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Accelerate your web agency with the Vendasta platform

Build beautiful WordPress websites for your clients faster and at scale. Learn how Vendasta helps you deliver more sites, stop hiring additional staff, and discover a new growth path to increased ROI and MRR—a web agency’s dream.

Why web agencies use the Vendasta Platform

Scale production

WordPress integration

Built-in hosting

24/7 support

Deliver more websites while operating at scale

Market, sell, and fulfill your website services for hundreds of local businesses. All from one connected web agency platform.

Fulfill website projects and tasks with unrivalled efficiency and transparency

That new website your client just purchased? It’s on its way—and both you and your client can see up-to-the-minute what’s happening. Waiting on graphics from Jenny? Or maybe Jon needs to connect the new domain…Wherever your project is at, everything is transparently updated through the web agency platform.

Kick-off website projects as soon as they’re ordered

Waste no time fulfilling. Use Vendasta’s service and project management software for getting things done and reporting it to your clients. Your fulfillment team will love the automated and prescriptive task creation, minute-by-minute updates, and seamless integration with sales orders.


Get more done with less staff

Stop hiring incremental staff to manage your WordPress sites. Use Vendasta’s high-security, scalable hosting to automatically handle updates and backups. Or outsource website creation to our in-house team, letting you focus on your business.

WordPress hosting, designed for web agencies

View and take action on all of the client WordPress websites you manage in one centralized perspective. At a glance, identify sites that require your attention, then easily update WordPress versions, plugins, and themes straight from the dashboard.

Explore Vendasta WordPress

Get a team of web developers working for you under your brand

Stop worrying about hiring and training web developers. No matter how busy you get, our marketing strategists will always fulfill your services on schedule and under your brand, leaving you with more time to find clients and grow your business.

Explore White-label Web Design Services

Find new opportunities and increase ROI

Use our sales intelligence tool to get insights on speed, performance, and SEO. Then, show your clients you’ve helped them with automated executive reporting, integrated with Google Analytics.

Sell more with Snapshot

Think a business in your area could use a new website? Show them their online performance with Snapshot Report. Using the power of Google PageSpeed Insights, you’ll be able to show how they’re doing today with load speeds, mobile responsiveness, and content. Plus, information on their SEO and online listings presence gives you more opportunities to sell even more solutions.

Kick-off website projects as soon as they’re ordered

How about your clients that already have a fantastic WordPress website from your agency? Use Vendasta’s integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to create easy-to-digest, automated executive reporting. Our white-label client reporting software highlights the great work your team has done to build their online presence.


Generate more monthly recurring revenue

Discover new products and services to sell from Vendasta’s Marketplace. Start selling a wide range of solutions that compliment your website services and meet more of your client’s needs.

Build value with Business App

Provide your customers with access to their WordPress website through Business App, our client portal that you can rebrand for your company. From there, your clients can request updates from your team, purchase labour, or make the changes themselves. Whatever their needs are, you’ll be keeping them engaged and satisfied.

Become a full-service agency

Go beyond the website; Vendasta allows your team to provide any of your managed services at scale. From posting on social media to responding to reviews, you can handle all of your clients’ services from one place. Save your team from toil so they can focus on moving the needle.

Accelerate your website agency with Vendasta.

Scale your website production, sell more, and generate more
monthly recurring revenue. Get started with Vendasta today.

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“My cost savings on web hosting turned out to be a phenomenal 72% and I have a superior product. All my websites load faster, have a higher uptime, and the customer portal is priceless to have to show clients how important their website is.”

Andy Doucet

Founder & CEO, Elevated Web Solutions


“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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