Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More
Protect Local: Free tools, training, and resources to help your company and local business clients during COVID-19 and beyond. Learn More

Content Library

A catalog of resources to help you understand everything about selling digital solutions to local businesses.

How to start selling online in 60 minutes or less

Power Hour Guide

The Digital Marketing Bible Checklist

Personal Branding Guide

Vendasta Economic Advantage Calculator

The Influence Generator Guide

Dollar-a-Day Social Media Boosting Guide

Product Led-Growth Case Study

Infographic: Tips for Working from Home during COVID-19

COVID-19 Action Plan for Marketing Agencies

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Social Media for Businesses

ROI Calculator

Customer LTV Calculation Template

Challenges Radio Stations Face

The ISV Growth Handbook

Cloud Broker Checklist

ISV Client Retention Study

Why Reputation Management Matters: A Churn Study

Social Media Report Template

EzyReview Customer Voice Case Study

Elevated Web Solutions Case Study

Ratings and Reviews on Google

ONWARD18: Why Your Clients Churn—Data from 100K Clients

Challenges Agencies Face

How Sales Execs Can Increase Client Retention

The Full-Stack Tech-First Future

Vendasta + Dex Media

Vendasta + GoDaddy

Unlock the Potential Of Your Own Platform with Vendasta

Game of Agencies: Why Your Clients Churn

Why Your Clients Churn: Data from 200K Clients

Optimal Life Medical Center SEO Case Study

Dynamic Facebook Auto Ads Case Study

Multi-Location Local SEO Checklist

White-Label Reputation Management Sales Playbook

Comporium Media Services Case Study

Local SEO Checklist

Local Marketing Stack Checklist

The Ultimate Email Analytics Dashboard

The Definitive Guide: Adding Digital to Traditional Media Sales

Family Law Firm Legal Digital Advertising Case Study

Email Scripts for the Top 10 Email Types

Sales Email Templates that Get Replies

Digital Advertising ROI Report Template White Label Reputation and Listings Management Success

Live Chat Script Templates

6 Step Guide for Selling Website Services to Local Businesses

The 10 Step Bulletproof Workflow to Start Building Websites for Your Clients

Landing Page 101 Guide

Dennis Yu's 3x3 Video Grid Strategy for Local Business

30 Social Media Stats to Savor Infographic

White Label: Mastering Google and Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses

How to Win on Social Media: A Step-By-Step Guide for Local Businesses

How To Qualify Leads With LinkedIn AutoFill

Email Templates to Reheat & Re-engage Old Leads

Rebrandable Facebook Ad Templates for Small Businesses

The Four Elements That Generate Qualified Facebook Leads at Scale

Prospect Client Journey Worksheet

Gals N Gowns Retail Digital Advertising Case Study

How to Give an Effective Presentation

Fit4Life Gym Case Study

Cafe Mexicana Digital Advertising Case Study

White Label Guide

The Sapphire Hotel & Waterpark Case Study

Blog SEO Checklist

Top 10 Review Websites

Leadership Principles

White Hat Review Management

Buyer Persona Worksheet

Mastering Google and Facebook Advertising for Local Business Case Study

Hard Rock Media Case Study

Fairfax Media Case Study

Email Marketing Checklist

Facebook Ad Builder Win list

Canadian Bowling Centre Case Study