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Get found in local search, keep customers updated, and own your listing information.

Our white-lable local business listing solutions allow you to maintain consistent business information across the web, directories, mobile apps, voice search, and more. This allows you to be found, rank higher, and be accurate everywhere your customers are looking.

The best white-label local listings management software for local businesses to be found online, through mobile apps, voice search, and more

Local businesses need to be found where customers are looking. Listing Builder empowers you to start learning about the importance of having consistent business information across a vast ecosystem. For no additional cost, start your online presence management solution and ensure you have accurate business information across the web, mobile apps, voice search, and more so you rank higher and are found by customers.

Rank higher and get found in search

Own your business listings, don’t rent them

Keep your customers updated in real-time

Maintain accurate base business data 

Instantly update listings

Rank higher and get found

If your local business information is incorrect anywhere in the search ecosystem, your customers won’t find you. By having consistent and accurate information across business listings, including regular updates and activity, Google and other search engines will rank you higher in search results.

Own your business listings, don’t rent them

By claiming your local business listings, you own them—forever. Claiming can be a long process that requires more work than syncing. Luckily, our white-label Marketing Services professionals can do the hard work for you.

Keep your customers updated in real-time

Update your business information and publish to directories, mobile apps, and more—all from one place. It’s crucial to keep your customers updated as your business changes. As your business changes, you must ensure the ecosystem is updated in order to continue ranking and be found.

Create a foundation by keeping your base business information accurate 

Using Listing Distribution, submit your business information to ensure accuracy at the foundational level. By submitting and updating business information with the four primary data aggregators, your accurate business data will be sent over time to sources across the web, mobile apps, and more.

Instantly update your business information across sources

Keep your customers updated as soon as your business information changes with Listing Sync Pro or Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext—whether it be your hours of operation, services offered, menu, and more.

Add-ons for Listing Builder

Listing Distribution

Submit your business information to the four primary data aggregators that power navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and more.

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Listing Distribution

Listing Sync Pro

Listing Sync Pro empowers your clients to efficiently create, manage and maintain 50+ business listings from one place. With plenty of high-traffic sources included, customers can easily find businesses online.

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Listing Sync Pro

Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext

Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext is designed to sync business information across 40+ popular sources. This software is built by integrations and partnerships with top directories and helps business organizations provide accurate and consistent information to their customers.

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Listing Sync Pro Yext

Complementary products for Listing Builder

Build online presence with Website Pro and host your clients’ WordPress websites with the most trusted source on the internet —Google Cloud Platform.

Monitor every aspect of a local business’s online reputation—including reviews, listings, and mentions. Give your clients insight reviews and get notifications whenever their business is mentioned on the web.

Try Local Listings Management for FREE!

We offer three editions of our local listings management tool: Listing Builder, Listing Distribution, and Listing Sync Pro. The Express edition (Listing Builder) is a simplified tool with essential features such as syncing your business information to important sources such as Google, Facebook, and more. Once you’ve come to know and love the Express edition, easily upgrade to the Pro edition and unlock more ways to monitor, manage, and improve your presence.

Listing Builder Software Features

Features Listing Builder Listing Distribution Listing Sync Pro
Free sync to four listing sources
(Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
My Listing (free landing page)
Google My Business Insights
Update and edit business information to sync across sources from one platform
Business data sync to the four primary data aggregators (Data Axle, Localeze Neustar, etc.)
Sync status reporting
Protection from third-party changes
Publish business data almost instantaneously to a list of high traffic sources
Control of how you appear online
Ability to manage duplicate suppression

Grow your business with Listing Builder

Listing Builder is one of more than 100 products in the Vendasta Marketplace. Vendasta’s latest Churn Study proves the more solutions you offer, the more likely you’ll retain local business clients; selling even four products can increase retention by up to 80%!

Create your own packages and sell products at margin.

Use Vendasta’s Snapshot Report to show your prospects and clients where their digital marketing could use your help. Are they struggling with findability? Listing Builder and its add-ons will help them manage their presence and improve their brand value.
Vendasta’s Sales & Success Center uses AI to tell you when your prospects are ready to buy and gives your salespeople the tools they need to be trusted local experts. You’ll know about every handshake through the live feed and The Loop. Plus, get a wider picture with your sales manager dashboard.
Do you or your team find it hard to juggle all the work? Vendasta’s Task Manager directly integrates “to-do’s” into one place where they are assigned and fulfilled. Still struggling to keep up? Our white label marketing services professionals can fulfill on behalf of your business.
A study conducted by Vendasta shows that engaging clients with more than one product can increase retention by 124%. Bundle complementary products, such as Listing Builder, Listing Distribution, and Listing Sync Pro to improve retention even further!
Our products come with go-to-market plans that allow you to be the local digital experts, all under one login for you and your clients. Simplify the cloud for use on the ground and grow your business quickly.

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