Customer Voice

Collect more authentic customer reviews

White-label customer feedback tool for businesses and multi-location brands.

Reach your customers any way you want

Customize everything to fit your brand

Boost your ranking on Google to #1

Get more reviews to build brand trust

Easily gather reviews to grow business

More reviews equal more traffic through the doors! With Customer Voice, you can gather authentic reviews via email or text on the sites that matter most, to grow customer loyalty and boost sales.

Gather customer feedback with personalized messages

Customize all messages to match your brand identity to increase open and click-through rates.

Reach customers by text or email to gather customer feedback effectively for a single location or across an entire multi-location brand.

Mobile Kiosk form fill

Reach customers any way you want

Customer Voice offers frictionless tools proven to earn you online reviews faster and more often.

Mobile Kiosk helps capture happy customer reviews at the point of sale or point of service, when they’re most likely to leave a review. Use the Email Signature Widget to proactively ask for feedback in every email you send. 


Collect reviews on sites that make an impact

Glowing reviews help businesses shine in local search! Collect new reviews on third-party review sites, social media profiles, and first-party landing pages.

Never miss a chance to collect authentic customer feedback with the Review Generation Widget right on your website.

Measure performance effectively

Measure success with a conversion funnel, and track progress over time. Get an at-a-glance roll-up of a brand’s success or filter by specific locations.

This local business grew its rating to 4.9 stars and boosted sales by 30%!

A local pizza joint wished to improve its online presence, increase foot traffic, and earn a reputation of quality. In just one month of sending review requests with Customer Voice, they had achieved a star rating of 4.9 stars and boosted sales by 30%.

Complementary products for Customer Voice

Monitor every aspect a local business’s online reputation, including reviews, listings, and mentions. Reviews collected through Customer Voice can be managed and responded to in Reputation Management!

With Listing Builder, businesses receive My Listing, a free online listing and landing page to boost their search ranking. Use Customer Voice review requests and the widget to collect reviews on the My Listing page to increase visibility.

Add-ons for Customer Voice

Text messages have a 98% open rate, making SMS review requests an effective method of collecting online reviews!

SMS 50

  • 50 monthly SMS credits
  • Packages available only for sending within Canada or US

SMS 100

  • 100 monthly SMS credits
  • Packages available only for sending within Canada or US

SMS 200

  • 200 monthly SMS credits
  • Packages available for sending within the US, Canada, UK, or Australia

SMS 500

  • 500 monthly SMS credits
  • Packages available for sending within the US, Canada, UK, or Australia

SMS 1000

  • 500 monthly SMS credits
  • Packages available for sending within the US, Canada, UK, or Australia

Try Customer Voice for FREE!

We offer two editions of our customer feedback tool: Customer Voice Express and Customer Voice Pro. The Express edition is a simplified tool with essential features such as saving one template and sending 15 emails per month. Once you’ve come to know and love the Express edition, easily upgrade to the Pro edition and unlock more ways to gather customer feedback and grow your online reviews. 

Customer Voice Software Features

Features Customer Voice Express Customer Voice Pro
Create customers Unlimited Unlimited
Send email review requests 15 per month Unlimited
Bulk send review requests
Sync Customer List in Business Center with Customer Voice
Customize and display the Review Widget on any website to conveniently ask for feedback from customers
Customize and save review request templates 1 40
Access to purchasing SMS add-ons
Send automated follow-up email to customers who haven't shared their positive review

Grow your business with Customer Voice

Customer Voice is one of more than one hundred products in the Vendasta Marketplace. According to the latest Churn Study, the more solutions you offer, the more likely you’ll retain your local business clients; selling four products show increased retention of 80%!

Create your own packages and sell products at margin.

Use Vendasta’s Snapshot report to show your prospects and clients where their digital marketing could use your help. Are they struggling with their online reputation? Customer Voice boosts positive online reviews for an improved overall reputation.

Vendasta Sales & Success Center uses AI to tell you when your prospects are ready to buy and gives your salespeople the tools they need to be trusted local experts. You’ll know about every handshake by viewing the live feed and The Loop, plus get a wider picture with your sales manager dashboard.

Finding it hard to juggle the work? Vendasta’s Task Manager directly integrates all review management ‘to do’s’ into one place where they can be assigned and fulfilled. Still struggling to keep up? Enlist our white label marketing services professionals to fulfill on behalf of your business.

A Vendasta study shows that by engaging customers in their online reputation, such as responding to reviews, retention can increase by 124%. Bundling complementary products like Reputation Management can improve retention even further!

Our products come complete with go-to-market plans that allow you to be the local digital experts, all under one login for you and your client. Simplify the cloud for use on the ground and grow your business quickly with Vendasta.

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