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A cloud marketplace to expand into new markets

Discover a cloud marketplace that drives customer acquisition, accelerates revenue growth, and brings your offering to new markets. Using Vendasta’s Marketplace, you’ll be giving yourself a new advantage in distributing your SaaS products.

Why Independent Software Vendors like Vendasta

An expansive

Distribution network
of 60,000+ resellers

Robust APIs

Explore new markets

Amplify your distribution through our Channel Partner network

Apply to become a vendor in our Marketplace to get your products in front of millions of potential customers around the world that need your solution.

Direct to SMB cloud marketplace

Through Vendasta’s distribution network of 60,000+ resellers and channel partners, your products will be in front of over 5M+ SMBs worldwide. The Vendasta Marketplace not only allows for product-led growth, but the ability to leverage the expertise of our reseller network to sell your solutions to their SMB clients at no extra cost to you.

The brand recognition you’ve been looking for

With over 5M+ local businesses, your SaaS products will be surfaced to tons of potential leads. Joining an extensive cloud marketplace alongside other best-in-class products will create positive brand association for your products.


A cloud marketplace that scales your distribution

Simplify the way you distribute your SaaS products by becoming a Marketplace vendor. Our cloud Marketplace gives you access to the sales and billing tools and services that help you scale your business in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Hypercharge your business growth

Our team of 125+ sales agents continually sell your product to our constantly growing network of resellers, helping you expand your business faster than ever before. We have sales teams focused on every stage of the reseller experience—from acquiring new resellers to enabling established resellers to maximize their growth. No matter their size or scale, we make sure our resellers supply their clients with the right solution at the right time.

One billing relationship for all your sales

Vendasta makes integrating with your existing billing convenient. We empower a one-to-many billing relationship. Avoid the time and effort required to bill each reseller and customer individually. Every month, we will send you a statement and get you paid. It’s that simple

Save developer resources and power your distribution through Vendasta

Vendasta gives SaaS companies the power, flexibility, and dependability they need to go to market at the speed their customers demand while minimizing costs and risk and maximizing exposure.

Reduce development costs

Build on the Marketplace infrastructure and create an instant, many-to-one effort instead of integrating separately for each individual reseller. When you partner with us, our public APIs and SDKs come to you free of charge. As your needs grow, upgrade with low-rent subscriptions, priced well below industry averages.

Robust APIs

All Vendasta APIs are built using REST conventions and designed to have a predictable URL structure providing the flexibility and dependability your developers need. Our API packages provide verified bi-directional sync between our platform and yours, ensuring you maximize Vendasta’s power for your business.


Reduce churn when distributing through Vendasta

When distributing through Vendasta, your products are elevated in ways you couldn’t imagine. Through the power of our platform, your SaaS products will become irreplaceable tools, and part of every SMB’s tech stack.

Harness the power of complementary offerings

Channel partners and resellers have the power to sell a full set of solutions to be their clients’ go-to source for everything digital. By adding just the right solutions to their client’s tech stack, they could be adding your products to solve a client’s needs—making your SaaS product an irreplaceable tool in their business.

Why Your Clients Churn: Data from 200K SMBs

The proof is in the pudding

Integrate your product’s analytics data and attribution metrics to highlight your product’s ROI in our Executive Report. Channel partners and resellers use this client reporting software to show proof of performance, and to keep your product top of mind by driving users back into the product via deep linking.

Digital Marketing Reports: The Key to Client Retention

Cloud Marketplace for Independent Software Vendors

The Vendasta Marketplace is the perfect combination for SaaS companies to scale and streamline their distribution with minimal risk. Integrating with our cloud Marketplace can help save costs, increase revenue, decrease churn, and breathe light into your brand and recognition.

Accelerate revenue growth with Vendasta

Venture into new markets with a cloud marketplace that fits your needs and helps you scale up. Explore how Vendasta can work for you.

Ready to learn more ?


The ISV Growth Handbook

This comprehensive guide addresses challenges facing modern ISVs and outlines solutions for embracing the cloud ecosystem.


Product-Led Growth: Scaling Your SaaS Business

In the SaaS landscape where customers have thousands of alternatives with little to no switchover cost, a product-led growth (PLG) strategy is known to be the most effective way to build success.


SaaS Retention vs. Churn

Taken from a data set of 200k SMBs and 1,200 partners, Vendasta set out to understand what caused our partners’ clients to stay with them or churn out.

We succeed when our customers succeed

“Our customers are really, really happy with Vendasta’s products, especially our restaurants. They love not having to pay attention to their reviews: we’re catching it for them. Being a traditional Yellow Pages company, we had a bit of a learning curve. Now we have our own Concierge specialists and offer a complete do-it-with-me solution.”

Tonya Wren



“The Platform & Concept are Fantastic!”


“Strongly recommend if your company wants to compete in today’s market place.”


“Vendasta took us from 0-100 in no time!”

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