Top 10 Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews On

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So what’s the big deal about reviews, review websites and customer reviews? Well, more than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions.

Businesses are told to get more reviews to keep attracting new customers. And, as consumers, we are constantly being asked to leave a customer review for almost every transaction we complete.

Customer Reviews are Kind of a Big Deal

85% of Consumers Read to 10 ReviewsOnline reviews are no joke (as much as there are endless hilarious and entertaining reviews out there).

Businesses are often afraid to manage online reviews on review websites as they don’t want to end up in one of these situations: 

  • getting no customer reviews
  • getting no recent online customer reviews
  • receiving negative online customer reviews
  • or, the business simply has unmanaged online reviews across multiple review websites

Unfortunately, these businesses are missing out and hurting their business through inaction, as reputation drives conversion.

Customer Reviews and Social Posts Help Shape A Company’s Online Reputation

In fact, one of the worst things a business can do is ignore their online customer reviews and social posts. As easy as it is to make a mistake when handling a business’s online reputation, it can also be easy to recover if done properly (and with apology).

While damage will inevitably happen, a business can take steps to mitigate the degree of damage that can occur. The biggest mistake of all a company can make is not participating in helping to shape the conversation about their company online.

Social Media and the Importance of Reputation Management Bud Light
Image Source: Twitter

Customer Reviews Provide Very Valuable Feedback

While it can be easy for a company to take negative comments to heart, it is important to recognize that reviews are constructive feedback. All in all, reviews are actually valuable feedback! They help a company gauge their performance and see how they can improve. There is always room for improvement, and a lot can be learned even from good customer reviews.

Through reviews, businesses can see which products or services they should be boasting, which needs work and even discover employees who rock at customer service. If we have not yet sold you on the importance of online reviews, maybe these 50 stats on online reviews will. 🙂 

TL;DR: Top 10 Review Websites 

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Amazon
  4. Yelp
  5. TripAdvisor
  6. Foursquare
  7. Yellowpages
  8. Angie’s List
  9. BBB
  10. Manta

Why Are These The Top Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews On?

Businesses should strive to get customer reviews on review websites that are going concerns, review websites that people know about (and go to) and that are relatively friction-less (sites consumers have log ins or can go in easy to leave a review).

Remember to Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Asking the average customer for a review can be hard work. Granted, it is often easiest to get reviews from consumers that are either really happy or really unhappy with the level of service they were provided.

Always remember to ask, customers are busy creatures and will not remember unless you ask them nicely to leave you feedback.

How Can a Business Get More Customer Reviews?

There are a variety of methods a business can employ to ask for more customer reviews, including emailing consumers manually, asking consumers to leave reviews with codes and sites on their receipts, or utilizing review generation software to automate the customer review process.

Customers are More Open to Leaving Reviews on Review Sites

With that being said, which review websites are the best to ask customers to leave reviews about a business? Why not just ask for customer reviews or testimonials on a business’s website?

Well, asking consumers to leave a review on a business’s website seems a lot more screened and inauthentic than simply asking consumers to leave reviews on a trusted review website.

We Are Big on Numbers

Similar to our Top 100 Online Business Directories list, we wanted to bring you another list backed by numbers. What can we say, we like numbers, data, stats and facts!

Traffic talks folks, and the more consumers that visit a website, the more they are likely to leave and read other customer reviews about a business. Let’s face it, no one wants to create another login or account on another site to manage yet another password.

Remember to Add or Claim Listings to the Top Customer Review Sites

There are many niche customer review and directory websites out there and we have brought you a mix of the very best heavy hitters in the online review website world.

In other words, it’s a good idea to add or claim a listing or business profile on these websites (unless a business doesn’t fit with the niche), correct the business’s listing information and start getting customer reviews!

Plus, getting a business’s listing information on a directory corrected only heeds positive citation results, especially when listed on these big guys below.

The Top 10 Customer Review Websites Are…

Top Customer Review Website #1: GoogleTop Customer Review Website #1 Google

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 29.8 billion

US Ranking (Alexa): 1

Customer Reviews For: any business

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Google is the go-to search engine of choice: as more and more consumers conduct multiple searches on it every day, more businesses are vying for top SERP results.

Very important: Businesses must verify their information to complete their Google My Business registration.

Google My Business puts business data on Search, Maps and Google+. Because of this, customers can easily find a location from desktop, mobile or anything in between. Google customer reviews show up in search and are known to bolster SEO, so they are essential to the credibility of all businesses.

Google is the King of Web Traffic

Did you know that Google’s search engine performs over 3.5 billion searches per day ( Businesses should aim to be on Google’s snack pack in order to be readily found when consumers perform a local search.

Users can leave customer reviews for a business easily and simply. The less friction involved in the review process, the easier it is to get more customer reviews. Getting reviews through a business’s Google My Business account is a great place to start.  

Top Customer Review Website #2: FacebookTop Customer Review Website #2 Facebook

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 27.4 billion

US Ranking (Alexa): 2

Customer Reviews For: any business

Facebook is a social networking website where users can create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and follow their favorite businesses and brands. Companies can create business profiles that users can follow and also leave customer reviews based on their experience with the company.

Customers Now Commonly Leave Reviews on Social Media

Consumers increasingly interact with brands through social channels, and there is no social platform more prevalent than Facebook. It follows, then, that the customer reviews on Facebook are seen and shared by many potential customers. Businesses should take note of the big wins and big mistakes that a business can experience when opening themselves up to social media.

But again, please note that consumers are talking about a business whether that business is aware of it or not (and whether businesses have claimed their business profile or not). With that being said, it is pertinent that businesses are actively monitoring their social media mentions at all times.

Facebook is Becoming a Popular Review Resource

Due to the sheer size of the user base of Facebook, it is gaining momentum towards being one of the most popular review websites. Since most users on the site already have a Facebook account, the process to leave a customer review about a business is relatively friction-less.

Consequently, this reduction in friction gives Facebook an advantage over other review websites where users must create unique logins or log in to the site each time (compared to those consumers that are already living and breathing in Facebook).

Top Customer Review Website #3: AmazonTop Customer Review Website #3 Amazon

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 2.3 billion

US Ranking (Alexa): 4

Customer Reviews For: e-commerce related transactions

Amazon is a powerhouse. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is a popular go-to customer review website for e-commerce products. If you don’t use Amazon, you probably know someone that has used Amazon (or uses Amazon faithfully).

In fact,  Amazon has been training consumers to use their review system for a long time now. Therefore, we should probably thank them for helping train a mass of consumers to start leaving them and making it as part of an online consumer etiquette if you will. 

Amazon is Much More Than Book Reviews

We may think of Amazon as a virtual library, but Amazon is for much more than book reviews. For companies who do any amount of e-commerce, Amazon is a key source of information. While Amazon as a review website is more targeted and fitting for Amazon marketplace partners, it is a worthy site to note, especially for retailers about what customers like about certain products and how the service aspect of transactions were handled. 

Did you know that customer reviews have been a part of Amazon’s websites for over 20 years?

Another fun fact: Amazon’s customer review system was improved in 2015 to start weighing reviews so they are more up-to-date and helpful (cnet).

Top Customer Review Website #4: YelpTop Customer Review Website #4 Yelp

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 171.8 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 31

Customer Reviews For: any business

Yelp is a platform (review website and app) where users can publish reviews about local businesses. Also, Yelp trains small businesses how to respond to customer reviews, host social events for Yelpers (a.k.a. Yelp reviewers) and provides data about businesses including health inspection scores (

Reputation Management is Essential on Review Sites

Yelp has become a name synonymous with customer reviews, as the site has over 102 million reviews and counting. As the world’s largest outlet for online customer reviews grows, it might be time for all small businesses to start caring about what consumers are saying online; and more specifically, about their Yelp reviews.


Importance of Customer Reviews on Websites Yelp
Image Source: Yelp


Consumers aren’t going to give a small business any attention if all they see is negativity surrounding their Yelp customer review page.

Yelp Has a Distinct Reviewer Culture of “Yelpers”

Consumers who review businesses and leave business reviews on Yelp have become known widely as “yelpers.” Yelpers leave customer reviews to help others in the community make purchasing decisions, and it’s important for your local business clients to keep an eye on them.

Customer review websites such as Yelp, point to the growing importance of review monitoring to manage a business’s online reputation. In summation, if we haven’t won you over on Yelp yet, maybe these hilarious Yelp reviews will. 😉 

Top Customer Review Website #5: TripAdvisorTop Customer Review Website #5 TripAdvisor

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 164.1 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 53

Customer Reviews For: any business

TripAdvisor is an travel website company where users can leave customer reviews of places they’ve visited. Users can also book rooms, find flights, discover to do and reserve tables at participating restaurants. TripAdvisor operates websites internationally in over 25 countries.

King of the Niche: Travel Directories and Travel Related Reviews

Another fun fact: customer review volume occurs the highest in the travel vertical.

Apparently vacation stories must also travel the gap between online and in person. Well, if a person really wants, at least they can avoid the vacation slide shows online. 😉

Top Customer Review Website #6: FoursquareTop Customer Review Website #6 Foursquare

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 35.2 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 1,080

Customer Reviews For: any business, mostly restaurants

Foursquare is a local search and discovery service mobile app. The app helps users discover new places/businesses through other Foursquare customer reviews.

Foursquare is a Powerful Social Media Review Tool

Users can let friends know where they are and find out where their friends are. Users can also collect points, prize badges and coupons for checking in at places. In any case, with 55 million monthly active users, Foursquare is a powerful force to monitor customer loyalty and feedback.

Top Customer Review Website #7: YellowpagesTop Customer Review Website #7 Yellowpages

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 32.4 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 265

Customer Reviews For: any business

YellowPages is an online internet yellow pages directory owned by YP. YP is a local marketing solutions provider that focuses on helping local businesses (and the communities within) grow.

YP: A IYP Directory With Large Traffic Volume and Review Capabilities

Yellowpages has customer review capabilities. Companies can manage their reviews on the site after claiming a free business listing on their page.

Top Customer Review Website #8: Angie’s ListTop Customer Review Website #8 Angie's List

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 13.8 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 448

Customer Reviews For: service related businesses

Angie’s List is a service listing and review website that offers user-based rankings and reviews of service professionals in local areas.

Angie’s List Reviews are From Members

Because Angie’s List is a paid site, it is known to be less filled with rambling customer reviews and spam. Members grade companies using a report card scale from A-F on price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism.

Angie’s List is divided by categories such as house, auto, health, pets and services.

Top Customer Review Website #9: Better Business BureauTop Customer Review Website #9 BBB Better Buisiness Bureau

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 12.4 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 614

Customer Reviews For: any business

The Better Business Bureau aims to help people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust (

The BBB Is Built on Trust

Based on a consumer rating review system, BBB educates consumers and assists people in finding trusted businesses. The Better Business Bureau tries to protect consumers from fraudulent business or scammers.

Company profiles on BBB contain a short company bio and a history of complaints made about the business, as well as an  A – F rating.

Top Customer Review Website #10: MantaTop Customer Review Website #10 Manta

Average Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 12.4 million

US Ranking (Alexa): 869

Customer Reviews For: any business

Manta is an online small business service directory, search engine and review site that provides small businesses with the information to network.

Manta: A Directory With Solid Traffic Volume and Review Capabilities

The site helps small businesses connect and grow through their community where users can buy from, partner with and connect to companies.

Why Businesses Should Want (and How They Can Get) Customer Reviews from Review Websites

The importance of responding to customers online could not be more prevalent as reviews grew bigger in 2015 than they had ever been previously. Aside from the fact that customer reviews help other customers decide whether they should visit a business or not, customer reviews are now more prevalent on search results pages.

Customer Reviews Can Now Appear In Search Results

In Google’s markup—the annotated content that appears in search—of a company or product, reviews and ratings can now be included in search results. In other words, when a user performs a search on Google, Google will find and possibly display review summaries from online customer reviews and consumer ratings. Here’s is an example of how customer reviews now showing up in search results.

Annotated Customer Google Reviews
Image Source: Google

Customer Reviews are Here to Stay

In conclusion, there’s no getting away from customer reviews. Sorry folks. The good news is that there are methods to get more customer reviews as well as effectively manage customer reviews.

Also, businesses needn’t fear about negative online reviews, there are ways to negate the effect of negative reviews (see what we did there?)!

The Moral of the Story: Respond to Customer Reviews, Good and Bad

Indeed, the important take away here is that it is important to respond to reviews, good and bad. By and large, it shows that a company cares about their consumers.

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