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The Vendasta Marketplace is a great way to supply local businesses with the software they need to work efficiently and operate safely.
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Sell office productivity software like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365

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Provide clients with key productivity solutions

With the Vendasta Marketplace, you can provide productivity tools with office solutions like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. And, because we’ve found that increasing basket size from one to just three items results in an 80% increase in retention, adding these products is an easy way to reach and retain more customers.

In fact, since launching in the Vendasta Marketplace, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have seen an average monthly churn rate of less than 2%, a huge contribution to your overall retention.

Keep your clients’ operations secure

Keep your clients secure with operations management software products. With MyCorporation, you’ll provide clients with access to services that protect their assets, provide tax protections, and add legitimacy to their businesses by becoming an LLC.
Provide protection against cyber attacks with SurviveCyber, enabling you to offer affordable business insurance with a focus on minimizing the risk of an online breach. Provide the legal liability protection and cyber insurance coverage that businesses need to operate in the digital age.
My Corp and Survive Cyber products

What is productivity software?

Productivity tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide business owners and their employees the capabilities of a full office, even while operating remotely. Provide your clients with an interconnected work environment complete with video meetings, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, and more—all shared on the cloud for unparalleled collaboration. In addition, letting your clients own their email address is an important way to help them legitimize their business.
With the Vendasta Marketplace, you’ll find a range of productivity tools designed to keep your clients’ businesses running smoothly. Whether that’s with top performing office software, business incorporation solutions, or liability protection, the Vendasta Marketplace lets you provide the tools every local business needs.
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Boost your offering with productivity software

Every workplace relies on productivity and operations solutions—and that includes small businesses in the retail and service space. With Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace both available to sell from Vendasta’s Marketplace, you have the ability to supply local businesses with their central productivity software. Best of all, you’ll be bringing their business to the cloud.

We’ve found that partners selling these essential productivity tools alongside their existing offering tend to boost the sales of their other products. It’s a perfect way to sell alongside products already in demand.

Become a cybersecurity provider

About 60% of cyber attacks affect businesses with under 100 employees and up to 60% of small businesses affected by a cyber attack closed within six months. In fact, three-quarters of all businesses have no cyber protection—and half of all businesses have already been hacked (SurviveCyber).

But that’s where you step in. By providing products like SurviveCyber, you can be your customers’ go-to supplier of much-needed cybersecurity solutions.
Featuring threat alerts, legal protection, and a community of users, SurviveCyber is your way to provide your clients peace of mind in the face of potentially devastating cyber attacks.
The coverage is considerable: If a SurviveCyber member is the victim of a cyber attack, SurviveCyber will reimburse up to $100,000 to cover costs in privacy liability, data breach response, forensic investigation, and out-of-pocket expenses associated with funds transfer fraud, a business-saving option you can offer your clients.
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Productivity & operations software you need to help your local business clients

From business incorporation to cyber liability and key office software, the productivity and operations software available in the Vendasta Marketplace won’t just help you establish new revenue streams and increase client retention, but can help your clients find the tools they need all from one vendor: you!

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