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Being found and accurate online can be challenging for businesses, but with Vendasta, you can offer a wide array of solutions to help business owners own their listings and take control of their online brand. Empower your clients to own their data online, appear in local search, and keep their information up-to-date on key sources such as Google.

Vendasta’s white-label listings software and services maintain consistent business information across the web, mobile apps, voice search, and more. Get your clients ranking higher in search results and found everywhere their customers are looking.

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Listings software for the trusted local expert.

Provide clients with their own app featuring products that address their needs and proof-of-performance reporting under your brand—no setup or coding required. Prove to your clients the value you’re providing them by showing the increase in their listing score compared to the industry average, where they have errors, citation growth, and more.


Create a local listings package for your clients’ specific needs.

Submit to the data aggregators, directly submit and own business information with Google, Facebook, and more, submit data to local listing publishers, and get access to fully-managed listing claiming. While we offer you a comprehensive listing solution, you have the option of what you’d like to offer. Run your business and serve your clients your way.

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Find new clients by showing them where they’re missing out.

Find new client opportunities by scanning the listings ecosystem and show local businesses where they need your help and why. Vendasta’s listings scan tool shows where local businesses have missing or incorrect information. Win your prospect’s trust by presenting how you can get them found and deliver results.

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Trust a Google partner to build your clients’ online presence.

Let our marketing services experts claim and manage your clients’ local business listenings, including Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, and more. Let our team take out manual work and waiting time that comes from manual claiming and verification for you and your clients. Clients can own their data and protect their information on the top search engine without lifting a finger.

Trusted by 60,000+ channel partners serving more than 5.5 million small and medium businesses

Local Citation and listing software and services

Featured products and services:

Listing Builder

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Listing Sync Pro & Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext

Listings Management

Help your clients improve their SEO, own their online brand, and win customers

White-label local listings management software & services to get your clients found across the web, mobile apps, voice search, and more.

Position your brand as the trusted local expert for listings management.

Use Vendasta’s software, all under your brand. Vendasta’s local listings management software was created for you to offer your clients to meet their online presence needs. Sell the solutions your customers need, all under your brand.

  • Your branded client-facing app becomes one place for your clients to access everything they need. Verify and make updates to their business profile to make sure their business information is accurate everywhere, and get access to proof-of-performance reporting.
  • Compatible for businesses of any size, from single to multi-location.

Local listings management software that gets your clients found.

Get found in local search

  • Submit client business information to the four primary aggregators—the foundation of every business’s online presence strategy. The aggregators are the most trusted sources of information for publishers, even above manual updates to listings.
  • Ensure up-to-date client information is synced to online sites and directories, mobile apps, voice search, and GPS systems.
  • With more accurate listings, Google will rank your clients higher in search results, meaning they’re more likely to be found over competitors.

Keep customers updated in real time

  • Instantly sync client business data to high-traffic publishers, suppress duplicate listings, and protect listings from 3rd party changes.
  • Keep business profile information up-to-date over time and quickly sync out to publishers so your clients’ customers always have access to the most updated information.

Own your local listing information

  • Connect to Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for free to sync and manage client data from one spot.
  • Our white-label marketing services team claims any additional listings manually, putting your clients in control of their data on high-traffic publishers.
  • Protect your clients’ data from changes and own business information across the web.

Easily acquire new customers

Sell more local listing management solutions with automation.

  • Equip your sales team with the ultimate tool to help them win more sales. Our award-winning analysis tool shows prospects where they can improve their online presence, so you can attract more clients, close more deals, and delight your customers.
  • Show prospects where they aren’t appearing or have errors on listing sites.
  • Engage your clients in Listing Builder, a freemium product where they can manage their business listing information on top directories – Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Show value and reporting through Google Business Profile Insights within the product.
  • Show your prospects how they’re performing compared to their industry average and how they can improve.

Create your own local listings packages

Have the flexibility to offer custom local listings solutions tailored to your clients’ needs.

  • Get access to and offer the solutions that best meet your clients’ needs, without committing to a subscription tier.
  • Offer data aggregator submission, manual claiming, listing publishing solutions, and more.
  • Tailor packages to your clients as their business needs change over time.

White-label local business listing management services

Have more time to grow your company while our team manually claims and manages your clients’ business listings on your behalf.

  • Focus on growing your client base and selling more while our team of experts handles fulfillment. We offer listing claiming services for high-traffic publishers such as Google Business Profile, Bing, and Yelp.
  • We integrate seamlessly with your team to deliver listing claiming services under your brand, on your terms.
  • Proven processes mean we deliver top-notch results with efficiency.
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A full suite of local business listing management software


Client-facing Listing Builder App

Your clients’ central dashboard for managing everything about their online presence and where they are found. See reporting, sync status, make updates to business listings, and more.


Client-facing Listing Distribution App

Build up your presence across the web, mobile apps, voice search and GPS navigation app by sending business information to the foundational data aggregators on the market.

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Client-facing Listing Sync Pro App

Quickly update client business listings across high-traffic publishers, suppress duplicate listings, get more detailed reporting, and protect listings from 3rd-party changes.


Listing Scan Prospecting Tool

Automatically gather listing score intelligence on your prospects to deliver a report that shows where your clients aren’t being found or have errors. Show them the solutions you can provide to help them win locally with listings.

Scalable Local Listing Claiming

Claim high-traffic listings to ensure your clients have full control over their data and online brand. Giving direct access to Google Business Profile, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, and others helps your clients control how their brand appears online.

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Local Listings Management Services

Get access to a team of marketing professionals to work with your team and under your brand—no need to hire or train new staff.


Client-facing Listing Builder App

One dashboard brings everything together to simplify online listing management for your clients.

  • Connect to four high-traffic online publishers for free—Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Ditch hours of manual work and multiple logins; your clients can update business information from one place to sync to publishers in real-time.
  • Access Google Business Profile Insights from within the platform to show your clients proof-of-performance on their Google listing. Your clients can see how and where their Google listing is being found and what actions are being taken. As their local listing management strategy improves, they’ll see the results through Insights.
  • Upgrade to Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro to publish local business information across high-traffic publishers and ensure client business information is accurate everywhere customers are looking. Your clients are more likely to rank higher and be found above competitors.

The foundation to your clients’ accuracy across the ecosystem: Listing Distribution

Sync business information to the primary data aggregators—Data Axle, Neustar Localeze, and Foursquare, the most trusted sources of business information for publishers everywhere.

  • Ensure your clients’ business information is accurate across the ecosystem—online, mobile apps, voice search, and more—ranking them higher in search and giving customers a positive experience.
  • Keep business information updated, consistent, and accurate over time on a wide breadth of 300+ sources. The more consistent your clients business is across the ecosystem, the higher Google will rank them.
  • Manage from one platform. Simply enter updated business information and Listing Distribution does the rest. Show proof-of-performance through citation growth over time.
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Listing Sync Pro & Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext

Keep your customers updated in real time with our listings publishing services.

  • Quickly sync new information to listings by updating the business profile, keeping your clients’ customers in the loop faster than ever.
  • Access reporting on the syndication of each listing and know when there are errors to fix.
  • Protect over 3rd-party changes and manage duplicate listings, all from one place.
Sync listing data all at once

Listing Scan Prospecting Tool

Automatically scan the web to see where your clients need help getting found and fixing errors.

  • Quickly provide an automated personalized report using your prospect’s actual business data. Brand the report as your own to establish yourself as the trusted local expert.
  • Pinpoint other areas for improvement such as reviews on listings, social media, website, advertising, and more. Then provide prospects with the perfect solution to meet their needs.
  • Integration to our sales CRM delivers hot lead notifications to notify your sales team when a prospect becomes interested.

Scalable Local Listing Claiming

Give your clients ownership of their listing data on top sources, backed by software solutions.

  • Claiming gives your clients direct access and control over their listing, while managing their information all from one place to maintain consistency everywhere.
  • Either claim listings yourself or have our white-label marketing services experts do it for you.
Listing management services

Local Business Listing Services

Growing your business takes a team. That’s where we come in.

  • We strategize with your team in order for us to handle all customer communication with the same top-notch service you do.
  • Listings are claimed quickly and effectively, especially with our automatic Google Business Profile verification.
  • See your clients’ listing score improve. Easy-to-understand reporting proves what your company provides is working.

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