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Manage your franchise with the Vendasta platform

Develop your franchise at scale across any number of locations by becoming a Vendasta channel partner. Monitor and manage many aspects of your brand, including social media, reviews, and listings, across one, some, or all of your franchise locations.

Why franchises choose the Vendasta platform

Comprehensive reporting

Brand management

Customer engagement

Industry-leading data

Franchise and brand data all in one place

Get a big picture view across all your businesses with the multi-location data insights found in our franchise management platform.

Manage the performance of each location to ensure brand consistency

Show proof of performance with our automated, in-depth franchise management software. By integrating with sources such as Google My Business, you can analyze data, including website traffic trends, goal conversions, and page views to get a complete picture for any number of your franchise locations. Get a comprehensive view of your entire organization, and make insightful decisions that benefit the entire company.

Customize the data to highlight your top-performing locations

With our franchise platform insights, get a big picture view of all locations, or shine a spotlight on any number of specific locations. With data pulled from analytics providers, such as Facebook and Google and our own Vendasta products such as Reputation Management , and Listings, you’ll see everything that's happening down to the finest detail. Or sort the data by any criteria you want and pivot by source, so you can see which franchise locations stand out for better or worse.


Ensure consistent brand marketing across all locations

From responding to reviews to social media management, expertly manage the marketing channels of your brand across each franchise location.

Post across all your locations with a single login

Your brand needs to tell a consistent story while maintaining a strong social media strategy for each location. With our franchise marketing platform, you’ll have access to multi-location social posting. This allows you to simply create a post once and publish it across each location’s Facebook page. We also include dynamic content and deep customization options—personalize each post so that it feels organic for each franchise location. Maintain complete control over what’s being posted online, and ensure that your messaging helps drive your overall business goals.

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Build a strong reputation by managing your locations from a central platform

Managing the reviews and listings across all your locations is crucial to building a strong brand identity. With our franchise management platform, handling these workflows has never been easier. Information from each location is filtered into a single stream, allowing you to quickly respond to reviews with suggested responses, correct listings, and so much more, all from a central dashboard. These elements are core to building a loyal customer base. With the ability to manage them from a single dashboard, you’ll be able to keep an eye on this vital part of your business.

Give your managers the power of customer engagement

With a single connected franchise platform, your franchise owners have access to information that allows them to manage their own digital strategy and grow their business.

Everything your managers need to succeed in one platform

Vendasta’s franchise management platform allows managers to control all aspects of their location’s marketing—responding to reviews, posting to their social media channels, and ensuring business listings are up-to-date. Our platform also connects with industry-leading data sources such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Instagram. With automated proof-of-performance reporting, your managers can measure the results of their marketing initiatives to ensure they’re consistent with your brand strategy.

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Communicate with customers like never before

Give your managers a central and transparent hub where they can communicate, collaborate, and build brand loyalty. Location managers can access SMS inbox messaging, where all SMS messages are in one central place. This allows your managers to take ownership over the customer relationship, ensuring they build brand trust with the business instead of single employees. Messaging inbox can be shared with all employees, ensuring collaboration, transparency, and that nothing gets missed. Easily move the SMS conversation to a face-to-face meeting with our built-in appointment scheduling software.

Explore SMS inbox messaging

Relax knowing your data is secure and backed by industry-leading sources

With so much data flowing through our platform, it’s essential that you know you’re basing your decisions on the most up-to-date and unedited information.

Maintain complete control of your franchise marketing initiatives

With our user access management system, our franchise platform allows you to easily control who has access to your business locations. Manage your user base by creating sub-regions to help keep your teams organized. Assign reporting and management access of specific regions to owners and regional managers, in any configuration that works best for your needs. The best part is that this can all be managed from your phone, as our franchise platform features an exceptional mobile experience, available on any device.

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Make business decisions backed by accurate and trustworthy data

With data coming from so many sources, it can be hard to know what to trust and what should be taken into consideration. With our franchise marketing platform, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your brand. This is why we’ve built our platform to support data from a variety of reputable sources. This includes Google My Business, review sources, listing sources, advertising intelligence, and Google Analytics to name a few. With data sourced by these industry-leading experts and filtered into our platform, you’ll have full confidence that the decisions you're making are positively impacting your organization.

Franchise management software for a bird’s eye view and needlepoint accuracy

With Vendasta’s platform, franchise operators can understand the brand as a whole, and drive down to location-specific insights. Find out what’s going well, and quickly address problems as they arise.

Scale your franchise with Vendasta

Expand to new locations and grow your customer base.

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“Multi-location allows our clients to know what is going on in every market and quickly take action. All levels of any organization we serve, including corporate stakeholders, applaud these insights to help make well-informed operational improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

We’re faster to market, increasing sales, delivering better experiences, and driving scale and consistency with Vendasta’s Multi-Location brand management.”

Erica Byrum

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