Increase Your Client’s Organic Traffic by +56% with White-Label SEO

Limitations like expertise, time, and staff often hold agencies back from offering money-making services like SEO to their clients. One way to sidestep these limitations is to become an SEO reseller by offering white-label SEO services along with your traditional digital marketing services.

If you’ve explored growing your company by adding SEO to your suite of services but just can’t see it working with your in-house staff, white-labeling may be the best option in terms of scalability.

SEO is well worth offering to your prospects and clients; in fact, 70% of marketers consider SEO to be more effective than pay-per-click campaigns, yet 59% of SMBs admit to struggling with incorporating new technologies. The value is certainly there for SMBs, but they often can't do it themselves. SEO can be complex, but with white-label, you just need to sell it and let your white-label team handle the fulfillment!

Let’s dive into the world of white-labeling and cover the essentials so you can determine if becoming an SEO reseller is a viable option for you and your agency.

What is white-label SEO?

White-label SEO solutions can be either an external platform or a service that optimizes your client's digital content. The white-label part means that it’s 100% re-brandable so your company can sell it as your own product. These SEO services are designed to get your local business client found in the SERP and increase their online visibility against the competition.

Offering white-label SEO services means you can sell SEO services to your clients without worrying about fulfillment.

There a couple main white-label SEO options:

  • Resellable SEO services: This option involves managed fulfillment, which has a third-party fulfillment team do the heavy-lifting for you.
  • White-label SEO software: This option allows your clients to manage their own SEO optimization. The software helps your clients optimize their own content.

Here’s how managed fulfillment works:

  1. Company A sells white-label SEO services to Company B to resell.
  2. The Company B then sells the SEO services under their own brand to their Local Business client.
  3. Company A’s SEO team fulfills the SEO services that the Local Business purchased from Company B. Win-win-win!


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The opportunity to sell is huge with SEO. 64% of the 30.2 million SMBs across the U.S. have a website (that's just under 20 million!), and most of those would like very much to appear higher in search rankings.

"SEO is really simple to pitch, because if your clients or prospects have a website you can go out and ask; Is your website being found? Is it ranking? Is it coming up #1 on Google? Is it coming up on the first search page on Google? As our CEO often says, 'The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.' So you really want to stress to them that while they have a great website, they need to take that next step and get SEO so that people can find it."

Janessa Yeomans

Demand Management, Marketplace, Vendasta

Integration Note: White-label solutions often offer robust integration services so you can seamlessly add them to your current offerings without having to build out an entirely new standalone product. Since white-label solutions are DESIGNED to be used by other companies, they'll typically come like a puzzle-piece ready to be added on.

If the concept sounds good, but you’re still a bit fuzzy about what white-labeling actually is and how it works, check out our ultimate guide on white-labeling.

Why do agencies become white-label SEO resellers?

White-label SEO reseller programs allow agencies to offer fully managed SEO campaigns to clients in a cost-effective, hands-off way. This enables the agency to offer value to their clients while freeing up time and company resources to focus on core competencies and company priorities.

1. They want to quickly expand their offerings

Not every agency has the bandwidth to quickly become an expert in SEO by training or hiring an in-house specialist. Whether your prospects won’t hire you unless you offer SEO or your current customers want you to help them improve in local search, white-labeling allows you to increase the scope of your current offerings.

2. They want to land both more and bigger clients

Diversifying offerings by adding SEO reseller services helps agencies attract the attention of bigger fish in the pond who’ll only hire them if the agency becomes more of a one-stop shop. Businesses don’t want to shop around for multiple digital marketing solutions. In fact, our data shows that re-evaluating client needs and subsequently upselling with solutions to solve their evolving problems increases retention by nearly 20%. You need to offer everything they need to keep them around.

3. They want to enhance their company’s brand

Agencies who offer SEO products or services under another brand’s name confuse their clients. While it’s understandable that they’d want to quickly add SEO, their clients may not understand the move and could lose trust in the business. Your clients come to you because they trust you. Putting your trusted brand name on a white-label product or service not only gets your brand name out there more, it further enhances your reputation as a trusted industry player.

4. They want to be seen as a more complete solution

Agencies realize that offering one or two services just doesn’t cut it for SMBs. Businesses want a complete solution from one source or they’ll bounce. The data backs this up: We found that agencies who only sell SMBs one product will lose 70% of their clients within two years. On the flip side, adding just one more product shows an increase in retention rate by 20%, and selling an SMB four products increases retention rate by 80% over two years.

5. They want to be able to focus on their core competency: Sales

Hiring new staff or training current staff to fulfill SEO services for clients is a big commitment in terms of time, energy, and budgeting. Plus, this all takes away from time that could be focused on getting new clients. Agencies turn to white-label SEO reseller packages to skip all that and focus on their business superpowers.

The bottom line is that the market is consolidating, and your agency is more likely to acquire and keep SMB clients when you offer more of the quality solutions that they need.

“We're in an age where local businesses expect more marketing offerings from fewer partners and don't want to juggle ten different digital marketing companies to get their needs fulfilled. That's where white-label and private label SEO software, products, and services like Vendasta's come into play to fill in your gaps and help you become a full-service agency.”

Dew Smith

Managing Editor, Vendasta

How one company increased organic traffic by 56% with white-label SEO

Not only do white-label SEO services benefit your agency, but they also benefit your business clients with real-life results.

When Vendasta’s white-label SEO was offered to a medical clinic (with 11 locations!) through a local agency, the results were impressive: The clinic experienced a 56% increase in daily organic traffic, as well as a 61% increase in additional keyword exposure over the 3 months of the campaign.

The local agency that sold the SEO services to the medical clinic, understood that SEO wasn’t their strong suit—but it could be, by white-labeling. They hired our in-house team of SEO experts to manage and optimize their client's campaigns under their brand.

By utilizing white-label SEO services, they were able to build a much better SERP presence for the medical clinic in some large, competitive cities like Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, and Charlotte. Meanwhile, the agency made a name for themselves in the area as an SEO expert and gained a nice success story to bolster their reputation and credibility.

Benefits of white-label SEO services

White-label SEO campaigns have big benefits for both you and your clients. With a team of SEO experts at the wheel, you can expect the highest level of campaign optimization and management.

1. Get clients without hiring an in-house team

One of the core benefits of white-labeling is getting a full team of experts on your side without hiring in-house employees. The true cost of hiring a new employee goes far beyond salary: there’s recruiting costs, taxes, benefits, working space, equipment, and more to consider. You don’t have to deal with any of this once you’ve chosen a white-label team to work with.

2. Bundle SEO with other complementary services

Like I highlighted above, adding white-label SEO allows you to become a complete solution for your clients. You can assess your client's needs and bundle SEO with other services they need to succeed.

3. Generate essential organic traffic for clients

SEO is an essential long-term play that pays for itself over time if done correctly. To drive growth, most businesses need organic traffic in their arsenal along with social marketing, reputation, and digital advertising. In fact, 61% of marketers consider SEO growth and improvement their top priority.

4. Outsource complicated offsite SEO tactics to a proven SEO team

SEO is a complex aspect of digital marketing. So many factors affect the success of both organic and local SEO tactics, and it takes constant training and testing to keep up with the persistent changes in search. Delegating this responsibility to a proven SEO team allows you to focus on your agency’s core competencies.

5. Take pressure off costly PPC campaigns

Adwords search campaigns basically do the quick and dirty job that you’d like a successful, sustained SEO campaign to achieve. Both strive to drive traffic to your client's website by targeting relevant keywords. However, you need to keep paying to play with Adwords, while SEO can keep you in the limelight for extended periods without further investment. Having both going for clients is ideal, but effective SEO + some patience can yield sustained traffic for your clients.

"In the challenging game of SEO, there's no sure success template that’ll work for every client. Instead, you need to implement a tailored strategy for each website. It becomes a nightmare when you have to compete with thousands of other websites for a single keyword to rank in the SERP. The easy solution is to become a white label SEO reseller! A specialized white label SEO team can tackle the strategy and all the technical and difficult tasks to rank your client's website higher in search engines. And the best part is, you're helping your client to gain organic exposure without stressing about the next Google update."

Jubaer Prodhan

Search Marketing Specialist, Vendasta

SEO services you can resell

It’s best to sell a complete SEO solution to your clients and prospects, but often SMBs won’t need or be able to afford a comprehensive SEO package. The following white-label SEO services are key elements of a best-practice campaign that you could bundle together or resell separately to clients.

Comprehensive White-Label On-Site and Off-Site SEO

Some clients need a multi-faceted approach to improving their rankings. Letting a white-label SEO team to do all the heavy lifting for you saves you from doing the challenging, time-consuming work that proper SEO requires. Tasks like creating pages around target keywords, link building, monitoring the campaign, and providing your clients with live proof-of-performance reporting is taken care of. Your agency can grow SEO revenue while you focus on sales, maintaining relationships, and driving profit!

Reccomended SEO Solution: SEO Network

White-Label SEO Audits

Your job is to identify all the SEO issues that are holding your clients back from dominating their local SERP and snack pack results. With some SEO skill and a streamlined process, you can do this yourself in about 44 minutes, but having an audit done for you by a white-label SEO team is quicker, more efficient, and requires fewer tools and less expertise.

White-Label SEO Reporting Platforms

For agencies, clear and precise reporting that communicates the value of your SEO campaign is vital. Your customers need to know exactly where their SEO dollars are going. It’s essential to offer a reporting solution that both shows your customers the work that’s been happening in their SEO campaigns and tracks SERP results for their target keywords.

White-Label Link Building

Building links to relevant, reputable websites is a must for any successful SEO campaign. As a task, it also falls into the ‘Trust me, you don’t want to do this yourself.’ category. You also don’t want to choose a solution that puts your client’s website at risk of getting hammered by a Google penalty for unnatural outbound linking. Choosing a reputable white-hat, white-label link building product can save you time and keep your clients safe from pandas, penguins or any other animal Google unleashes.

White-Label SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is another key element to the SEO campaigns you run for your clients. Actions like keyword research, competitor research, user intent analysis, and content mapping with pages and a funnel all factor into campaign and SERP success. These are also all technical tasks that white-label SEO provider/team can take off your plate.

White-Label Local SEO Citations

Citation (brand mention) building is a necessary element of any SEO campaign. Citations help people discover businesses and they also impact SERP rankings. You can add citations on local business directories, websites, and social platforms, but again, for most agencies, white-labeling this type of SEO work is a much more efficient use of time and budget.

Final thoughts & other white-label services

For many agencies, lack of knowledge, time, and people are common limitations to company growth. White-labeling services like SEO makes it possible to successfully scale your agency despite those limitations.

Plus, SEO is only one of many resellable marketing services you can offer: other possibilities include digital advertising, social media management, content creation, reputation management, website solutions, and more.

We offer all of the above at Vendasta, and we’ve partnered and grown with many an agency:

Vendasta’s products have been an amazing tool that is a vital part of our offering. With its robust features, reporting capabilities and customer support that always goes the extra mile, we have an arsenal of things to keep clients in awe. The team at Vendasta keeps us all up to date on new developments and resources that make using the software a simple process.”

Sean Webster

Director Of Business Development, Hi5 Creative

If you’d like to learn more about how our resellable SEO solutions can help you scale your agency, get started with a demo today.

One white-label solution we suggest is SEO Network. Learn more here:

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