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How to bundle white-label content into packages with Vendasta’s Marketplace


Businesses both big and small need to consider the power of producing great content. Content is how you speak to your audience⁠—and there are many different channels to consider. Sometimes, that can feel overwhelming and confusing to business owners. Thankfully, this is where white-label content comes in.

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From agencies to managed service providers (MSPs) to media companies, white-label content creation isn’t only a necessary part of establishing a business online. It is often the key to achieving better results, fostering meaningful growth, and scaling sustainably.

What’s more, considering all the various categories that fall under content, white-label content solutions are more effective when bundled into packages to optimize results and address various content needs holistically.

What falls under the umbrella of white-label content?

When we discuss white-label content, we are referring to content that is created on behalf of your business by a white-label service provider.

But “content” itself is a broad term, and various categories fall under its umbrella.

Here’s some of what falls under the umbrella of “content.”

Web content

A website is a valuable piece of digital real estate. Think of it as a house. Great web content not only elevates the curb appeal—it’ll bring more business through the front door.

Web content usually pertains to written assets created for your website in the form of website copywriting.

White-label content may include:

  • Blog posts
  • Home page
  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Announcements
  • And more

Long form

As the title suggests, long-form content is more in-depth, often requires research, and carries a longer word count.

White-label content may include:

  • Blog posts
  • e-books
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • And more

Social posts

Crafting concise, compelling social media copy is an artform all its own. Plus, each of the various social platforms come with their own character count restraints, audience type, and overall voice and tone.

White-label content may be created for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Visual content

Not all content is written content! Visual assets and video are powerful additions to your content marketing strategy.

Did you know that three days after consuming content, a person’s recall for visual information is 65 percent? Yet, it’s only 10 percent for written information! (Elite Content Marketer). Talk about making your work stick!

White-label content may include:

  • Feature images in blog posts
  • Thumbnails for newsletters
  • Images for social media
  • Infographics
  • Video marketing
  • And more

Other types of content

Beyond what’s already been mentioned, other types of white-label content can include:

  • Podcasts
  • Video scripts
  • Webinars
  • Email campaigns
  • Guides
  • And more

Why does my business need white-label content?

Perhaps you’re questioning how valuable white-label content and copywriting really is. Maybe your clients think they can write their own website copy and produce blog content themselves. On that note, can’t you simply manage all your clients’ social media accounts across all platforms yourself? (Spoiler: not if you want to scale, you can’t).

Hold your horses! Great content is not as easy as that. But what makes great content, well, great? Here are the top three things.

1. Great content is frequent.

Posting one blog a month (even one a week!) may seem like a lot. But in reality, it can be far too few to really make a difference depending on your goals. In fact, most businesses don’t realize that their posting cadence must be ramped up for their content efforts to count.

Posting frequently on your blog and on social media adds value, drives traffic through organic search (more on SEO in a moment!), generates leads, and increases brand awareness.

Consider this: Increasing blog post frequency from once to twice per week doubles incoming leads (SEO.co), yet it is considered one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to employ (Forbes).

The more frequent the content, the juicer the ROI. White-label content can help you get to the next level.

2. Great content is consistent.

However, posting every day for one week and then nothing for the next three months is not an effective strategy. Consistency is key when it comes to posting frequency, as well as spelling, grammar, voice, tone, visual aesthetic, and brand storytelling.

What is the risk of trying to generate content if it’s not your expertise or you do not have the time to dedicate to it? Coming off as messy, half-hazard, confusing, or unprofessional (or a mix of all four).

If content is how you speak to your audience, you don’t want to send mixed signals.

3. Great content is SEO optimized.

Given the volume and frequency in which you must create, post, track, and manage content across platforms, search engine optimization (SEO) adds a whole new layer to what you must do to reach the right people.

You can create high-quality, consistent content and post every single day⁠—but if it’s not ranking on the search engine results page (SERP), it’s getting lost in the maelstrom of the World Wide Web.

Are you prepared to leverage topic clusters while doing keyword research, add relevant backlinks, create meta descriptions, follow the changing whims of the algorithm, and more?

Creating great content for clients can be time consuming and overwhelming for an in-house team. That’s why so many businesses value white-label content solutions.

The power of bundling solutions

Just like there are many different types of content, there are many different types of white-label content solutions. But here’s a tip: Each solution is supercharged when bundled together into a tailored package.

With the freedom to bundle and price solutions however you see fit, reselling content packages is a great way to increase basket size and take advantage of cross-selling and upselling potential with your clients. It may even increase retention, ensuring that you are positioned as the streamlined, one-stop shop for all your clients’ needs.

Having multiple marketing solutions (a blog, a social calendar, and a website, for example) will seriously strengthen a business's online presence. Bundling your marketing solutions together not only helps ensure you're getting a cohesive voice and strategy, but it also makes things easier for you to navigate. Having one team take care of everything means you don't have to worry about remembering different emails or points of contact—it's all in one package, and all in one place!
Jocelyn Gonzales

Senior Manager of Website Services, Vendasta

But where do you find these products to bundle into the perfect packages? Glad you asked!

White-label content solutions from Vendasta’s Marketplace

Vendasta has a multi-vendor white-label Marketplace of resellable content creation solutions that you can provide to your clients all under your own brand.

The benefits?

  • Save time. White labeling means you don’t need to hire a fleet of professional writers and editors.
  • Ensure quality. Partner with Vendasta to ensure the right tone, format, frequency, target audience and more—then let us fulfill for you.
  • Scale your offering. With a dedicated team of content fulfillment experts, you can ramp up your output and your ROI.
  • Track performance. Become more data-driven and show proof-of-results with reporting within the Vendasta white-label platform.
  • Your margins, your way. Price your white-label content services how you see fit to make the margins you want.
  • Perfect for bundling. Everything you need, all in one place, available to package into custom-tailored bundles to solve for any problem or series of pain points your clients may have.

Vendasta’s Marketing Services for white-label content fulfillment

white-label-content-writing-servicesWhite-label content writing services

From blogs to website copy to SEO-optimized content, expert copywriters can research and write on any topic or niche. With a variety of add-ons to beef up your offering, white-label content services are easy to scale up and customize.

Associated foundational product:

  • Website Prowebsite-pro
    • Website Copy
    • Blog Post: Monthly
    • Blog Post: One-Time

The process of working with us includes:

  • Onboarding call
  • Dedicated team of writers
  • Editing and revision
  • Publishing to WordPress or website

white-label-social-media-servicesWhite-label social media services

Offering a robust array of white-label content for social media, our team of marketing strategists can fulfill on your behalf—so no more fumbling with posting on a variety of platforms manually. Marketing Services can create content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With high-quality premade posts, beautiful stock images, post scheduling, and performance analytics, your social media content is about to be upgraded.

Associated foundational product:

  • Social Marketingsocial-marketing
    • Social Posts: 1x Week
    • Additional Posts: 1x Week
    • Content & Strategy Session: Monthly
    • Custom Images: 1x Week

Social Marketing is a powerful tool that allows your clients to strategize, craft, schedule, and post content across social platforms. With high-quality premade posts and beautiful stock images at the ready, publishing engaging social content is simple.

The process of working with us includes:

  • Onboarding call
  • Dedicated team of social media writers and strategists
  • Post reviewing and revisions
  • Reporting to track live performance
  • Optional monthly strategy call to discuss and execute strategy

Other content solutions from the Vendasta Marketplace


SteadyContent creates a repeatable process for white-label content that is highly reliable, producing more than 3 million words of high-quality writing each month. With 550+ writers and 150+ editors, this solution includes four 600-word blog posts per month with an additional add-on option for long-form 1,200-word blog posts. What’s more, these content pieces are SEO optimized.

textbroker-blog-packageTextbroker Blog Package

Textbroker delivers 12 unique, custom-tailored 300- to 400-word blog posts within a quick turnaround time (two weeks!). Relied on for over a decade, having written blogs for over 100,000 clients, you can rely on this content solution.

Develop your brand perception, expand your reach and recognition, and generate leads with Textbroker.

seo-networkSEO Network

Activations of the SEO Network white-label content solution include 10 targeted keywords, which is double the standard. This product is a quick and effective way to add high-quality content with authority to any website.

Address the important ranking signals used to determine the authority and relevancy of a website, enjoy robust reporting to track success, fill content gaps, and keep up with the algorithm.

magnifi-video-marketingMagnfi Video Marketing

Dreaming of your own recurring revenue video marketing service offering, but lacking the skills, resources, or team members? Magnfi Video Marketing makes it possible with their white-label content offering for video.

Magnfi Video Marketing has five main tools to capture video testimonials, send video email, create branded and story videos, and add video to any email marketing campaign.

Final tips for bundling white-label content

To close, here are a few tips when it comes to building the perfect bundles for your clients.

  1. Create bundles based on where your clients are at, with the mindset that they can always scale when the time is right.
    • Starter packages: Businesses that are at the beginning of digital adoption; startups.
    • Growth packages: Businesses that need help expanding with digital solutions; easing growing pains.
    • Pro packages: Businesses that need more digital options and have a large number of customers.
  2. Build a balanced product mix. Ideally you want to hit a few key areas to start: blogs, website copywriting, social, and video/visual.
  3. Curate the number of bundled packages you create to avoid confusion and to help with positioning.

Content is important. There are many different kinds of it, each with its own requirements and best practices. You likely cannot do it all on your own. White-label content solutions can be a gamechanger.

And remember: Solutions are more powerful and effective when they are bundled together to be resold to clients as packages. With the wide array of offerings in the Vendasta Marketplace, the possibilities are endless.

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