Task Manager

Digital marketing fulfillment dashboard for teams

Projects. Workflows. Progress. Transparency for you and your clients.


The prescriptive way to manage your client’s digital marketing needs

Grow your business by managing all of your client’s digital fulfillment, including social media and review management services, all within one scaleable dashboard.


Prescriptive task management

Task Manager automatically pulls in tasks for your fulfillment team, ensuring that your customer’s digital marketing services are delivered on time. Whether you’re fulfilling large-scale projects, daily social posts, or claiming online listings, the prescriptive nature of Task Manager keeps your fulfillment team agile and focused on managing the workflow of your clients.

Project management for any workflow

Manage large projects and organize a group of tasks for your client’s business. Whether you’re redesigning a website, kick-starting a digital ads campaign, or crafting a month’s worth of social posts, Task Manager is the best tool for your team’s project management needs.


Automated Reporting

Prove value to your clients by showing them all of the great work your team has been performing. The Task Report is automatically generated and emailed, and shows your clients an overview of completed tasks, and work that’s pending. Show how many social posts have been scheduled, how many reviews have been responded to, and how many listings have been claimed.

Task Manager keeps track of all the essential tasks your team has performed and propagates information into the automated Task Report.

How Task Manager project management software can work for your fulfillment team


Step 1: Onboard

Small business owners chat with a project manager to determine their needs and expectations of the full-service experience. Obtain credentials to online listing sites, social channels, etc. to ensure your fulfillment team never misses a thing.


Step 2: Fulfill

Your team of marketing specialists carry out monthly tasks, including claiming and correcting online listings, posting content to social channels, monitoring and replying to online reviews and more!


Step 3: Report

Detailed performance reports are automatically generated and emailed to clients at the end of every month showing work that’s been completed and any pending tasks.


Analyze listing tasks

Are your customer’s local listings accurately claimed? Claiming your client’s local listing will ensure that their customers will find them online. Find new listing sites to be claimed, broken or outdated listings, or easily update any business information in one easy place in the Task Manager dashboard.


Respond to reviews

How are customers rating your client online? Responding to regular reviews in a timely manner ensures a positive rapport between their customers and the business. With Task Manager, reviews will pull into your dashboard so that you can fulfill for your client without missing a thing.


Social post

Are your clients producing regular and engaging content online? Regular social posts keep your client’s business engaged and up-to-date with relevant social posts. Task Manager allows your team to schedule social posts to a variety of channels based on your client’s needs. Incorporate The robust Social Posting Projects functionality gives the ability for your fulfillment team to draft, organize, and schedule a month’s worth of social posts on behalf of your client, all in one place.


Add custom task or project

Does your client require your team to perform custom tasks or projects? Your client’s business is unique and so should their workflow be. Custom Tasks and Projects allows your agile team to create custom workflows to ensure you don’t miss a thing!


Onboarding call

Are you gathering the right information from new clients? When you bring in a new client, you want to gather all the right information. Our onboarding script prompts your team to ask all the pertinent questions to deliver to your client’s the best digital marketing material.



Are your client’s responding to comments on their social platforms? Engaging with your client’s customers on Twitter and Facebook has never been easier than with Socialize through Task Manager. If a customer comments on your client’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, Socialize allows your team to quickly engage with that customer.



Are your clients interacting with customers who mention or tag them on social media platforms? Stay in the loop with Mentions through Task Manager. As soon as a customer mentions or tags your client’s business on social media, our prescriptive tool will prompt your team to respond in a timely manner. With Mentions through Task Manager, your client will never miss out on an important conversation with their customers.

Scale your business with Task Manager

  • White-labeled with your brand and logo

    Your brand and logo on your Task Manager dashboard positions your company as the marketing expert.

  • Prescriptive

    Task Manager pulls tasks in a prescriptive way so that you can stay on top of all your client’s important projects and tasks.

  • Customizable settings for teams

    Adjust settings for teams to view different tasks or projects. Control settings based on management level and restrict access to members of the team.

  • Transparent Reporting

    Easy to access reporting that ensures your customer’s see all the work your team has completed and what’s in progress.


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