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Vendasta white-label platform

Market, sell, bill, and fulfill.
All from one connected platform.

Scale your business like a billion-dollar SaaS company.

Vendasta’s white-label platform brings everything together for agencies and enterprises providing solutions to business owners. It’s B2B e-commerce software that lets you scale sales, marketing, fulfillment, and operations—all in the name of helping local businesses succeed.

White-label platform to build your brand.

Your brand, your trust, your customers. No other B2B e-commerce platform brings everything together like Vendasta does for teams selling to small and medium businesses.

Find new business customers. Fast.

Automatically engage business owners with a needs analysis. Then, provide a free set of tools tailored to help them grow their digital presence. Build trust, ask for the sale, then reap your reward.

Grow your revenue, not your costs.

Sell your solutions with integrated invoicing and billing (coming soon). Offer new apps & services from our curated Marketplace. Scale fulfillment with built-in project management, or outsource to our team.

Save time and money. All in one platform.

Connect your entire team through a full end-to-end solution, baked into a single subscription. Stop wasting time in spreadsheets and fixing broken connections between separate tools.

Everything your team needs to help local businesses succeed, end-to-end.

The only email marketing automation software that’s actually automated.

Build your brand awareness without the hassle. Vendasta’s instant-on email drip campaigns are designed to help you acquire, retain, and grow clients. Save hundreds of hours developing your own content by using a system with a proven track record of delivering opens and clicks.

With a click of a button, you can deliver highly personalized customer acquisition campaigns that attract interested prospects while your salespeople seal the deal. Watch as your clients log in to your platform and engage with a free set of tools designed to help them with their online presence.

Sit back and relax as Vendasta’s “hot lead” scoring system with built-in artificial intelligence notifies you about who to talk to, when to talk to them, and what to talk to them about.

Vendasta Marketing Platform →

Let your salespeople know what your clients need before they do.

Lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC) by empowering your sales team to target only the most qualified leads. Our sales intelligence tool, Snapshot Report, arms your reps with insights into the online performance of their prospects. These insights give your team the perfect roadmap on where to start helping local businesses succeed and who they should talk to first.

It’s all made possible by Vendasta’s white-label sales CRM, which equips your salespeople with all the tools they need to manage their pipeline, win, and close opportunities. Plus, as your team connects with prospects, creates Snapshot Reports, sends email campaigns, and brings in new revenue, you’ll receive live updates on everything your team is doing. Celebrate top performers with virtual leaderboards, too, and give digital “high fives” with status updates in The Loop.

Sales CRM →

Sales Intelligence Reports →

Invoice, bill, and collect payments. It’s selling to SMBs, simplified.

Creating a beautiful storefront to sell your company’s solutions to small and medium-sized businesses is beyond easy. And with Vendasta’s Marketplace, you’ll find complementary, best-in-class products & services to resell alongside your existing offerings.

When a local business is ready to buy, your store allows for quick and effortless ordering so they can provide all necessary details to hit the ground running as soon as possible. And since it’s all in one platform, cross-functional visibility saves your team from guessing when things happen and instills confidence in your fulfillment process.

Say goodbye to balancing spreadsheets and fussing with third-party software just to get paid. With Vendasta, it’s simple and secure. Go from setting up your store to accepting credit card payments in just a few clicks (coming soon).

Vendasta Marketplace →

Fulfill orders, projects and tasks with unrivalled efficiency and transparency.

Use Vendasta’s service and project management software for getting things done and reporting it to your clients. Your fulfillment team will love the automated and prescriptive task creation, minute-by-minute reporting, and seamless integration with sales orders.

That new website your client just purchased? It’s on its way—and both you and your client can see up-to-the-minute what’s happening. Waiting on graphics from Jenny? Or maybe Jon needs to connect the new domain…Wherever your project is at, everything is transparently updated through the platform.

This allows your team to provide managed services at scale. From posting on social media to responding to reviews, you can handle all of your clients’ services from one place. Save your team from toil so they can focus on what really matters.

Vendasta Project Management Software →

The white-label dashboard your clients need, all under your client-facing app.

People everywhere are turning to technology to power their businesses, but it’s overwhelming. The market is saturated with the likes of Wix, Squarespace, Hubspot…you name it. With Vendasta, local businesses can turn to you for their technology fix. And why wouldn’t they? You’re their trusted local expert.

Give your clients access to your digital solutions, all under your company’s branded app. They’ll be able to get updates about their business, view performance reports, and browse your Store of solutions. It’s automated proof of performance for you and your customers. Gain insights on the data you collected and leverage it in upsell opportunities.

Plus, with a free suite of express tools, you’ll easily onboard new prospects and upgrade them to paid products in your store. Build trust in your community with a free app and earn the future sale.

White-label Business App →

Get a team of marketing experts working for you under your brand.

Stop worrying about hiring and training people. No matter how busy you get, our marketing strategists will always fulfill your services on schedule and under your brand, leaving you with more time to find clients and grow your business. 

Vendasta has pioneered the Do-it-With-Me™ approach: We work alongside your sales team and directly with your clients, on your terms, to deliver top-notch marketing services that will have them coming back.

Trust us to manage your client’s listings, reviews, social media, advertising, websites, content, and more.

Outsource your fulfillment →

Tired of cobbling together software platforms from different providers?

Vendasta is your single command center for acquiring, retaining, and growing customers under your brand. Get everything you need in one platform to make money, reduce vendor clutter, and scale up.

See how much money your company can save by using a single platform

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Award-winning technology. Industry-leading features.

White-Label Platform

Give your clients your own app—the best place to manage their business. Add your company name, logo, colors, and domains, and call it your own.

Invoicing & Payments

Get paid faster than ever. Send invoices in a click and track orders the minute they are submitted to your team.

Sales CRM

Empower your sales team. Let them nurture hot leads through an AI-powered sales pipeline that tells them when their leads are ready to buy.

Sales Intelligence Tools

Assess client needs with Snapshot Report; automatically scan the web on performance in categories like SEO, reviews, social media, website for a powerful sales pitch.

Marketing Automation

Automatically deliver content that is relevant to your audience that grabs their attention every time. Run email campaigns with hyper-personalized content.

Project Management

Fulfill projects, tasks, and orders with ease. Communicate the progress of projects to your clients in real-time.

White-Label Platform

Why build? Instantly offer your staff & business clients a single login area powered by your company’s brand and logo.

  • One place for everything. No additional logins or passwords for them to remember.
  • For any size of business. Give your clients a powerful app for one, some, or all of their locations.
  • Mobile friendly! Let your clients access anywhere they are, from any device.

Invoicing & Payments

Finally. A store that makes sense. Market, sell, and fulfill your company’s apps and services all from a single platform built for B2B.

  • Go to market quicker with your services through a beautiful online store.
  • Bolster your offerings by adding in new products & services from Vendasta’s Marketplace.
  • Invoice, bill, and fulfill your clients services all from one place.

Sales CRM

A simple, transparent and collaborative sales CRM that’s the beating heart of your sales team.

  • Engage and nurture leads and opportunities.
  • Drag and drop pipeline management with automatic team updates on sales activities.
  • Built-in Zoom and Google Meet integration with appointment scheduling.

Sales Intelligence Tools

Snapshot Report: drive up conversions with timely, relevant content.

  • Arms sales reps with automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance.
  • Sell more websites, social media, SEO, and more.
  • Fully brandable: position your company as the expert.

Marketing Automation

Automate your email marketing content. Engage local businesses with timely, personalized information that helps you close more deals.

  • Save time with ready-made email drip campaigns and automated personalized content.
  • Lead capture – convert your website traffic into qualified leads.
  • Intelligent hot lead scoring system: know who to sell to, and what to sell them.

Project Management

Fulfill and scale your services. Prescriptive task creation with transparent minute-by-minute reporting for managers and clients.

  • Complete tasks as they’re automatically generated.
  • Automate fulfillment workflows with projects—no coding required.
  • Show clients proof-of-performance with real-time project tracking and task reports.

How to grow your agency using the Vendasta Platform

Step 01: Research a small or medium business

Generate a Snapshot Report to gain sales intelligence into a business’s online performance and prepare a stellar pitch.

Understand a business’s needs in seconds, establishing yourself as the local expert, ready to provide helpful, insights-based advice.

Step 02: Identify which prospects are ready to buy

Use Vendasta’s marketing automation to start an email campaign, which nurtures prospects until they show interest in your solutions.

These campaigns automatically notify your salespeople on which businesses show interest, so they can strike while the iron is hot.

Step 03: Consult and close

Hot lead notifications via Vendasta’s Sales CRM tell you which solutions your prospect is interested in. You can then reach out and provide expert advice on how to solve the business’s needs.

Combine your own solutions with apps and services from Vendasta’s Marketplace to build scaleable, robust offerings for your new client that generate monthly recurring revenue.

Step 04: Bill & fulfill your services

Ready to make the sale? Invoice and bill your new client’s credit card all through Vendasta. Then, fulfill how you want: Businesses can DIY through their new app (provided by your company), your team can manage its work using Vendasta’s project management software, or you can outsource to Vendasta’s white-label marketing services team to help you scale fulfillment, under your own brand.

Step 05: Prove your value

Vendasta’s white-label client portal automatically delivers detailed reports to your client to show them that you’re helping their business grow.

Timely proof-of-performance reporting is proven to help companies retain clients for longer.

Trusted by experts, big and small, who are helping local businesses succeed.

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