Expand MSP Services by Reselling White-label Digital Marketing Solutions

Expand your MSP services beyond IT and into the realm of digital marketing with Vendasta. Grow sales by becoming the go-to solution for all things digital in your clients’ world.
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Boost your IT offerings with essential marketing services

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Scale revenue while saving on people and software costs

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Differentiate your MSP with a white-label client app

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Convert more by leveraging data-driven talk tracks

Unlock new possibilities in the IT Channel with Vendasta

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Unlock growth: Expand MSP services with digital expertise

Be the one-stop digital shop for your clients.
Go beyond IT and networks, addressing crucial marketing needs including reputation management software, listings management, and social marketing, all through one marketplace.

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Scale your business while saving on costs

Drive scalable recurring revenue and long-term growth while enhancing client retention. Plus, no need for software development or fulfillment staff—our solution seamlessly integrates into your tech stack and sales strategy.

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Beyond ordinary: Differentiate your MSP with our white-label client app

Stand out from the competition by offering a white-label app that provides clients rich insights into and control over their marketing. As you prove the value of their investment, you’ll unlock new opportunities to upsell additional services, driving more revenue.

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Arm your sales team to sell with confidence

Our platform empowers MSP sales teams to become digital experts and sell with confidence.
Leverage our AI-powered sales intelligence tools, automated project management and sales CRM to understand SMBs’ marketing needs and generate tailored proposals with a few clicks.
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Strengthen your clients’ online visibility, not just security

Offer more to your clients beyond cybersecurity and support. Drive foot traffic and online visibility with our resellable solutions including managed WordPress hosting, PPC solutions, and SEO. Our products revolutionize customer engagement, seamlessly connecting digital interactions to in-store experiences, completing the web-to-physical journey.

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An all-in-one platform for your selling needs

Access a complete platform for selling end-to-end digital solutions. Seamlessly manage marketing, sales, billing, fulfillment, and delivery processes from one centralized hub. Our interconnected toolkit streamlines operations, enhancing efficiency and boosting revenue. The best part? It requires no dev work on your end.

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Vendasta platform image

Expand MSP horizons with automated reporting

Our rebrandable software not only differentiates your offerings but also proves their value, automatically. By providing clear ROI metrics you not only engage customers but also transform your solutions into their daily essentials, securing a loyal, satisfied customer base.

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Grow your platform with a suite
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Build online visibility

Products to connect with prospects everywhere they search

Drive and optimize conversions

We make it easy to connect with new customers every step of their journey

Automated reporting and insights

Powerful reporting that empowers your business to sell more

Start making more money with Vendasta

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