How a PPC reseller program can help scale your business

Similar to other SaaS reseller programs, joining a PPC reseller program is an opportunity to build a new revenue stream by reselling digital advertising. PPC ads provide quick wins and results your clients are sure to appreciate. A pay-per-click advertising strategy drives prospective clients down the sales funnel toward conversions with an average conversion rate of 3.75 percent for search across all industries.

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PPC solutions create instant visibility in search and are an excellent complement to an SEO reseller program or local SEO reseller program. By joining a PPC reseller program, businesses can add pay-per-click capabilities to their offerings and deliver solutions that double ROI for their clients.

What is PPC in ecommerce?

PPC in ecommerce is an advertising strategy that promotes an online storefront and the products or services it contains. Primarily used as a form of ecommerce advertising, pay-per-click is an effective method that can be primed, tested, and scaled to build campaigns that perform.

Because PPC advertising is highly data-driven, it allows small and medium-sized businesses to break down information about their audiences’ buying behaviors and it is easily tracked with analytics tools. The campaigns themselves can be scaled as data rolls in to be more effective with a more specific audience.

The information gathered from running smaller PPC campaigns can be used as a selling tactic because this data is proof of performance for further enhancements. It can also help you validate opportunities to offer clients further PPC solutions. These solutions can include search ads, display ads, dynamic ads, and ecommerce shopping ads.

How to make money with pay-per-click reselling

You make money with pay-per-click reselling by selling already developed PPC product and service solutions as a software reseller. This eliminates the need to invest in staff to develop software or fulfill the work in house.

There are a number of ways to improve advertising profitability with a PPC reseller program. The right tool or variety of tools that perform analytics, keyword research, A/B testing, and landing page optimization are highly important to PPC programs. Bundling them together can help you increase revenue per client.

Set goals and expectations

It’s easy to be given a budget and spend it all very quickly with PPC reselling. This can lead to disappointed clients and higher churn in your PPC reseller program.

Setting expectations early on can help you get and keep PPC clients for the long term, ultimately helping you profit, grow, and scale.

Always decide upon a clear definition of success with clients at the onset of your business relationship.

What you need to be doing is get to the center of your clients’ campaigns and follow a set process to ensure ad spend is strategic.

Discuss goals and objectives with your clients, determine what they want to achieve, and find out where they want to display ads. Once goals are set, you’ll need to track them to prove that your services are doing what you set out to do.

Build a methodology

A repeatable process backed by quality PPC products and services will create more opportunities to win sales and satisfy clients with proven results. Plus it will make your life easier by saving time and streamlining effort, ultimately helping you make a greater profit. This can look like a checklist of tasks tailored to your process.

Types of PPC programs to resell

  • AdCellerant Targeted Display
    • Reach new audiences with programmatic display. This PPC reseller program is designed to deliver ads to your target market using geographic, categorical, demographic, and behavioral targeting.
  • Automated Advertising
    • This traffic acquisition platform is AI powered and fully automated, making it easy to sell and fulfill PPC advertising for clients.
  • Ad Builder
    • This tool includes ad templates, automatic reformatting to fit multiple platforms, real-time updates when changes are made, and smart design.
  • Google Ads Robot
    • This tool includes automated solutions for clients of any size that will optimize your ads based on what’s working for your competition in the area.
  • Google Ads for Small Businesses
    • These text-based digital ads are meant for clients with a tighter budget. Google Ads for Small Businesses uses automation to assist in generating keywords and location targeting.
  • White-label PPC Services
    • Work with a team of certified and experienced professionals who can do all the fullfillment work so you don’t have to.
  • Advertising Intelligence
    • Find all campaigns across different platforms in one place with this PPC reporting tool.

Hire a fulfillment team

An excellent way to scale your business with PPC is to hire a fulfillment team to run the ad programs for you. The mindset here is that you are hiring another agency to help you manage PPC activities, so it’s important to do your research and hire the team that best fits your business. Ensure the team is certified by Google and Facebook to manage campaigns for your clients and build a rapport before settling on one.

Reselling PPC services is one of the first ways you can really scale your business with digital advertising because hiring your own team to take care of PPC campaign fulfillment will be much more costly and time consuming. Outsourcing digital ads fulfillment to a team of certified professionals with a proven ad strategy can eliminate pain points for most PPC resellers.

PPC reseller program FAQs

Should I resell white-label PPC?

Sometimes, PPC solutions can be white label or re-brandable, meaning you can take existing solutions, slap your brand on them, and sell them as your own. The white-label aspect rapidly accelerates go-to-market time because the solutions are essentially out of the box and ready to go with marketing collateral included.

Not every reseller product or service can be white labelled. If being a white-label software reseller is important to your business model and your clients, you will want to find white-label PPC solutions to resell.

Should I join a reseller marketplace?

Although you can join individual PPC reseller programs, it’s often simpler and easier to go to market by joining a reseller marketplace. A marketplace will allow you to resell multiple PPC services and software, all from one place and often bundled together to increase profits.

Is a PPC reseller program right for me?

Ultimately, it’s more about finding the PPC reseller program that best fits your business model and client needs. Whether that’s white labeling, working with a strong fulfillment team, or reselling PPC software, tehre is likely a PPC reseller business model that will help you scale your business.

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