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Snapshot Report

Deliver personalized reports to local businesses about their online presence.

Vendasta’s Snapshot report compiles hyper-relevant information about local businesses and signals which ones are interested in the solutions you offer.

With these reports, you can catch the attention of your local prospects while lowering your costs of acquisition dramatically. Show them why they need your digital solutions, and sell more effectively—and prescriptively—with a consultative selling approach.


5 Key Areas Snapshot helps you Prospect


Online Listings Analysis

We show the total number (and accuracy) of a business’s online listings


Online Reviews

See the total number of a prospect’s reviews, as well as average ratings and sources


Social Performance

Show businesses how they’re doing on Google, Facebook, and Twitter


Website Performance

Run Google’s content and speed analysis on your prospect’s desktop & mobile websites.


Online Advertising

See if businesses are taking advantage of Search Engine Marketing and, if so, suggest campaign improvements.

Benefits of using Snapshot Report

Drive higher conversions with personalized content

Content is the heart of content marketing. Stop sending your clients generic messages and provide them with information about their business.

Educate local businesses about digital solutions

Giving your clients a summary of their online presence allows you to identify areas of improvement and products that can help.

Provide an analysis packed with value

The secret to successful content marketing is providing valuable content so useful that people would pay for it. Consider it done.

Create a personalized email report for one of your prospects

Want a taste of the content that powers our email campaigns? Go ahead and generate a sample Snapshot report of a client or a prospect you’re interested in. Find out how their business appears online and highlight your addressable opportunities:

  • Are their business listings accurate?
  • What directories they should be listed on?
  • How do customers feel about them?
  • How does their business compare to industry standards?
  • Is their activity on social media effective?
  • How do they stack up against their direct competitors?
  • Do they use search engine marketing as well as others in the field?

Enter their information to get started.
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Bottom line: What's the ROI?


lift in digital revenue

Combining marketing automation with our pipeline management system has lead to 10X growth in digital revenue for many agencies.


campaign click-throughs

Every campaign contains juicy information for local businesses about their online presence, sparking incredible engagement.


increase in conversion

Instant alerts and immediate follow-ups with prospects have been shown to increase the chances of converting leads by 900%.

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Platform Overview

The number 1 platform for selling digital solutions to local business

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Pipeline Management

Stop relying on complicated (and expensive) CRMs. Establish a single source of truth for all of your sales data and marketing resources.

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