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Expand your offering to thrive in the Managed Service Provider software space

Level up your offering to meet customers’ demands through an all-in-one platform that does the heavy lifting for you. Discover new revenue streams, sell your products faster, and quickly go to market to gain an edge on your MSP management software competitors.

Scale your business and grow revenue through
Vendasta’s MSP management tools

Create new streams
of revenue

Automations and
client portal

Expand with
foundational solutions

Acquire more clients

Create new streams of revenue that don’t compete with your offering

Are your customers looking for websites, SEO services, digital ads, and more essential solutions? Your managed service provider can outsource the work to Vendasta by choosing from our Marketplace of automated products and services, and focus on your main offering while retaining your customers.

Vendasta’s Marketplace of Products & Services

Grow your managed service provider software revenue with Vendasta’s Marketplace. White-labeled under your brand, Marketplace includes products such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Boostability, and foundational tools every business needs to operate in today’s digital world.

We’ve curated a set of essential local business products and services, and included them all in your very own Marketplace. Creating your Marketplace is easier than ever. With recommended packages, you can bundle products and services that will retain your clients for the long term.

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Operate with automations

Workflow, email marketing, and proof-of-performance reporting automations help you increase your most valuable resource: time! Sell more effectively, grow your business, and attract more customers easier than ever. Our sales and marketing automations tools connect all of the key areas of your business so that you can operate at your best.

Marketing Automations built for Managed Service Provider Software

Keep your clients engaged and your business growing with automations! With Vendasta, MSP management software is easier than ever. Build workflows of customizable triggers and add a new level of ease to your daily operations. From email campaigns to product adoption to upsell opportunities, Workflow Automations delivers exactly the right message to clients and saves you time.

Expand with new foundational solutions

Leverage the trust you’ve built with your clients to expand your business, and find new clients by adding foundational marketing solutions to your offering. Going to market is made simple with our internal teams and community of successful channel partners. Your clients can try products for free and upgrade when they’re ready.


Client Portal: Business App

While you streamline your processes, offer your clients their own client portal where they can manage the products and services you offer them. You can give your clients a simple, one login experience, under your brand.

With Business App, your clients can access your Marketplace storefront, buy products and services from you, access and manage their products, get a centralized Inbox product where they can directly message their customers, and view their automated proof-of-performance reporting. Vendasta is everything to you, and your clients.

Proof-of-performance reporting: Executive Report

Engaging your clients in Business App is easy with our automated Executive Report. The Executive Report is sent to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis, and proves your value to them as their online performance and revenue increases over time. Engaging clients in Business App creates workflows that are necessary to their day-to-day operations, and quickly becomes something they can’t go without.

Acquire more clients

Get more local business clients by building awareness with foundational marketing solutions for MSPs. Use Vendasta's tools to improve your own marketing and advertising, then provide the same services to your customers.

Vendasta’s award-winning Snapshot Report and email automation system helps you easily acquire new clients. Plus, with our CRM, you get hot leads delivered right to your sales teams’ inbox!

Automated needs assessment tool: Snapshot Report

Set yourself up for success with automated insights into your prospect’s digital marketing performance, creating powerful and persuasive sales conversations. Personalize your client conversations, save research time, highlight marketing opportunities, and more, leading to better deals, closed faster.

Manage your entire business from a single login

Stop frankensteining your marketing, sales, and operations software stack and use the Vendasta all-in-one platform. Manage all of your marketing, sales, operations, billing and fulfilling all under one login. Gone are the days of managing a dozen logins and complicated workflows to make all your different software solutions sing together.

All-in-one platform: Partner Center.

Everything you need to market, sell, build, and fulfill is built into the Vendasta platform. Our platform is the only end-to-end MSP management software for selling digital marketing solutions to local businesses. Consolidate your tech stack, acquire new clients, and bill and fulfill projects—all within a single platform.

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Managed Service Provider Software

Vendasta offers an all-in-one best MSP management platform that you can run your entire business from. Quickly scale your business without any additional staff, offer essential products and services through your own Marketplace, and reduce your workload through automations.

Diversify and conquer

Grow your foundational offering of MSP management tools to meet customer demand and grow your revenue while being an integral piece of business to your customers.

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Partner Center

Partner Center is your hub to manage tasks, email marketing, client accounts, customization, billing, and more.


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Discover Vendasta’s Marketplace of products and services for you to provide through your white-label storefront.

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