clients on their online presence and close the gap with their marketing needs, becoming their trusted local marketing expert.

Ready to become a Snapshot Ninja?

This course from Vendasta’s Conquer Local Academy is led by our own CCO and sales guru, George Leith! It will teach you everything you need to know to start working with Snapshot Report and help your clients win in their local space.

Learn to become a Snapshot Guru from Vendasta’s George Leith!

Digital solutions for media and publishing

Enhance your offering and scale your revenue with Vendasta. Market, sell, bill, fulfill, and report—all in one automated platform.

Maximize your revenue by offering products and ad services

Expand your digital product and service line while keeping up with your competitors in the digital space, no large investment or developers needed.

Solutions for Media: Learn more



Learn more about our CRM offering, Sales & Success Center.


Advertising Tools

Learn about the top online advertising tools for small businesses.


All-in-one Platform

Sell, bill, marketing, prospect, and fulfill all from one place.

We succeed when our customers succeed

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Tonya Wren



“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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