Community Support

‘Driving Local Economies’ also means giving back to the communities where we live and work. We’re always looking to find new ways of supporting our neighbours, while getting Vendastians away from their monitors and into the wild.

Vendasta tech camp with two kids working on a computer and smiling<br />

Vendasta Community Support focuses on…

  • Enriching the lives of children & families in need
  • Promoting digital literacy and STEM education
  • Advocating for a strong technology ecosystem in Canada.


Did you know every Vendastian receives volunteer hours they can use to help organizations that mean the most to them? We’re always looking for ways to give back to the communities that make our cities bright! If you’re in need of volunteers, contact the Community Team!
Team of Vendasta employees that volunteered for the Tech camp, posing on the rooftop patio overlooking the South Saskatchewan river.
Vendasta makes donation to OutSaskatoon

Charitable Contributions

We frequently invest in causes and organizations that align with our three community support focuses. If you think your organization is a fit, please fill out our Community Support Application. A volunteer committee meets several times a year to discuss requests. Please note: It may take up to 90 days to process applications. 

Employee Contributions

Vendasta also has an Employee Donation Matching Program. Contributions from Vendastians to registered charities are eligible for matched donations by Vendasta! 
Employees celebrating Vendasta's 15th anniversary in their conference space.
Vendasta makes donation to OutSaskatoon

Vendasta Tech Camp

We’re passionate about sparking curiosity for the next generation of technology leaders. Vendasta Tech Camp is a one-day program for grades 6 to 8 classes in Saskatoon. Students visit Vendasta, where they’ll participate in fun STEM activities and learn more about the incredible technology we build and provide to local experts around the world. Details on our next Vendasta Tech Camp will be released soon — until then, find more information here!  

Recent Community Support Initiatives & Organizations

  • Kidsport
  • Great Praries Pitch Marathon
  • Nutrien Children’s Festival
  • Saskatoon Regional Science Fair
  • Uniting the Prairies
  • Restorative Action Program
  • United Way of Saskatoon & Area
  • Extra Life gaming marathons


Please contact us if you have questions about Vendasta’s community support.