Inbox Messaging Hub

Team SMS messaging for local businesses


Enable local businesses to communicate with their clients through one of the top messaging platforms.

With your clients communicating with end customers directly through Business App, you provide a central and transparent hub to communicate, collaborate, and build their business.

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centralized communication

Keep client’s communication centralized

Let your clients “own their customers”; when an employee leaves, their customers don’t leave with them as texts on their mobile phone.

streamlined system of messages

A streamlined system of messages

Provide them with everything in one place, across multiple channels, such as text, Facebook Messenger (coming soon), and more.

client retention

Increase your brand loyalty and client retention

Inbox keeps your clients close to your other products. Your clients that use Inbox are four times more engaged with your solutions than those who are not.

SMS Inbox Messaging: a local business’s customer communication hub.

Here is why local business’s love Inbox


Team Collaboration

Allow teams to communicate with customers from one central hub – Business App. Unlimited users means you don’t have to pay additional fees.

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One Login

Teams can manage communication, reviews, view reporting, and more, all under one login.

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Own your customer

All communication in one place, giving the business ownership over conversations and customer data rather than an employee.

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Preferred Communication

Message customers the way they want to be contacted: through SMS messaging. SMS is proven to have higher open and response rates vs calling or emails.

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100 free SMS Messages

Following our try-before-you-buy model, you receive 100 free SMS messages upon claiming your SMS number. Plus, the local SMS number is free to claim!

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Unlimited Incoming Messages

No charges are incurred for incoming messages – it’s unlimited, all the time, so your customers can reach you at any time.

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Team Collaboration

Shared messaging Inbox for team collaboration

All employees of a business share one central Inbox within Business App to manage customer communication. This ensures no messages are missed and all conversations are conducted with transparency. Your client’s Business App has unlimited users, so they can invite in as many team members as they like without being charged.

One Login

All Messages in one central place, under one login

All SMS messages are sent to one number and are sent to one Inbox that lives in Business App. Your client’s employees can access Inbox, plus their other digital marketing apps (if given user permission), all under one roof. Operations at the business become easier for the business by housing all products under one login.
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security in business app

Own your customer

Customer Information Ownership

With Inbox, your client’s customers message the business rather than it’s employees. Rather than employees owning the relationship with customers, the ownership is transferred to the business. This means if an employee leaves the business, they won’t be able to take your client’s customers with them to a competitor; they will remain a customer of your client.

Help local businesses succeed and grow your brand.

Here is why our Partners love Inbox for their clients:


Preferred Communication

Increase your brand recognition

Enabling SMS Inbox in Business App helps keep your clients close to your other products. In fact, our usage data shows SMS messaging users come back to Business App over 4x more often compared with SMBs that have not yet adopted SMS messaging.

By using Inbox as their central communication point, your clients will be spending more time in their Business App overall, returning to their current products, and looking for additional solutions.

inbox branding

100 free SMS Messages

Get off to a great start

Inbox users begin with 100 free SMS messages, a great way for Channel Partners to begin interacting with their clients directly. Check-in on your clients to build trust, give project updates, and make timely product suggestions—the first 100 messages are on us.
sms integrations image on phones

Unlimited Incoming Messages

No charge for responses

With Inbox, your incoming messages are always unlimited. With no charge for your clients’ incoming responses, you can leave that channel completely open for instant input and feedback on your projects. By keeping your client’s communication open 24/7, you can keep building confidence for great client relationships.
inbox messaging

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Why should your clients use SMS Messaging with their customers?

SMS Messaging is the preferred method of communication between businesses and their customers. SMS also has a 98% open rate – much higher than email or phone calls. With SMS Messaging in Inbox, you can connect with your customers faster, easier, and in their preferred method – giving them an excellent customer experience.

How can your clients use SMS Messaging with their customers?

SMS Messaging can be used for a wide variety of business communication that goes beyond a phone call or email. Send customers a booking link to book an appointment, reminders, and asking for a review are just a few. You can use your SMS number as a support tool to ask customers or prospects questions.

How is a business assigned a number?

When using Inbox Messaging for the first time, the business will be automatically assigned an SMS number. The app will attempt to get a local number, based on the business profile address. If no local numbers are available, a number from a neighbouring area in your country will be assigned.

What do I do if my client didn’t receive a local number?

Sometimes, no local numbers are available. In such cases, it is possible to get an 800-number assigned to the business. Please contact support for assistance with this.

Should a business publish its number publically?

Yes, since cold-inbound SMS messaging is now available, SMBs can publish their SMS number so that customers can reach out via SMS. However, it is recommended that the business’s landline is kept on their listings because voice calls cannot currently be accepted on the assigned SMS number.

How will users know if their business has received a text?

New messages automatically appear to live in the app for any user that has Business App open, page-reloading is not required. Users can also receive an instant notification email when a new message comes in, or a daily digest email. In the future, other notification types will become available.

Will I, or my clients, be charged for using this?

Not at this time. We are providing no-cost use of SMS Messaging in Inbox to our early adopters. In the near future, we will be restricting free sent messages to 100 per month, with the option to purchase additional messaging tiers.

How does a business know when they’ve reached their SMS limits?

Currently, the app does not provide any indication of how many messages you’ve sent. We will be adding message counting in the near future.

Will this use up messages from Customer Voice Pro SMS add-on credits?

Not at this time. In the future, Inbox and Customer Voice will utilize the same credit bundle.

Will Inbox use the same phone number as Customer Voice Pro?

If your client has sent SMS review requests through Customer Voice Pro prior to sending their first Inbox message, the phone number will be the same. If your client uses Inbox before activating or sending any SMS review requests through Customer Voice Pro, the numbers will be different. In the future, these numbers will be the same.

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