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Vendasta’s digital advertising solutions: Everything you need to run a successful PPC campaign


Vendasta offers an impressive range of solutions to help you and your clients run successful PPC campaigns. From DIY and DIFM solutions for running digital ads to digestible live reporting — it’s all in the Vendasta Marketplace. Keep reading to find out which digital advertising solutions are the perfect match for you and your clients.

Tools for PPC Campaign Management

Automated Advertising

Automated Advertising is a fully automated traffic acquisition platform connected to thousands of premium sources. It's system pulls information from your website and produces professional banner and text ads. The ads then appear on Google, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, and more, depending on your objectives and target locations.

This solution is best for you if:

  • You want a 100% hands-off approach
  • Your clients have a small - moderate budget (starting around $300 per month)

Google Ads for Small Businesses

These automated, text-based Google ads are perfectly designed for businesses on a budget. The platform creates ads for each of a business’s products or services, using automation to generate location targeting and long-tail keywords. These are more specific keywords describing exactly what a business does. Think: “sweater” vs. “best sweater for hairless cats.” These keywords ensure that your client’s ad spend isn’t being wasted on consumers looking for a sweater for themselves or, of course, cats with hair.

Other great perks of this product include ads going live within two business days, campaigns starting at a cost as low as $199 USD per month for your clients, and continuous ad optimization through AI.

This solution is best for you if:

  • You want a hands-off approach with the option to make changes later
  • Your clients have low budgets and need an efficient solution

The Google Ads Robot

The Google Ads Robot is another automated Google Ads solution for businesses of all sizes. Your clients can spend anywhere from $1 USD - $500 USD per day and see quantifiable results. The Google Ads Robot takes care of everything you need, regardless of your prior knowledge or experience. Ad specialists are constantly monitoring the AI to ensure that everything is working smoothly and nothing gets missed.

Want another cool feature? The Google Ads Robot is based on 50,000+ Google Ads. All you need to do is enter what your business offers and its location, and the robot will automatically optimize based on what’s working for your competitors and in your area.

This solution is best for you if:

  • You want a mostly hands-off approach with a little more involvement in selecting keywords and targeting
  • You want the assurance that specialists are keeping an eye on the AI
  • You have clients with a range of budgets

White-label Digital Marketing Agency

Our white-label PPC services is a hands-off solution that allows you to sit back and let our experts handle the heavy lifting. Vendasta’s Marketing Services is available in a grey-labelled version with the Growth tier, and it is fully white-labelled on the Scale tier.

Help your clients run campaigns like display ads, dynamic automotive ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, Google/Bing ads, YouTube ads, location-based ads, and more. None of the work falls on your shoulders, but we’ll always keep you in the loop.

This solution is best for you if:

  • You are on Vendasta’s Growth or Scale tiers
  • You want to scale your business, acquire more customers, and sell more advertising services without hiring and managing your own team
  • You want a full-time team of certified specialists running, monitoring, and updating you on your clients’ campaigns
  • You want to position yourself as the digital advertising expert

Tools for PPC Reporting

Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence is Vendasta’s tool for PPC reporting. Bring campaigns from multiple platforms under one roof to examine and compare results. Analyze your Google search and display campaigns, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and more from one place. You can even add your management markup fees directly into your client’s spend metrics so there’s never any confusion, and choose which metrics you would like to show.

With Advertising Intelligence, you can analyze results and pinpoint what’s making your clients money for a total cost of — drumroll, please — $0. As a Vendasta Partner, you can begin selling free solutions like Advertising Intelligence, even on our free tier. The Advanced Reporting add-on allows you to customize your date range and access detailed metrics like your campaign funnel, keyword and ad performance, Google Analytics reporting, and YouTube results for individual campaigns.

This solution is best for you if:

  • You’re running digital ads and need to see your results
  • You want real-time, fully automated reporting under your own brand name

Start Running PPC Campaigns with Vendasta

We all need a little help sometimes — to start running killer campaigns with Vendasta’s assistance, check out our self signup. If you’re already a Vendasta Partner, head to Discover Products in Marketplace, and select the advertising filter to find products easily. Successful PPC campaigns for you and your clients are just a few clicks away!

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