Local Business
Online Toolkit

Our priority is to protect local businesses.

Local businesses are being affected by COVID-19. Enable them to continue serving their communities from home.

The situation is dire for local businesses. For many, the choices are to close or move online. Moving online can be perceived as expensive, time-consuming and virtually impossible—but it’s not!

Vendasta has released the Local Business Online Toolkit, helping local businesses transition to online selling.

Introducing the Local Business Online Toolkit

We’re providing our partners with an expanding set of e-commerce tools, free of charge to provide to their local business customers, enabling them to conduct business online and stay connected to communities they serve.

The Toolkit includes Vendasta’s Express product editions, an email marketing solution, business-to-customer communication apps (including booking and scheduling), and a free e-commerce platform to sell products or services online.

The Local Business Online Toolkit is now available for you to provide to local businesses through Business Center.

Included Features

Help your business clients manage their online presence

Help businesses sell products and services online

Help businesses communicate with customers online

Free tools for business-to-customer chat and video conferencing, booking and scheduling. Coming soon!

We know your success relies on the success of local businesses.

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