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5 White-label digital products and services to resell


The digital marketing landscape is flexible and has the ability to adjust in the face of changing demands. That fact is more accurate than ever before, as we find ourselves in an increasingly digital world. White-label digital products and services are the next frontier.

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The importance of digital has made a huge impact on how advertisers spend their dollars, with budgets being shifted away from the old stand-bys of print, radio, and television, in favor of a suite of digital platforms and services that meet their advertising and marketing needs. For many companies, selling digital services is the best way to secure sustainable revenue growth and ensure success in the digital age.

Challenges facing traditional marketing companies

While local advertisers do still allocate some of their budgets to advertising on radio, tv, and in print, these mediums are becoming less important as newer technologies make it possible to target their audiences more directly, quantify the impact of each advertising dollar, and access their customers where they’re spending most of their time: that is, in front of their screens.

These digital services are often provided by digital advertising agencies and other companies with expertise in the field. The businesses that will have continued success in the years to come will be those that augment their core offering with digital services. Luckily, with digital resellable products and white-label digital products, you don’t need all the in-house expertise of a digital agency to make it happen.

The solution: Resell white-label digital products

Naturally, many traditional marketing agencies may have some hesitancy when considering reselling digital products and services. It can feel like a completely different industry, full of incomprehensible jargon and hard-to-understand tech. However, these companies are in a great position to start selling digital services. They’re the perfect complement to existing offerings since the aim of both traditional marketing and digital marketing is ultimately the same: to get more sales for your clients.

By reselling white-label digital products and services, you and your team don’t necessarily need the deep technical knowledge required to deliver the services. They can focus on learning what the benefits of each product or service you sell are, and understanding how they can meet clients’ advertising and marketing needs. Then, a white-label team of experts working under your brand name can fulfill and deliver those digital services.

The model for reselling white-label digital products has the benefit of being low risk and easy to scale. You’ll pay your white-label provider only when your customer actually uses a product or service. That means you can start generating positive revenues from day one since you don’t have to pay new hires upfront before you’ve started selling your new digital products and services.

As you land more clients, fulfilling through a white-label provider means scaling is as easy as closing more deals with clients. You don’t have to worry about not having the capacity to meet demand as you start selling more.

Let’s get into some examples of the best white-label digital products you can start selling today.

White-label social media management

Maintaining active social media channels can be very time-consuming for businesses. They may have multiple social media channels that all require updates. Between logging in and out of each account to create regular posts, interacting with their audience, and creating content to post, it’s a big job. With white-label social media management, you can offer an analysis of your client's current social media performance, easily schedule posts to multiple platforms from one dashboard, and even have the creation of content taken care of by a white-label team if your client doesn’t have time to take photos and design social graphics themselves. You can also share analytics with your clients to show how effective each social media post is in terms of important metrics like reach (how many people saw a post) and engagement (how many times people interacted with it).

Why your customers need it: Social media marketing has become essential for businesses operating today. While the specific social channels and the overall strategy will vary from one business to the next depending on their industry and goals, having a social media presence is key to being seen as trustworthy online. When your clients’ prospective customers search for them, seeing that they have active social channels demonstrates that they are engaged with their customers and provides social proof that others are also interested in their product or service.

White-label PPC ads

Most of the ads you see online are PPC, or pay-per-click, ads. This means that once the ad goes live, the platform gets paid only each time someone clicks on the ad. PPC advertising is central to many businesses’ advertising efforts because it can start generating results very quickly. By offering white-label PPC solutions you can offer advertising on popular platforms like Google, Facebook, and Youtube, all without having to manage the delivery of these ads in-house. White-label experts do it for you, so you can focus on selling.

Why your customer need it: PPC ads offer insights that just aren’t possible to capture with traditional advertising. Since the performance of each ad can be assessed based on exactly how many sales or conversions its generating, PPC ad campaigns can continually be optimized and improved to deliver better results. Plus, when you resell digital products like PPC ad management, you can demonstrate with numbers exactly how much revenue you’re generating for your clients.

White-label SEO services

A lot of activity falls under the umbrella of search engine optimization, but the goal of all SEO is to make a website land on the first page of Google for relevant search terms. Most searchers don’t look past the first page, so if businesses want to be discovered through search, they’ll need to land one of those coveted spots. Selling white-label SEO services enables you to offer a range of optimizations and services that can help your clients do just that. It’s a great digital service to sell because it requires ongoing maintenance to be successful, which means recurring revenue for your business.

Examples of SEO services are:

  • Local citation building: ensuring business information is consistent across the web, which helps businesses rank higher in Google
  • Website optimization: ensuring all on-site optimizations that can help a website rank highly are made
  • Content: writing website content such as blogs that use keywords your clients want to rank for
  • Backlinks: securing mentions of a website on trusted third-party sites.

SEO is quite technical and the requirements are frequently changing, since the ranking factors that Google’s bots take into account are regularly updated. This means that it’s difficult for businesses to handle their SEO in-house. By offering white-label SEO services, you can leave the technical know-how to behind-the-scenes experts while establishing your company as an indispensable partner in your customers’ success.

Why your customers need it: Discovering something online rarely happens by accident. Instead, businesses vie for the attention of prospective clients by trying to increase the chances that their website will appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). While SEO is a long-term strategy and it can take several months for results to start showing, it’s an essential component of online marketing because it enables businesses to get more organic—that is, unpaid—traffic to their website.

White-label website services

A great website is a must-have for any business. Even if you sell traditional ads through print, TV, or radio, the success of those ads will depend in part on the quality of the customer’s website. Ads can get eyes on the site, but a bad website can easily turn visitors away. By selling white-label website services, you can offer everything from website design to website hosting and regular maintenance. The white-label model means you don’t need to hire in-house web-designers or pay for expensive hosting. Instead, you can pay your provider only when it’s time to deliver web services to your clients.

Why your customers need it: A website is a business’s digital storefront. This means that it has to create the best impression possible for their prospective customers. It needs to look great and reflect their brand, be fast and easy to navigate, and be safe and secure from hackers. A great website can help set your customers apart from their competitors and result in more sales. Since so much money and effort is spent on driving traffic through social media, PPC ads, SEO, and other means, a great website that captures sales once people land on it is non-negotiable.

White-label reputation management

There are tons of places online where people can leave reviews or mention a business. For most businesses, it would be close to impossible to stay on top of all of the mentions. However, there are huge benefits to being able to keep tabs on what people are saying online. This includes addressing questions and bad reviews and picking up on trends and keywords that come up frequently. White-label reputation management software makes it possible to collect all reviews and online mentions into a single place, gain insights, be proactive, and compare how your clients are performing when held up against their competition.

Why your customers need it: Being proactive about reputation and review management can have huge benefits for a business. Reviews and other mentions are valuable sources of information that can help drive business decisions, and it’s very difficult to stay on top of this manually without software that’s built for the job.

Adapt and compete with white-label digital products

Adapting to the changing marketing landscape is essential for businesses that want to remain competitive. Luckily, by reselling white-label digital products and services, companies can expand their offerings easily, without the need to hire in-house digital talent.

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