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White labeling apps: How to become a white-label app reseller (Updated 2022)


As Memo Marketing Group states, having a website presence alone is no longer enough for a local business. White labeling apps is now a necessity for agencies and resellers looking to increase their competitive edge as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Did you know that 90% of mobile phone time is now devoted to using apps? As a white-label app reseller, you can maximize on this trend to increase your profits while helping your clients meet their customers’ digital needs.

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If your clients want to find their customers where they exist, get ahead of the competition, and deliver value, then investing in a mobile app is a good move for them. As a white-label app reseller, you can make a huge difference in how your clients drive sales.

What is a white-label app?

The idea of white-labeling apps is that an application built by an independent app development company is meant to remove barriers for businesses that want to go to market quickly. This generic application is designed to be bought and rebranded by other businesses, and then resold to small local businesses under the resellers branding.

White-label app solutions are a service where an application is ordered from the reseller (company A) by their business client (company B) but that application is actually built by a third-party service provider (company C). The reseller will likely have a large network of customers that would benefit from the rebranded application, and potentially even a white-label software marketplace to makethings even easier.

Why resell a white-label app?

Bearing in mind the complexities and expenses of app development, white-label apps are often a better option. By outsourcing this service to a third-party development team, you can add "mobile app" to your other white-label marketing services and products without having to worry about additional overhead costs and development complexities.

Cost efficiency

The biggest advantage of reselling a white-label app is its cost efficiency. Reselling cuts personnel costs like developers, designers, and project managers. Keep in mind that the provider is selling this solution to hundreds of other resellers so the overhead costs are easily made up, which means the cost won’t be astronomical to the reseller.

Fast product delivery

Another great advantage of white-labeling apps is the hundreds if not thousands of hours saved by simply rebranding an existing product. The go-to-market time is significantly reduced by reselling rather than outsourcing a custom app or building one in-house. Resellers also don’t need to worry about app maintenance.

Readily available

White-label app resellers have choices. There are a number of options available and with the ever-changing world of technology you can take advantage of choosing the best provider for yours and your clients needs. Resellers remove the risk of creating an app from scratch too slowly and becoming obsolete.

How to position a white-label app

Small businesses are still behind the times and likely don’t have a business app. You can help them elevate their customer service with a white-label app in the following ways:

  1. Stand out from the competition - Make your small business clients look good and stand out by white-labeling apps and reselling them. Your clients will be ahead of the competition and will look far more tech savvy than they would without a white-labeled app.
  2. Cultivate customer loyalty - Help your clients cut through the marketing clutter and get their customers in one place. White-labeled apps are a place for their customers to find them just one click away.
  3. Most Americans (85 percent) have a smartphone - Remind your clients that the majority of Americans already use apps and they can have a white-labeled app for their loyal customers.
  4. Sell faster - Your clients can use their new white-labeled app to increase sales by sending promotions to app users through push notifications. You’ve just created a new direct marketing channel for your clients by white-labeling apps and reselling them.
  5. Provide value to customers - White-labeled apps give the end user a cohesive experience with everything in one place. Becoming a white-label app reseller you get to help your clients provide that experience and value to their customers.
  6. Expand the customer base - Going beyond white-label social media, white-label email marketing, and a white-label website a white-label app will be found by prospective customers in app stores. This is the only instance your clients can be found in app stores, effectively adding one more avenue for potential customers to find them.
  7. Personalization - Help your clients give their customers a better and more personal experience with a white-labeled app. People can adjust their privacy settings, notifications, and add their information to an app for faster checkout.

What to consider in white-label app solutions

Mobile apps are a huge value-add for your store, but building client apps require high-quality custom development work. When you're selecting your white-label partner to provide this service, make sure you look for the following:

  • 100% custom app development for clients
  • Progress reports with drafts, and early versions of the app to review
  • Thorough QA testing on every app
  • Supports multiple revisions on early app versions
  • Continued support once app is live in the Apple and Google Play stores

How to resell apps

Are you interested in expanding your marketing business by becoming a white-label app reseller?

The do-it-for-me business model in marketing is a great space to introduce a white-label app. Consumers across the globe spend four to five hours in apps on their smartphones every day. With these numbers, adding a white-label app to your marketing playbook should make for an easy sale. Cross-sell to existing clients who don’t yet have an app, and show prospects how adding your white-label app solution to their marketing strategy will help them grow their business.

Ensure your white-label app provides value in how it solves client problems. Many clients may suffer from similar issues but it’s important to do your research to ensure your app solution can solve their particular pain points. Common problems mobile apps solve for include: tracking loyalty rewards more efficiently, providing data on demand, management tool for internal purposes, customer support, information distribution, and launching new products and services.

If you see a gap in an existing or potential client's marketing strategy, consider joining a white-label marketplace to resell solutions like a white-label app and other marketing tools and products.

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