How to scale your business using the Vendasta Platform


Research a small or medium business

Generate a Snapshot Report to gain insight into a business’s online marketing performance and prepare a stellar sales pitch.

Understand an SMBs needs in seconds, establishing yourself as the local expert, ready to provide helpful, insights-based advice.


Identify which prospects are ready to buy

Start a Marketing Automation campaign, which nurtures prospects until they show interest in your solutions.

These campaigns automatically let you know which businesses show interest, so you can strike while the iron is hot.


Consult and close

Hot lead notifications via Sales & Success Center tell you which solutions your prospect is interested in. You can then reach out and provide expert advice on how to solve the business’s needs.

Combine your own solutions with apps and services from Marketplace to build scaleable, robust offerings for the SMB that generate monthly recurring revenue.


Fulfill your services

After the sale, fulfill how you want: Businesses can DIY through Business Center, your team can manage its work using Task Manager, or you can outsource to Vendasta’s white-label marketing services team to help you scale fulfillment, under your own brand.

You are now the cloud broker your clients need.


Prove your value

With our platform’s client portal, Business Center, automatically send timely, detailed reports to your client to show them that you’re improving their digital marketing.

Timely, automatic proof-of-performance reporting is proven to help companies retain clients for longer.

Transforming companies big and small

Lower the cost of acquiring clients

Automatically nurture leads so you can focus on the prospects that are ready to buy.

Offer new products and services

Diversify your product line to solve all the challenges SMBs are facing today.

Streamline fulfillment

Provide your services through the model that works best for each unique client.

Show clients proof of performance

Present tangible evidence that your solutions are providing value.


An end-to-end platform for selling digital solutions to SMBs.

Snapshot report needs-assessment for selling to local businesses

Snapshot Report

An award-winning, automated marketing needs assessment for prospecting SMBs.

The Snapshot Report arms your reps with insights into the marketing performance of their prospects. These insights position your salespeople as experts SMBs can trust.

Learn More about Snapshot Report

Marketing Automation

Ready-made email drip campaigns to acquire, retain, and grow clients.

Highly personalized ‘customer acquisition’ campaigns bring in interested prospects while your salespeople seal the deal. Then ‘product adoption’ campaigns continue to keep your clients engaged.

Learn More about Marketing Automation

Platform includes email marketing automation
Vendasta platform has CRM built in for selling to local businesses

Sales & Success Center

A well-rounded sales CRM and pipeline management tool for prioritizing your prospects and opportunities, with unlimited user seats.

Sales & Success Center equips your salespeople with all the tools they need to be local experts. These tools include a sales CRM, sales pipeline, and built-in training resources.

Learn More about Sales & Success Center


Wholesale business products and services you can resell to SMBs.

Solve your clients’ business needs with websites, SEO, digital advertising, social, reputation, business listings, and more.

Learn More about Marketplace

Resellable business apps and services available in Vendasta Marketplace


Automated reporting, task management and white-label client portal

Business Center is a white-label client portal

Business Center

A client portal under your own brand.

With Business Center, your clients can access your digital solutions, get updates about their business, view performance reports, and browse your Store.

Learn More about Business Center

Task Manager

A task & service management tool for getting things done and reporting it to your clients.

Task Manager allows you to provide managed services at scale. From posting on social media to responding to reviews, you can handle all of your clients’ services from one place.

Learn More about Task Manager

Agency marketing task management made easy with Concierge
Proof-of-performance ROI reporting is automatically generated and sent

Automated Reporting

Automated reports that show the value you bring for each client.

Business Center, Task Manager, and other digital solutions from Marketplace continually show your clients proof that your solutions are working.

Learn More about Automated Reporting

Industry-leading features

White-Label Platform

to rebrand & resell

White-labeling enables you to rebrand and resell our platform to your SMB clients. It allows you to quickly scale your offerings, costs, and revenue.

Personalize your sales CRM, client portal, and digital solutions with your brand.

Add your company name, logo, colors, and domains, and call it your own.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

with flexible permissions

With a single authentication, companies have the power to manage every account, product, and report.

SMBs, too, can access their apps, media, and reports with one convenient login.

Big Data & AI

for instant insights

We’re continuously gathering marketing insights about millions of SMBs worldwide.

Deliver added value with rapid data about your prospects and clients.

Sales & Marketing Automation

for efficient prospecting

Back-to-back automations bring your reps prospects that are ready to buy.

Automations include: performing sales research, running email campaigns, and monitoring intent to buy.

Unlimited Users

on all subscription tiers

Whether you employ five sales reps or 50—your subscription fee remains the same.

After all, the cost of your CRM should never inhibit your growth.

Unlimited Emails & Recipients

on all subscription tiers

All customer acquisition, product adoption, and product upsell email campaigns are tier-free.

You’re not forced to pay for hitting arbitrary thresholds.

Be the company that SMB clients trust

Small and medium businesses need an expert they can trust with their digital needs. You can continue to be that trusted expert with Vendasta, while growing your brand and your monthly recurring revenue.

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