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Why packaging SEO and PPC management just makes sense

SEO or PPC? Your clients might have asked you this question before. While both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management are important for digital marketing, many local business leaders are working with tight budgets. They may feel they have to pick one or the other.

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It turns out, packaging SEO and PPC management together can make a lot more sense.

SEO, PPC go hand in hand

As mentioned, many business owners think they have to choose between SEO and PPC services. They might try to manage SEO all on their own so they can put more into their PPC budget. They might decide pay-per-click ads are out of reach and focus on SEO instead. Alternatively, they might be looking for quick wins and want to focus only on digital ads.

SEO and PPC actually work better together (Google Ads) than they do alone.

Good SEO pushes your clients’ web pages up on search engine results pages. In that way, SEO creates organic traffic for your clients. It also increases visibility.

PPC campaigns might not seem necessary if you’re doing a good job with SEO. After all, why pay for ads if you can get traffic using SEO?

There are some keywords that are so competitive, you may not be able to claim the top spot on Google for long. PPC ads can ensure your client is still getting in front of those search users.

What’s more, you can also use PPC ads on other channels, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You can focus on display ads on web pages, too. These types of PPC ads enhance your client’s reach beyond search engine result pages (SERPs).

Familiarity creates a foundation for trust

PPC ads boost your SEO efforts by putting the client in front of more users. You might not be able to oust the competition from the #1 spot, but you can make sure your client shows up in the SERPs with a PPC ad. That way, the user still sees your client’s name. In some cases, people will knowingly click an ad—nearly 50 percent of users say they’ll click an ad if it matches what they’re looking for (SearchEngineLand).

PPC ads also make the client’s brand more “sticky." The next time a search user sees the brand name come up, they’ll be more likely to click the link. After all, 82 percent of users click a name they recognize first (eConsultancy.)

Name recognition is powerful and lasts for some time. Even if a user is conducting a search at a later time, they’re more likely to click a link from a name they recognize. If your client’s name is coming up over and over due to digital advertising, then the user might click a link because they believe your client has the expertise they need.

Why you need to offer SEO and PPC management together

Just because SEO and PPC ads can support each other doesn’t mean you need to be the one who manages them, right?

Actually, it’s best if you can package and sell both together. Otherwise, you might face problems.

For example, if you’re working on SEO and someone else is working on a PPC ad strategy, you could end up with overlap. You might rank the client for keywords that PPC ads are running for. This can cost your client a lot, and it can make your job harder.

The same is true if you’re offering PPC management and not providing SEO services. You might run an ad campaign around a keyword the client is already ranking for. The ad might not get many clicks, because the organic results are diverting traffic.

At the very least, you should consult with the other provider to ensure your strategy works with theirs. This can be time-consuming and costly. Other providers may be reluctant to share their plans with you. You might end up relying on the client to get accurate details about the strategy.

Packaging SEO and PPC management together, then, makes good sense. It streamlines the process for you, as your team can build a sound strategy where SEO and PPC support each other more effectively. In turn, you can provide better results for clients while increasing your monthly recurring revenue by client.

SEO/PPC management packages make strategic sense

Building a holistic strategy that includes both SEO and PPC makes more sense than piecemeal services. That way, you can ensure you’re spending the client’s budget effectively.

A good strategy, for example, will identify:

  • Keywords you should try to rank for organically
    • These will likely have a lower search volume or lower difficulty rating.
  • Keywords that will be best supported by an ad
    • These will likely have a higher search volume and difficulty rating.

Ad campaigns can be developed around particular pieces of content the client wants to promote. The SEO strategy can focus on driving organic traffic via blog posts and web pages.

Your team makes more strategic decisions when they’re working with the whole picture—not part of it.

Bundling SEO/PPC management services make financial sense

Bundling SEO and PPC management makes good sense from a financial standpoint, too.

If you can bundle and sell both services together, clients won’t need to worry about two separate providers charging for overlapping work.

From the client’s perspective, a bundle can be more budget-friendly as well. Since the client is purchasing more from you, you might be able to offer them a discounted price. That might be enough to convince them they don’t have to choose SEO or PPC—they can have both.

How does it make financial sense for your business? If the client already buys one service from you, adding another is a great way to grow your relationship with them. Your existing clients are more likely to buy more from you—and more often—than net new clients. This can help you increase your monthly recurring revenue more quickly than if you were focusing on new business development alone.

How to make bundling PPC and SEO work for your business

One of the reasons you might not offer your clients an SEO/PPC management bundle is that you’re not sure how to do it.

Sometimes, this is a staffing concern. Do you have enough people to offer outstanding SEO services alongside PPC management? You might worry about needing to hire if you offer both services.

In other cases, you might have enough people—but skills might be the concern. Not every agency knows how to manage SEO effectively. Not every IT service provider understands what makes a great advertising campaign or how to track ROI on digital ads.

The good news is you can increase your monthly revenue without having to offer these services in house. If you’re great at running PPC campaigns, then you might want to find a provider that will enable you to resell SEO white-label services. This way, you can offer your clients the SEO services they want under your brand umbrella, without hiring a whole new team of in-house experts. Your partner provider brings their expertise to the table instead.

The same is true if you’re not sure about managing PPC campaigns. You can offer PPC solutions to your clients in a similar way. That way, your team can focus on their own areas of expertise.

What if margins are the concern?

Bundling services usually makes good sense for the client. They need multiple services, and they’d rather get them from a provider they can trust (AKA you). Bundling can help you offer a suite of services your clients are already looking for.

Bundles can also increase your profits, as you grow your existing accounts. You might ask how that works. Product bundle pricing is usually attractive to the client because it offers savings. That doesn’t mean you need to offer discounts so steep you can’t turn a profit. In fact, many product bundles offer you better margins. With the right white-label services, you can improve your margins and increase profits.

Your clients will still see savings over hiring separate providers for each service. The bottom line? Product bundles are a win for everyone.

Give your clients everything they need for digital marketing success

If your clients are still asking you whether they should get SEO or PPC management, it’s time for a new solution. SEO and PPC management bundles can streamline digital marketing efforts and improve results.

Better yet, offering bundles gives your team the opportunity to grow your client relationships and keep them coming back for more.

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