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Outsource your work to our team, under your own brand

Small and medium businesses look to you to help them with their digital needs, but many companies just don’t have the time or horsepower to scale up and provide a wide range of managed digital marketing services.

Let our in-house marketing strategists and content creators take care of your clients under your brand. Vendasta has pioneered the Do-it-With-Me™ approach: We are working alongside your sales team and directly with your small business clients, on your terms, to deliver top notch marketing services that deliver results = new customers.

Outsource fulfillment work to white-label digital agents

Grow with Vendasta’s Marketing Services

Providing additional digital marketing services can deepen relationships with clients and create lucrative revenue streams for your company. With our talented team of marketing strategists supporting you as your own digital agency, you’ll be able to charge for premium marketing services like social media posting, review management, and website creation without over-tasking your own internal resources or building costly infrastructure in order to offer managed services.

You sell, we deliver!

Information on our white-label services available for resale:

Client onboarding

Digital Ads

Let our marketing strategists do the heavy lifting as your digital agency! Our team can set up geo-targeting, Facebook or Youtube advertising, dynamic ads, retargeting, provide proof-of-performance reports for your clients, and more in order to grow their local marketing reach. With our help, your agency can grow advertising revenue while you focus on making sales, maintaining relationships, and driving profit. Read more about Digital Advertising.

Website Creation

Website Creation

Our talented website team can build and design landing pages, blogs, single and multi-page websites, or complete e-commerce websites for your client. Just provide the required information to our team, and we’ll do the rest. Includes revision process. Requires active Website Pro hosting app, sold separately.

Website Creation

Native Advertising

Create a connection between your client and their audience with native advertising. Our skilled content writers work with your client to create a customized advertorial that promotes your client’s products or services through content their audience is interested in. Advertorials resemble the editorial content of the publication they share.

Reputation Review Management

Review Responses

Protect your client’s reputation and boost their star rating with Review Responses. Our marketing strategists will respond to all reviews, claim and correct applicable review sources monitored by Vendasta’s platform, monitor negative mentions, and provided weekly review solicitation. Requires active Reputation Management App, sold separately.

Website Creation

Review Requests

This service is ideal for clients who self-generate their own weekly or monthly lists of customer contact information. Working with a marketing strategist, your client can submit their lists up to 4 times a month to request reviews for their business through Customer Voice. Requires active Customer Voice App, sold separately.

Client onboarding

Listing Claiming

Incorrect addresses and contact information online can cost your client potential customers. Our marketing strategists can claim local business listings and keep them maintained, ensuring contact information is always up-to-date.

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

Build your client’s online presence with scheduled social posting packages available for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest. Profile/Page building services, advanced calendar scheduling, and client approval processes are also available. Requires active Social Marketing App, sold separately.

Blog Writing and Posting

Blog Writing and Posting

Establish your client as a trusted expert in their field with fully-research blogs from our talented content team. Between 250-400 words, each blog contains relatable content, linked sources, imagery, and focuses on SEO keyword relevance.

Your brand;
our white-label team

How we work with you

Growing your business requires new clients. New clients means more work, which means increased staff. Vendasta makes it easy for you to serve new clients without needing to increase your staff, by easily outsourcing your local marketing work to us. Here’s how our white-label writers and social media experts work professionally under your brand and with your clients.
digital agent outsource marketing fulfillment work
Discovery calls

You and us: discovery calls

You tell us how you want your brand to be communicated and how you want us to interact with clients. We will follow your guidelines as we represent your company as a white-label digital agency.

White label setup

White-label setup with your branding

We create white-label materials using your brand, such as email addresses and signatures, and a toll-free number. Our marketing strategists will operate seamlessly as your digital agency when communicating with your clients.

Client onboarding

Client onboarding

After you close a new client, our marketing strategists will walk them through the services they purchased from you. We discuss social language and review tone, and get credentials for account(s) access, so we can do work on the business’s behalf to increase their digital marketing reach.

White label setup

Ongoing ROI reporting

You’ll receive full-scale reports on the productivity of our marketing strategists’ activity, as well as your clients’ progress. And of course, the team representing your digital agency is available by phone or email for check-ins or one-on-one discussions.

“Can a third-party agency truly take care of my clients?”

The dilemma: You don’t have time to scale up fulfillment services yourself, but you’re not confident handing your customers over to another digital agency. That’s why Vendasta pioneered DIWM™ (Do It With Me™), the perfect balance of staying involved while outsourcing the work.

The Do It With Me™ model allows our Marketing Services to collaborate with SMBs on a level you are comfortable with. Our marketing strategists do the digital heavy-lifting, like correcting listings, monitoring reviews and posting to social media, while keeping you and your clients involved as much (or as little) as you need.

Marketing Services Pricing

How much should I charge for my Digital Marketing Services?

As a Vendasta channel partner, you’re able to leverage our marketing services at our exclusive rates and add a markup to your preferred retail price. You have complete freedom to charge your rates, create value adds and ultimately focus on your sales efforts – leave the digital agency work to us and we can help you scale your business.

Through our Sales Training and Resources, we offer a lot of information around suggested retail pricing but there are no restrictions on the profit margin that you choose beyond our wholesale rates.

For details on Vendasta pricing see our pricing page.

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