The value of social media needs no introduction. With billions of active users worldwide and the vast majority of the U.S. population active on social media, the business benefit of leveraging our thirst for interesting social content is clear.

Selling social media as a service to your SMB customers is a no-brainer. But what if managing social media for clients isn’t in your wheelhouse?

White-labelling exists precisely to address this issue. It allows you to sell digital products or services to your customers without barriers like lack of knowledge, expertise, or staffing.

Let’s take a deeper look at how white-label social media marketing software can help you attain new SMB clients and retain your current clients longer.

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What is White-Label Social Media Marketing?

White-labeling allows you to resell social media marketing solutions under your own brand. This means the product gets your logo, your name, your colors, and your price.

It also means you won’t need to develop or maintain the technology, hire a team to run social campaigns for your clients, or waste time patching solutions together.

White-label social media marketing can take many forms—social media content creation, social media services like managed posting, or even re-brandable social media management products.

All of these solutions are totally re-brandable and can be sold by social media resellers (you!) to your business clients at your own price point.

Here’s Zach Yuzdepski’s quick tutorial on how white-labeling works:

You can see why offering white-label solutions makes sense for many businesses—you don’t need to be great at creating the social media marketing technology and you don’t need to be a social media maven.

You just need to be able to sell it! (We can help with that, too)

Why Social Media Marketing?

I don’t need to tell you again that offering social media is a must for every agency and business looking to succeed in the digital world.

Being active on all the right social platforms lets your clients:

  • Interact with their consumers
  • Increase brand awareness and participate in the conversation
  • Increase sales with strategically placed "learn more," "call now," and "message us" buttons

Did you know that 96% of small businesses use social media in their marketing strategy? That's 96% of small business clients that you're currently missing out on if you don't offer social media services. Additionally, 63% of small businesses planned on investing more in social media marketing tactics this year. By stepping in and lending local businesses' social media strategy, you'll scoop up a large share of the market.

Leveraging white label solutions like social media marketing is the quickest and most efficient way to add on services you can sell and experience that boost in revenue and retention.

Why Be a White-Label Social Media Reseller?

If white-labeling is a new concept to you, learning why agencies and media companies opt to resell social media services should help you understand its value.

Here are a few of the things being social media marketing reseller helps you do:

1. Land more clients

Local businesses need the full local marketing stack to compete, but they don't want to juggle ten different digital marketing companies to get it. They’d rather deal with one local marketing expert they trust. This is where white-label services like social media come into play to fill in your gaps and help you become a full-service agency.

2. Keep more of your current clients

Getting new clients is hard. Much harder than keeping your current ones. We’ve found that diversifying your service offerings with white-label solutions leads to BIG increases in client retention. The main reason this works is because you become indispensable to your local business clients. By adding white-label social media services, you can quickly grow into a one-stop solution your clients crave.

3. Scale your business

Business growth is great, but scaling your business is better. Who doesn’t want to grow revenue while minimizing the costs? By leveraging white-label solutions, you can instantly add new products and services to your core offering. This will help you quickly grow from entrepreneur to agency and beyond.

4. Align and strengthen your current offerings

Many digital marketing services align well together. If you sell a service that could be improved by an additional service or aligns closely with that service then it makes sense to offer both. Plus, you’ll now have the ability to better meet your client's needs by bundling and selling these complementary services together.

For example: The reach, following, and leads your clients experience through social media could be greatly improved with dedicated paid social strategy. Now instead of just selling Facebook page set-up and post content, you can sell a full package with advertising campaigns, custom blog content generation, landing pages, and page management. Your marketing services will perform better as part of a holistic campaign rather than one-off services, so why not bundle them together?

5. Focus on your core values and brand

When you have a white-label team handling your social media marketing fulfillment work, you can concentrate on running your business. You can focus on things like selling, building your book of service, and handling your other service options that your white label team doesn't specialize in.

What to Consider in a White-Label Social Media Solution

A quick and effective way to get into the social media marketing space with a white-label product is with a social media management platform.

Offering your clients a single-source-of-truth to manage all of their social profiles lets them take control of their social presence, engage with clients, and generate new leads—all through a platform that's branded and sold as your own.

Make sure the option you choose is:

  • Mobile-friendly
  • 100% re-brandable
  • Configurable for users— sends notifications on new leads, customer replies and more
  • Fully supports all major social channels, with post engagements, comments, and more
  • Provides rich engagement statistics on your social posts integration capabilities with your existing platform or other products

The bottom line is that your white-label social media services need to be user-friendly, effective, and have scalable pricing. With these three key elements, you can hit the ground running in the social media SaaS game. Without all three of these key elements in place, you’ll have a tough time meeting the needs of your company and clients.

White-Label Social Media Solutions to Resell

Ideally, you’ll never have to worry about selling only portions of your white-label reputation management service, but that’s often not the reality. However, sometimes budgetary restrictions and the unique needs of your clients, may lead you to only sell portions of your full offering.

Here are the major services of white-label social media marketing that are often bundled together, or can be resold separately to clients as either a product or a service:

1. White-Label Social Media Platform

Social media can feel overwhelming to SMBs who have a limited amount of time to spend crafting content, scheduling posts, and monitoring and responding to social followers. By simply reselling the platform as a whole, your clients will be able to efficiently manage their own social media in an organized way.

Our solution: Our social media marketing software provides a simple & scalable social media management for agencies and marketing service providers.

2. White-Label Social Posting Services

You can help clients boost brand awareness and generate buzz with daily or weekly social posting. People follow their favorite companies on social media to discover entertaining content, give feedback, and get a first look at new products/services. White-label social posting will keep your client’s followers engaged with regular social posts to grow their audience and build brand loyalty.

Our solution: Our marketing services team offers white-label social posting services to help build and engage your client’s audience.

3. White-Label Social Page Building

Your clients need a beautiful, optimized social media presence to put their best foot forward. A lot goes into an attractive and comprehensive social profile, including logo, cover images, image galleries, video galleries, hours, location, company description, and more. Offering social profile-building services means that your clients will have their key social profiles built and optimized to set them up for success.

Our solution: Our white-label social page building services offer professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operations, and business profile.

4. White-Label Social Platform Growth

In order for your client’s social media marketing to work, they’ll need an audience. Most businesses don’t have time to do this and they don’t understand what’ll work best to grow their target audience on their key social platforms. Growing your client’s audience across multiple social platforms will help them reach the target audience they need to be successful.

Our solution: We don’t currently offer specific white-label social platform growth services, but clients should see organic platform growth with an increased focus on social marketing best practices. Having a fleshed out social profile, actively working to generate reviews, fresh content every week, ad campaigns to reach a new audience, and engaging with clients will help grow your client’s presence.

Note: There are many more great social media value-adds to be found in the Vendasta marketplace like influencer marketing and dark social tracking. However, these options are not white-labellable.

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White-labeling truly opens the door to new options and multiple streams of revenue without the knowledge, time, and staffing commitments that traditional agency growth requires.

Vendasta's Social Marketing product is a simple and scalable white-label social media management platform for agencies to offer their clients. You can even use the platform yourself and take your client's social presence into your agency's hands.

Social media marketing is actually only one of many resellable marketing services you can offer: other possibilities include digital advertising, SEO, reputation management, content creation, review response, website solutions, and more.

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