Advertising Intelligence

White-label PPC reporting software

Advertising Intelligence brings your clients’ PPC and digital ad campaigns from multiple platforms under one roof for easy comparison. Get the metrics that matter the most, automate reporting, and find out what’s making your clients money. Be the trusted local digital ad expert with Advertising Intelligence.

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Multi-platform digital ad reporting software

Advertising Intelligence gives you one place to track and analyze multiple PPC campaigns from different ad platforms, for both multi-location and single-location businesses. Report on Google Search and Display Ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more.

Cut down on overhead with automated reporting

Advertising Intelligence provides your clients with real time performance reporting across their favorite ad networks. Automated reporting means you can keep your clients in the know without lifting a finger.

All time for me is saved by not having to go into Google & Facebook platforms to look at stats. I’d say per month I save maybe 30 minutes per campaign.




Upgrade with Advanced Reporting Tools

Smart comparison tools make for smarter campaigns

Look at your advertising data with confidence. Smart insights and comparison tools help you become the expert at interpreting what types of ads are giving your clients the best results.

For us it’s that the clients can view both accounts at the same time while being inside the platform. Also for clients that aren’t tech savvy its very easy for them to understand the metrics.”


Digital Marketing Collective Inc.


Serve multi-location

Better serve your multi-location clients by providing a high-level overview of PPC ad campaign performance across locations.

Add your management markup fees to clients reports

Include your management fee in your client’s spend budget so their final cost is clear. With Advertising Intelligence you can set your markup per client and be sure your services are reflected in their final reporting. Need to hide client spend metrics? Easily take these out of the product in the settings tab.

Complementary products for Advertising Intelligence

Leverage the power of customer reviews to increase consumer trust. With Social Marketing active, clients can share their best reviews on social media, making customers their marketing secret weapon.
Scale your business with our Digital Ads team! With our fully managed service, you can improve retention and increase your revenue by letting our Marketing Services team handle your client’s campaigns.

Advertising Intelligence Competitive Matrix

Feature Vendasta HubSpot Report Garden DashThis Reporting Ninja AdStage
Optional ROI Calculator
All-in-one reporting tool for multiple platforms
Supports Facebook Ads and Google Ads
Supports multi-location businesses
Ability to customize campaign stats
Freemium product included
Little onboarding needed
Digital ads fufillment services offered
Stand-alone product
**Disclaimer: This comparison is based on information that is publicly available. If something is inaccurate, please contact us to review and update.**

Start Measuring Results

Collaborate on Any Level Icon
Collaborate on Any Level
Advertising Intelligence adapts to the level of involvement required from each of your clients. Monitor their PPC campaigns together, do it all for them, or let them do it all themselves.
Vendasta Advantage Icon
Vendasta Advantage
Single login for all clients.

Weekly Executive Report of all digital marketing.

30+ integrated resellable website apps!

White-label PPC and Fulfillment
White-label Ad Fulfillment
Regardless of your agency’s experience or size, our team of strategists are able to fulfill and deliver. Use our great white labelled team in conjunction with Advertising Intelligence.

Advertising Intelligence Software Features

Features Advertising Intelligence Advanced Reporting
Bring Facebook Ads and Google Ads under one roof
Easy to use and understand
Delivers the most important metrics
View deeper analytics for individual ad campaigns
Customize date range to discover trends
Campaign funnel and objectives
Keyword and ad analysis

Grow your business with Advertising Intelligence

Advertising Intelligence is included as one of the 100+ products in the Vendasta Marketplace. According to a Churn Study done by Vendasta, the more solutions you offer, the more likely you are to retain local business clients. Selling four products show increased retention of 80%!
Snapshot report
Is your team struggling with digital advertising? Our Digital Ads team, along with Advertising Intelligence, can help your clients with awareness and traffic.
Sales and Success Center CRM
Vendasta Sales & Success Center uses AI to tell you when your prospects are ready to buy and gives your salespeople the tools they need to be trusted local experts. You’ll know about every handshake by viewing the live feed and The Loop, plus get a wider picture with your sales manager dashboard.
If you’re finding it hard to juggle tasks, Vendasta’s Task Manager directly integrates “to do’s” into one place where they can be assigned and fulfilled. If you’re still struggling to keep up, enlist Vendasta’s white label marketing services professionals to fulfill on behalf of your business.

A Vendasta study shows that by offering more than one product, you can increase your client retention by 124%. Bundling complementary products, such as Advertising Intelligence and Digital Ads, increases retention even further!

Go to market instantly
Our products come with go-to-market plans that allow you to be the local digital experts, all under one login for you and your client. Simplify the cloud for use on the ground and grow your business with Vendasta.

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