Help local businesses with customer communication

Customer communication management connects local businesses to their audience with live chat, SMS, email marketing, and marketing automation to ensure leads aren’t being missed from new or returning customers.
With Vendasta, you gain access to a marketplace of digital solutions like Constant Contact and Zenreach that let you enable your clients to put customer retention and lead generation at the forefront of their business—all from one customizable, white-labeled app.
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Everything a local business needs to succeed in customer communication

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Constant Contact

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Turn missed customer communication into leads

Let your clients connect live with visitors to their website so they never miss an opportunity. With live components, customers can contact your clients directly through their homepage and interact just like they were in the store.
Equip your clients with wifi marketing solutions to enable them to acquire information from in-store visitors.
turn missed customer communication into leads
increase retention with email marketing

Increase retention with email marketing

In a study completed by Emarsys, 80% of professionals found higher acquisition and retention when using email marketing—with a higher conversion rate than social.*
With the email marketing products and in Marketplace, your clients will have access to customer communication tools designed to help optimize their sales funnel. They can send professional email marketing campaigns, track results, and get more new and return customers to their storefront, whether online or in-person.

What is customer communication management?

Customer communication management software connects businesses directly with their customers through a range of different platforms and channels.
From SMS and email marketing campaigns to live chat embedded in a client’s website, customer communication builds trust while providing businesses the opportunity to promote their brand, products, and services.
As consumers begin to rely more and more on digital to receive the latest news from their favorite brands, businesses, and services, customer communication becomes key to keeping those customers in the loop with curated content, relevant marketing material, and new communication channels to provide support—all powered by intelligent marketing automation.
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Importance of customer communication management

Customer communication management allows your clients to better maintain and develop relationships with their customers, effectively improving retention, reducing wait time, and transforming their outreach with email and SMS marketing campaigns.
It’s cost effective, too: every dollar spent on email marketing accounts for an estimated $42 return-on-investment.*

How customer communication management can help local businesses thrive

Customer communication management offers local businesses the opportunity to reach out to their customers with the right message crafted with the best tools in mind, whether it’s live chat embedded into a website, or in-store smart wifi. Customer communication connects businesses with the information they need to ensure their marketing content is curated for their customers’ needs.
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The products just keep getting better. More recently Zenreach introduced digital advertising that could target current customers, and audiences based on current customers. And they’re able to measure actual results based on who walks in after seeing an ad. With proof of performance it becomes not only sticky and profitable, but also an amazing tool for your staff to provide better customer service.

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The customer communication management software you need to help your local business clients

With the white-label CCM software found in the Vendasta Marketplace you’ll help your clients’ navigate their customer relationships with ease, offering value, strategy, and new channels of connection to optimize the customer journey.
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