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Start selling a core set of products right away

The Local Business Online Toolkit is everything a local business needs to succeed online. It includes a set of free digital marketing, ecommerce, and online communication tools. Jump start your sales process by going to market with this free set of curated products. And you can always add more products by browsing Marketplace.

Ecommerce Website

Online store builder for small businesses

With an ecommerce store, businesses can scale quickly and lower costs. Online sales mean an increase in reach and a storefront that’s always open.


With Website Express, create an online store in minutes. Just add products to start selling! The easy-to-design, no code websites allow online businesses to take secure payments.

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Reputation & Reviews

reputation management business app tool

Businesses need recent and positive reviews everywhere consumers are searching. Trustworthy businesses generate more revenue. And trust is built on a great reputation.


With Reputation Management, easily manage online reviews and respond quickly to customer comments. Ask for feedback and generate reviews, via email and SMS.

Reputation Management →

Online Presence & Local Business Listings

online presence with listings and seo

When a business is found in online search, their data must be correct. Consistently correct business information like website, phone number, and address are signs of trust for search engines.


With Listing Builder, keep business hours, address and available services up to date and in-sync on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with options to sync to many more places across the web.

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Social Media Management

social media multi-network management app

Social platforms help businesses connect with their customers, increase brand awareness, and most importantly, generate leads to boost sales.


With Social Marketing, communicate the messages that matter most with customers. Post on Facebook and Google My Business instantly with post templates or schedule them for a later day.

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Website Design & Hosting

Website design and hosting

Without a website, a business doesn’t exist online. A website needs a professional domain, secure hosting, and a beautiful design are just the start. A lead-generating machine is the ultimate website goal.


With Website Pro, host a WordPress website with the most trusted source on the internet, the Google Cloud Platform. It includes one-click setups, effortless staging environments, built-in reporting and more.

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Digital Advertising

Online advertising reporting software

Running pay-per-click advertising campaigns can get a business to appear in search instantly. It’s quick, cost-effective, and a great way to test product/market fit but it’s not always easy.


With Advertising Intelligence, track and analyze multiple PPC ad campaigns from platforms like Google Ads search and display ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, and more.

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Productivity & Operations

Productivity and operation tools

It’s hard work running a business. Productivity apps like Google’s Workspace and Microsoft 365 help promote collaboration and communication to get work done faster.


Empower your clients to “go Google” and help them increase productivity, enhance collaboration and save time with Google Workspace applications like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business.

Productivity & Operations →


SEO performance services
Organic search, paid search, backlinks, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, content, keywords—search engine optimization is complex. Employing the right SEO tactics can be challenging for businesses. They need your help.


Help businesses get ranked higher in search for the keywords their customers are using.

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Content Marketing

Content services
Creating quality content is time-consuming and requires subject matter expertise, but it’s worth it! Business owners can use the right videos, images, and blogs for years.


Provide businesses with everything from custom logos to promotional videos.

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Customer Communications

Marketing automation software

The most successful businesses talk to their customers. It’s important that businesses get the right message across to their customers and equally important to identify the channel—whether it is for marketing, promotions, or sales and customer support.


The right communication tools help businesses deliver the right message.

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It’s easy to start selling through Marketplace. Here’s how.

Instant access to 200+ apps across 20+ categories.

Featuring over 200 products and services, Marketplace is your destination for curated solutions matched to the world’s most common SMB needs. Even as your clients’ business strategies shift, you can help them step-by-step with world-class software and impressive service fulfillment.

We’ve done the hard work for you. There are no technical integrations, complex contracts or RFPs required. Our curated vendor selection means you get the best price, are privy to promotions, SLA adherence and more.


It’s risk-free. Just pay for what you sell.

With Vendasta, you only pay for products once you’ve sold them to your clients—no upfront costs and no monthly minimums.

Without the risk of a financial commitment, you’re free to experiment and discover what products best fit your clients’ needs. Best of all, you can even provide solutions before clients realize they need them. 

Stock up your product catalogue.

Browse through Marketplace, select what you want to sell and stock your catalogue of chosen products in the Store.

It’s easy to build your customized, white-label, store. As a place for your clients to explore all you have to offer, you’ll be notified when they’re browsing and know what product they’re interested in.

Integrate your own offerings.

Take everything you sell and funnel it through the Marketplace. Integrate your own products and services so that there’s one place all your deals come through. Use our ordering system, it’s free.

Sell more of what you already sell or combine your offerings with anything in Marketplace. We’re flexible.

Bring in your own contracts.

Simplify your relationship with existing vendors by inviting them to join Marketplace—one login, one dashboard, one bill. Eliminate vendor clutter so all of what you offer is housed under one roof. Yours.

Recognize any of the brands in Marketplace? Already working with them? Bring over your existing contracts. We’ll work through it with you.

Publish your online store.

Share your breadth of offerings online. Put your curated, white-label store on your website to generate leads and showcase everything you have to sell. With this prospecting tool, you’re always open for business.

Go to market in hours, not days or weeks.

Every product in Marketplace is curated—the best price, the best vendor, the best sales and marketing material.

Go to market instantly by saving time on training and creating collateral. We have sales tools (for learning) and marketing material (for selling) ready so you can hit the ground running.

And with AI-driven marketing automation, pre-built campaigns that include our award-winning prospecting tool, the Snapshot Report, will snag you the hottest leads.

Accept secure payments.

When your clients are ready to purchase, the self-serve shopping cart will take direct payments from any device. Secure credit card transactions and automated invoices will allow you to manage payments from one place.

Use payment schedules to keep your clients on track. The payment dashboard provides full transparency, your clients will see their invoice history within their branded app.

Coming Summer 2020!

Drive growth by tracking SaaS metrics.

With the Partner Center SaaS metrics dashboard, we’ve identified the data that profitable, high-growth businesses focus on.

Track engagement across your sales team and clients, identify popular products and services to determine what stacks are most profitable for you, and monitor revenue growth to make smarter

Use this data to determine what’s working for you.

Give every client their own branded app.

Business App is a white-labeled, customizable app available for each your clients. It’s their single source of truth for all of your clients’ products, success metrics, and product reports and includes helpful evergreen content like blogs, guides, and infographics.

Keep it simple with SSO.

We’ve done the hard work to ensure every vendor is deeply integrated. There are no superficial referral relationships here.

By signing in once, your clients have access to all of their products from a single destination. Minimize frustration with this seamless experience. One login to rule them all.

Show the value you bring with automated reporting.

Prove your value and lower churn with the Executive Report. It will keep your clients coming back for more.

An automatic weekly or monthly email shows short-term changes and long-term trends with data from the Marketplace products you’ve sold them.

Distribute your app.

Have a product or service ready for Marketplace distribution? Accelerate your business by integrating into our Vendor Center to reach over 25,000 resellers and more than 3.5 million businesses.

Grow revenue, not costs

Access more than 100 instant-on products and services. Expand your digital offerings with no cost until you sell, no contracts, and no technical integrations. Create new revenue streams to meet all of your clients’ needs.

Build a Store and put anything you sell in it. Choose from Marketplace products or add your own. Market your store online and when your client’s shopping cart fills up, take payments directly into your merchant account. 

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