Industry-leading reputation management software & services for your local business clients

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All-in-one solutions help businesses build and take control of their online reputation. Ensure your clients get more reviews, show up where customers are searching, and gain customer insights to drive their revenue. Provided by you—the trusted reputation expert.
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White-label reputation software that positions you as the trusted expert.

Instantly provide clients with your branded app featuring everything they need to manage their online reputation, no setup or coding required. Designed for businesses of any size—from a small entrepreneur to the world’s top multi-locations brands.

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New clients

Quickly find new clients who need help with their online reputation management.

Equip your sales reps with deep insights on the local businesses that need your help. Personalized reputation reports start impactful conversations that close more deals.

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Plan, track, and prioritize fulfillment work to maximize efficiency.

Save time and stay organized with a project management platform that enables you to provide world-class reputation services. New review response tasks appear automatically so nothing gets missed.

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Outsource reputation management services to our marketing experts.

To support your growing business, our marketing experts will handle all your clients’ reputation management needs, as an extension of your team, under your brand.

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Local Citation and listing software and services

Featured products and services:

Reputation Management

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Customer Voice

Review Management

Trusted by 60,000+ channel partners serving more than 5.5 million small and medium businesses

White-label reputation management software & services to grow your business

Establish your brand as the one and only reputation management provider your clients need

What Vendasta provides, you call your own. We give you the best reputation management software on the market to offer your clients online reputation management and you deliver the solution. Your brand. Your customers. Your trust.

  • Your branded app becomes one place to access everything. Your clients only need to remember one login. 
  • Compatible for businesses of any size, whether with one location, 10,000, or anything in between.
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Discover our reputation management software

Monitor, respond, and report on online reviews

  • Never miss a new review. Monitor 100+ sites in one dashboard with our review monitoring and management software.
  • Save time while ensuring each review receives a reply with review response suggestions and custom templates.
  • Understand customer trends through review sentiment analysis, powered by AI

Gather more authentic online reviews

  • Increase open rates and get more reviews with branded email and SMS templates.
  • Boost star ratings on sites that matter—over 100 sites.
  • Help clients collect reviews right where their customers are looking with the embeddable website widget.

Manage your clients’ reputations across the web

  • Stay involved in every online customer interaction. Ask, answer, and manage all Google Q&A from the dashboard.
  • Monitor brand mentions, competitors, and keywords on more than one billion webpages.
  • Ensure employees are positive brand ambassadors through employee Twitter monitoring.
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Easily acquire new customers

Sell more reputation management solutions. Fast.
Arm your salespeople with our award-winning needs analysis tool to show prospects how their online reputation can improve. Attract, convert, close, and delight more customers.
  • Convert more customers with timely and relevant content about their business.
  • Engage clients with try-before-you-buy products. Give value before asking for the sale.
  • Engage prospects with email drip campaigns and keep your brand top of mind.

Equip your team to fulfill reputation management services better than ever

Offer a complete solution to your clients by managing review responses and Google Q&A for them.
Handle all your clients’ fulfillment services, including responding to reviews from hundreds of sources, all from one dynamic dashboard. Manage the workflow of any size of task or project across teams to stay efficient, deliver results on time, and retain more customers.
  • Never miss responding to a review. Vendasta’s fulfillment software uses prescriptive task assignment so you always stay on top of your work.
  • Easy-to-read reporting proves value to your clients and is sent to them automatically.
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White-label reputation management services

Have more time to grow your company while our team responds to any and all reviews on your behalf.
Stop worrying about hiring, training, and overhead costs. Focus on growing your client base and selling more while our team of experts handles fulfillment. We integrate seamlessly with your team to deliver review management services under your brand, on your terms.
  • Get a team of experts in reputation management to enhance your clients’ brand.
  • We’ll craft unique responses for both negative and positive reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  • Have access to a white-label dashboard with your clients’ reviews and weekly average ratings.
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Help your clients build strong online reputations and retain them for longer!

We studied more than 100,000 small and medium businesses in our database to uncover the tactics proven to help agencies retain their local business clients. Discover the importance of online reputation management and get actionable takeaways to unlock unbeatable retention strategies.

Online reputation management software to help your local business clients

Star iconClient-facing Reputation App

Your clients’ central dashboard for managing everything that affects their online reputation. Everything has its place, from reviews, Google Q&A, mentions, and more.

rep it iconSales Intelligence Tools

Automatically gather business intelligence on your prospective clients to deliver more meaningful presentations. Understand in what areas your clients need your software and services.

icon-cvClient-facing Customer Feedback App

Build a reputation on sites that matter most. Send review requests that convert happy customers into raving fans, through email, SMS, and more.

task manageProject Management

Keep fulfillment of large-scale projects and day-to-day reputation management tasks simple and organized. Maintain transparency with clients to deliver continuous value.

plg iconClient-facing Reputation App

Let your clients shop for software the way they want— trying it before they buy. Easily turn prospects into paying clients with a set of freemium solutions.

icon-rep-serviceReputation Services

Get a team of marketing professionals to work with your team and under your brand—no need to hire or train new staff.

Star iconClient-facing Reputation Management App

One dashboard brings everything together to simplify online reputation management for your clients.

  • Keep clients in the know with a stream of all their online reviews in one place with real time alerts. Discover advanced customer insights using AI technology to find trends, measure performance, and drive actionable change.
  • Respond to the most critical reviews directly from the dashboard. Create reusable review response templates to save your clients time and create brand-consistency.
  • Give your clients a holistic view of their online reputation across the web. Google Q&A, mentions, and competition monitoring keep clients involved in the conversation wherever it’s happening.

icon-cvClient-facing Customer Feedback App

Bolster your clients’ online reputation with our proven process of gathering customer reviews.

  • Drive your clients’ ranking to #1 on Google with consistent new reviews from happy customers. Receive feedback first hand to make improvements.
  • Customize every aspect of review requests to optimize open rates and get results. No coding is required to make beautiful, branded templates.
  • Help clients reach their customers in the most effective way, including via email, SMS, kiosk, email signature or website widget.

plg iconProduct-Led Growth Model

Deliver immediate value to your prospects and clients with a set of freemium software solutions.

  • Offer limited editions of the most important products for your clients, such as listings, reputation management, and social media management. Show your company’s value immediately.
  • When clients are ready for more features, the products help up-sell them to even more value.
  • Set a customized upgrade path to any product or service you wish, including your own managed reputation services or those offered through Vendasta.

rep it iconReputation Sales Intelligence Tools

Automate your research and find prospects that need your help managing their online reputation.

  • Go from prospect to presentation in just minutes with a personalized report using real business data. Brand the report as your own to deliver stellar presentations to potential clients.
  • Pinpoint other areas for improvement such as listings, reviews, social, website, and advertising and prescribe the perfect solution.
  •  Deep integration to our sales CRM delivers hot lead notifications to notify your team when a prospect becomes interested. Your salespeople are primed to close the deal.

task manageReputation Project Management

Handle all your clients’ digital marketing needs with streamlined project management.

  • Strengthen your clients’ online reputation by responding to reviews, claiming listings, or creating social posts—all from one dashboard.
  •  Manage large projects and organize a group of tasks for your clients’ with transparency.
  • Prove value to your clients with automated reporting, which details how many tasks were completed by your team.
Team Review Management

icon-rep-serviceReputation Services

Growing a business that’s bigger than yourself takes a team. That’s where we come in.

  • We strategize with your team so we can handle all customer communication with the same top-notch service you do.
  •  Each review receives a tailored response so no feedback goes unacknowledged. Our team can create approved review response templates to ensure brand consistency across all responses.
  • See your clients’ star rating climb in automated reports. Easy-to-understand reporting proves what your company provides is working.

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