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Help businesses succeed,
white-labeled under your brand.

Offer businesses their own client portal to manage their online strategy.

Vendasta’s Business App platform is your client app offering to local businesses that allows them to manage their digital strategy and grow their business. Through you, they get access to conversion building products, a customer communication hub, appointment booking, automated reporting, and more.
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Be the only trusted expert your clients need

Provide one customer experience, one password, one bill, one UI, one place to manage users, one set of notifications, and one set of reports tying everything together in real time.

white-label platform

Build your brand with white-labelling

This client-facing web app lets you become a technology company. Deliver software solutions to your customers and generate recurring revenue. Help SMBs thrive with one login, all under your brand.

leverage product-led growth

Leverage product-led growth

Drive customer acquisition and growth with freemium offerings, ‘try-before-you-buy’, and client self-service. Build trust and generate higher revenue per client.

Everything a local business needs to succeed, end-to-end, under your brand.


A free and easy to use ecommerce website to sell their products & services online.

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Customer communication

SMS messaging for businesses to communicate with their clients.

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Appointment booking

Create a booking link for end customers to book appointments through Meeting Scheduler.

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Freemium solutions

Try-before-you-buy with powerful no-cost features that lead to upsell opportunities.

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Invite the team

One place for their entire team to collaborate – no extra fees and unlimited users.

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Provide access to a Marketplace of products, curated to solve any business need.

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3rd-party connections

Connect 3rd-party apps, such as QuickBooks and Google Analytics to consolidate reporting.

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Automated reporting

Automated proof-of-performance reporting that engages your clients and shows where you’ve helped.

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Serving more than one location

Consolidated reporting allows them to see which locations are winning and which need improvement.

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Enable business to sell with ecommerce


Enable a business to sell online with ecommerce tools.

Quickly enable your clients to sell their products and services online within their client portal, with powerful e-commerce tools made simple. Businesses can stay competitive and never miss a sale. With Vendasta’s Website product, you and your clients can create a beautiful online store in minutes.

Customer communication

Inbox Messaging

Inbox Messaging offers local businesses an SMS messaging platform so they can communicate in the way their customers want, from a centralized place in their client app for team collaboration.
SMS messaging
Manage and schedule meetings

Appointment booking

Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler is a free feature in Business App! Your clients can set up booking links, sync meetings with Google Calendar, set their availability, and more. It allows a business and their end customers to find times that work for both of them, removing much of the tedium of booking meetings, all within their client app.

Freemium solutions

Marketing, SEO, and Advertising Apps

We offer a core set of essential freemium tools within your client app offering that allow your clients to try products before they buy, including Reputation Management, Listings Management, Social Media Marketing, and more. With product-qualifying leads being the most valuable leads for your sales team, showing prospects value is easier than ever leading to upgrades.
Foundational solutions
Invite team members

Invite the team

Invite a user to Business App

Business owners can invite their employees to their Business App client dashboard as users for team collaboration and management. Even better, there are no limits on the amount of users a business can have on one account!


Marketplace of 3rd-party products

With the Vendasta Marketplace, you can browse through and offer over 200 apps that will help you serve your clients better. With products ranging from digital marketing to QuickBooks bookkeeping, you can offer a wide variety of solutions that meet your client’s needs, all from the Business App client portal.
Marketplace of products
3rd party connections

3rd-party connections

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, & more

3rd-party connections offered in Business App allow you to easily show value and proof-of-performance by bringing everything into one app. We offer connections to a growing list of Partners, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), and more.

Automated reporting

Executive Report

Proof-of-performance automated reporting, all within Business App. Showing your clients where they are winning across multiple areas has never been so easy. Have automated email notifications go out to your clients when their Executive Report is ready to view, further engaging them in Business App.
Multi-location business management

Serving more than one location

Multi-location Business App

Clients with more than one business location? No problem! We have a multi-location Business App that rolls up data from each individual location into a top level view. Easily compare location performance to see which are winning and which need more attention.

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Here is why our Partners love Business App:

Grow your MRR: Offer a Marketplace of solutions that engages your clients day-to-day.

The more products your clients use within your Business App, the stickier they are. A large basket size for each client means that your solutions are integrated into their day-to-day business operations – turning them into a long-term and high value client.
Discover products on the Vendasta Marketplace
White-label client portal

You’re the hero, white-labeled, everything under your brand.

Be the trusted provider of ALL your clients’ business needs – Combine your own products and services, Vendasta’s solutions, and leading 3rd-party B2B solution providers. Business App comes out of the box with free tools and powerful upgrades for Reputation Management, Local Listing Management, Social Media Marketing, a customer communication tool that brings multiple channels into one centralized Inbox, a meeting scheduler booking tool, and much more.

Drive Sales: with freemium offerings, your clients can shop the way they want – trying a product before committing to buying.

Immediate value, combined with ongoing, relevant, expert communication, keeps your brand top of mind. Design your own user upgrade paths, so your prospects turn into paying clients. Drives sales and take payment through your customized store.
Drive sales with freemium offerings
Executive Report

Retain Clients Longer: Automated proof of performance reporting with the Executive Report.

Prove your value, month after month, with automatic detailed reporting, detailing the results of your hard work on their behalf. Report on products and connect to 3rd-party apps such as Google Search Console to give your client the full picture of the value you are providing them.
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