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Get review responses

Use our “Suggest review response” API to automate your review response process completely without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

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Easy SSO integrations

Simplify your Vendasta Platform SSO integrations with our friendly AI chatbot. Share your identity provider for detailed, step-by-step guidance.

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Trigger AI prompts

Create a step in Vendasta’s workflow automations that sends a prompt with dynamic text fields to AI, and send the AI’s response back in any text field you desire.

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A word from Vendasta’s CEO

“Vendasta is embracing the AI revolution, reshaping our roadmap to benefit our users. Leveraging the best available language models, we streamline content creation with a smart suggestion system. By tapping into Vendasta’s vast dataset, our intelligent system will deliver tailored strategic advice based on user behavior, industry shifts, and context, inspiring constant learning and innovation. At Vendasta, we merge data and AI for business growth and success. Join us on this ambitious journey.”

Brendan King

Imagine the infinite AI possibilities by building your proprietary dataset with Vendasta

By leveraging the unmatched depth and range of data available at both the individual business and industry levels, Vendasta’s AI-powered platform is uniquely capable of solving core challenges marketing agencies and their clients face in scaling their businesses.

Here’s a taste of what we’re dreaming up:

Utilize AI and data to link pain points with ideal solutions

Vendasta’s AI will eventually automate the unscalable manual task of matching solutions to pain points in marketing agencies. It will uniquely allow auto-recommendation and sales of products, addressing challenges outlined in Snapshot Reports.

Employ AI and tools to automate all business operations

Administrative sales tasks eat up agencies’ time, resources better spent on client relationships and results. Vendasta’s future AI platform will automate business operations for quicker scaling. Customized content and insights improve client outcomes, fostering loyalty and boosting competitiveness.

Leverage AI and expertise to drive small business success

Local businesses struggle to compete globally due to resource constraints. In the future, Vendasta’s AI will combine industry and location-specific intelligence with business profiles to provide insights, helping these businesses outpace competitors.

Weekly AI software updates

Stay updated with Vendasta’s ‘What’s New’ video series. Discover AI-powered software updates, cutting-edge advancements, and enhanced features that drive continuous platform evolution. Experience the power of AI firsthand, ensuring you’re at the forefront of innovation in the digital landscape.

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