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7 Benefits of white-label WordPress development


WordPress is the most popular content management system, as it powers about 43 percent of the web (EarthWeb). It’s little wonder, then, that so many of your clients want to develop their site on it, which is why you should learn more about white-label WordPress development.

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White-label website solutions can help you impress your clients by delivering everything from copywriting to SEO, with white-label WordPress development delivering the sites your clients need. Here are a few more reasons you should consider it as you explore options for website development.

What is a white-label website?

The term “white-label website” can refer to a few different aspects of web development. The white-label website meaning can refer to design, as well as the website builder tool that constructs and hosts the site. The tool itself is white label, which means another company built it and you put your branding on it.

A white-label website looks exactly like any other website on the web. Since white label isn’t advertised, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are white label. Luckily, finding a good white-label website example isn’t hard to come by—in fact, you’ve probably looked at quite a few white-label websites, maybe without even knowing it.

Different aspects of white-label WordPress development

There are a few different ways white-label solutions can work with websites, and you can offer any, or all, of them as part of the managed website services you provide to your clients.

White-label website builder

When it comes to WordPress, the most common is the website builder tool. A white-label WordPress website builder allows clients to make their own sites. A third-party vendor develops the tool. Your business then adds your own branding and offers the tool to your clients.

White-label website design

You might also want white-label WordPress design. This usually means a third-party vendor designs the site, in addition to developing the code. The client can still build their site via the website builder tool.

White-label WordPress themes

Alternatively, you or even the third-party designer could put the site together, especially if the client wants some custom design features not available in existing WordPress themes. In fact, there are almost a few thousand to more than 30,000 WordPress themes available on the platform (WebsiteBuilderInsider). Some themes can be white labeled, although many of them are not offered this way. A good design company might offer white-label website design services though.

White-label website hosting and maintenance

Finally, some white-label website developers offer hosting and maintenance of the sites they develop. Offering white-label WordPress support to your clients can be helpful. They can build on and troubleshoot their sites as needed. If you don’t work with a partner who offers support after the build is complete, you may want to find a vendor who does.

Benefits of white-label WordPress development

Like all white-label websites solutions, a website builder or support services let you build your brand. You get to partner with a reputable company. You can also offer great, easy-to-use tools that make website building a cinch for your clients.

White-label products, including white-label WordPress development, let you add new revenue streams for your business, and they help you scale up services to attract new clients.

1. Countless resources for WordPress knowledge

One of the biggest benefits of white-labeling WordPress development is getting specialized knowledge and tools. Your white-label partner knows a lot about WordPress and how to develop for it, since they’ve designed their tools to translate that knowledge.

White-label WordPress development also comes with the peace of mind of making website building a less frustrating experience for your clients. Chances are the partner you choose also does regular website work building websites for their clients. In turn, they already have a proven process and they know how to insure quality with the websites they build.

2. Cost-effective WordPress development

Besides adding a new revenue stream and getting to market sooner, white-label website solutions tend to be more cost-effective. White label is usually more affordable than expanding your in-house team.

The white-label partner is ready to hit the ground running. They have a process, they have the tools, and they have the skills. That means you don’t need to invest in new employees who may take time to get up to speed.

3. Excellent return on investment

Getting to market sooner also means you can start generating revenue faster. You can also free up your team to work on sales, which can help you land more customers. Since you now also offer more for them, you may be able to win over clients who were hesitant about teaming up with you.

Finally, most white-label developers offer pricing that lets you keep your margins. You don’t need to worry about cost overruns. Working with the experts costs you less in the long run, even as you deliver more for your clients.

4. Ability to provide additional services

A lot of developers and agencies offer plenty of complementary services. You might be thinking about website development right now, but what about ongoing maintenance in the future? Part of that maintenance might be keeping the website optimized for better SEO traffic. From there, you might start adding white-label digital marketing solutions.

With the right partner, you might also be able to add:

These services can integrate with the white-label website solutions you offer.

5. Better client satisfaction

The biggest advantage is that they get the websites they want. Whether it’s great design or better builds, your partner will help you develop functional code and beautiful sites. If you choose to add a white-label tool, then your clients can build their own websites in a snap.

6. Ongoing support and maintenance

Another advantage for your clients is ongoing support, if you have it. It’s one thing to build a website, but it’s another thing to maintain it. Your client will need to stay on top of their regular website maintenance tasks such as software updates and security backups, but oftentimes they won’t have the time to do them.

Likewise, you may have a good understanding of how to perform these maintenance tasks, but you may need assistance with the more advanced ones in the future. That’s why having a white-label partner’s time and expertise can be invaluable when offering website solutions to clients.

7. Scalability

Another benefit includes how fast they can get the websites they want and how easy it is to scale. The right white-label solutions let you deliver everything your clients need sooner, and working with a third-party expert can easily give you the time, tools, and resources needed to provide more website features and functionality at scale.

See what white-label development can do for your clients

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