Resell SEO in 5 quick steps

The search engine optimization (SEO) services industry is expanding at a rate of almost 21 percent. Experts predict it will be worth more than $134 billion by 2026 (GlobeNewsWire). You can resell SEO to leverage this trend.

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If you’ve been listening to your clients over the last couple of years, that figure shouldn't come as a surprise. Since the shutdowns of 2020, more businesses have been moving online. This includes local business owners who felt they didn’t need a website or thought they didn’t have the budget before.

Search engine optimization remains popular since it can help local businesses grow. What if your team doesn’t specialize in SEO, though? You want to be sure you can serve your clients, but adding SEO services might seem like a tall order if it’s not your forte. What SEO insights will your clients expect from you?

There’s a simple solution to this conundrum—you can resell SEO services. Best of all, it’s a solution that takes just a few quick steps to put in place.

1. Talk to your clients about their SEO needs

The first step in adding any new product or service to your digital offering is to talk to your clients. SEO is no different. What are they looking for in their SEO? Local business owners might want very different tactics and results than, say, franchisees running national chains.

You might already have an idea of what some of your clients want. Some of them have likely been very vocal about how much they need SEO for their businesses. Talking to them can help you build a better picture of their needs and their understanding of SEO as well.

Talking to your clients can also help you gauge interest across the board. Some clients may not have been quite so vocal, but they might also be happy to add SEO services from you. Some might want to buy SEO software tools. Others might be more interested in having someone perform the service for them.

2. Research SEO services and sellers

Your next step is to research vendors who offer SEO services. What exactly do they offer? Some will be experts in local SEO, while others will claim to have helped blue-chip businesses. Some might offer a team of experts who perform SEO, while other vendors may have tools so clients can “DIY” their SEO.

You’ll want to think about a few different aspects of SEO itself, as well as your clients’ needs. If your clients and your team are tapped for time, then do-it-yourself tools might not be the right solution. If your clients are tech savvy and budget conscious, then those tools might be a great solution.

Always ask how any vendor will perform SEO. Do their tools complete an SEO audit? Will they provide local SEO reporting? Do they perform website SEO and that’s it? Is their service a one-time “fix it” session or an ongoing management partnership?

One of the best places to find SEO software and services to resell is a multi-vendor marketplace. Here, you can quickly and easily compare offerings. You can also find complementary white-label marketing services to bundle for your clients.

SEO works best with other marketing features

Why should you consider bundling SEO white-label services with other marketing services? SEO tends to work best in conjunction with other pieces of a marketing strategy.

Take, for example, blogging and other forms of content creation. Blog posts can be SEO optimized to help your clients rank higher in search engine results. Does the vendor you’re considering also offer content creation services? Will your team end up being responsible for the client’s new blog?

SEO also works in tandem with paid search advertising (SearchEngineLand).

Packing SEO and PPC just makes sense. If this isn’t something you sell, then you might want to find a vendor who offers this and other white-label marketing services.

Check out the vendor’s record

Now that you have a shortlist of vendors, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Check out their track record. How long have they been offering SEO services or providing software tools? Do they claim they’ve worked with any big clients? How many businesses have they helped?

You may be able to find case studies or testimonials that showcase exactly how the vendor helped some of their clients.

Always be sure to look at their claims. While most SEO services are reputable, there are some that use “black hat” techniques. These tactics achieve impressive short-term results, but they harm your clients’ SEO efforts in the long run (Forbes).

Always look for vendors who use “white hat” techniques. Looking in a multi-vendor marketplace can be helpful, since marketplaces vet their vendors.

Again, keep an eye out for vendors who can offer more than SEO. Can you get web design and SEO, or content creation and SEO together? What about all three?

If you’re using a marketplace, the answer is usually yes. The services and tools you choose to offer may still come from different vendors.

3. Look at tiered packages to resell SEO

Finally, you’ll want to be sure you offer your clients some options. After all, SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all service.

The vendor you choose should offer a range of options, so your clients can pick what works best for them. This might mean more comprehensive services or advanced tools in higher pricing tiers.

It might also mean the seller offers a range of different services, focused on different parts of SEO. There may be different combinations of supported services and SEO tools as well.

4. Create bundles and price the SEO you resell

Before you sign up with a vendor and start adding SEO services, you should consider pricing.

You’ll want to determine how to combine different services and tools to create SEO bundles. You should also give some thought to which options you want to offer to your clients. Think again about their needs. Data analytics can be helpful here. Certain client groups might have particular needs, which you can meet by offering SEO packages.

You may also want to offer services “a la carte,” which means clients can pick and choose to create their own bundles.

Pricing is also something that needs a fair amount of consideration. You need to price higher than what you’re paying, but you also need to find a price point that clients will agree to. In most cases, you’ll be able to resell SEO with a good margin.

5. Sign up with the right vendor to resell SEO

The last step is, of course, to sign up with the vendor that best suits your needs. Then you can add the services, tools, and bundles you want to offer to your clients. The good news is this is still faster than hiring a whole new team of in-house SEO experts. With just a few clicks, you can get set up and resell SEO to your clients.

Finding the right SEO services to resell gives you and your clients a huge boost. With better SEO, you’ll be able to offer your clients a solid foundation for their digital marketing strategy.

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