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Vendasta Pricing

Vendasta is an end-to-end commerce platform designed for businesses at every stage of growth. Find the plan that’s right for you.

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Acquire, retain, fulfill, and upsell your customers


Are you an enterprise business looking for new digital solutions? Let us know what you want to accomplish with digital marketing and we’ll help you put together the perfect platform to meet your needs.
Annually Monthly
Save 15% on annual plans!


Starting at $49/mo
Billed at $500/yr
No onboarding fee
Built for new businesses looking to acquire & retain clients


Starting at $345/mo
Billed at $3,588/yr
with a 12-month contract
Plus $250 onboarding fee
Built for businesses looking to establish themselves as local business experts


Starting at $575/mo
Billed at $5,988/yr
with a 12-month contract
Plus $500 onboarding fee
Built for businesses looking to grow their brand and client base


Starting at $1150/mo
Billed at $11,988/yr
with a 12-month contract
Plus $1,000 onboarding fee
Built for the pros looking to work efficiently

Compare plans and benefits

Platform Advantage Startup Essentials Growth Scale
Set user permissions based on the role each team member fulfills in your business.
1 5 10 15
Cost Per Additional Seat (Monthly) $49 $49 $49 $49
Your Client Dashboard
Customize the look and feel of your platform & products by adding your company's logo, colors, and more.
Success On-Demand Support Team
White-Labelled Platform
Engage and retain SMB customers with a client portal, under your own brand. Deliver automated proof of performance reporting, give them access to their products and your Store, and watch them grow.
Resellable Apps & Services
Marketplace of Resellable Apps & Services
Wholesale Discount
As you upgrade your subscription, access deeper discounts off the MSRP and increase your margins on best in class products and services. Discounts vary by product.
Up to 15% off Up to 30% off Up to 45% off Up to 65% off
Gray-Labelled Marketing Services
Marketing Services fulfillment completed through generic communication channels that contain minimal personalized branding.
White-Labelled Marketing Services
Our team, your brand. Fulfillment and communication are completed with your branding.
Access to Volume Discounts
Sales & Marketing
Free Snapshot Reports (Monthly)
Our award-winning marketing needs assessment that arms sales reps with automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance. Learn more
5 15 25 75 75 225 125 375
Free Local Business Online Toolkits
A foundational suite of freemium marketing products that you can offer to your clients and prospects. Learn more
5 15 25 75 75 225 125 375
Campaign Email Sends (Monthly) 2,500 10,000 50,000 100,000
Orders & Digital Contracts
Sales & Success Center (CRM)
Marketing Automation Tools
Scale & Fulfillment
Task Management
Task Manager Reporting for Clients
Multi-Location Business Center

Available add-ons and professional services

Agency Website

Starting at


+$42 / month
Getting started? Let us custom build your website for your business.
Available for Startup (annual), Essentials, Growth and Scale

Partner Strategy Consultation


Monthly one time sessions with a Partner Development Manager for guidance on your go-to-market and sales strategy.
Available for Essentials, Growth and Scale

Technical Consulting


Monthly one time sessions with a technical consultant to help with your API and SSO/SAML integrations.
Available for Essentials, Growth and Scale

Additional Markets

250 / per month & market
Divide and manage the platform with separate branding, salesperson and account organization.
Available for Essentials, Growth and Scale

Getting Started with the Vendasta Platform

As a Vendasta partner, you’ll have access to everything that you need to start selling digital solutions to local businesses and adding new revenue streams to your agency, including:

Snapshot Report

Our data-driven needs assessment tool that makes selling solutions to local businesses a snap.


Access to our world-class Marketplace of apps and services, including pre-built packages that you can start selling instantly.

Marketing Automation

Includes personalized content with email drip campaigns to capture your prospects’ attention and understand their intent.

Sales and Success Center

A full-scale Sales CRM and pipeline management software to enable your salespeople to focus on the best opportunities.

Business Center

A free portal for your clients to view your available products and services, and access automated and timely reports that show how your digital marketing efforts are paying off.

Task Manager

Managing all of your client’s digital fulfillment, including social media and review management services, all within one scaleable dashboard.

Outsource your fulfillment work to our digital agency marketing services

Growth, Scale, and Enterprise subscription partners get access to Vendasta’s Marketing Services team. Let our team of marketing strategists do the fulfillment work under your brand, on your terms, so that you can save time, grow your business, and have all the reporting in one place. Our services include digital advertising, web design, social media management, online reputation, content creation, and listings management.

Marketplace is included

All subscription partners get access to Marketplace, a curated set of ready-to-sell apps and services. SEO, Reputation, Listings, Social, Video, Advertising, Website and more. Agencies are quickly adding new revenue streams while meeting their clients’ needs.
  • No product costs until you start selling
  • Mark-up and bundle apps as you want
  • Create an online storefront

Why Vendasta?

Vendasta offers a robust white-label platform that empowers you to provide digital solutions to local businesses, all under your brand. Vendasta is your one-stop-shop solution to all things digital marketing, designed to help you scale your offerings and grow your business without increasing vendor clutter.

What’s more, a partnership with Vendasta is a true partnership. Vendasta’s world-class software is built for marketing service providers to rebrand and resell to clients—meaning that we never compete with your business by selling directly to local businesses. We are invested in your success.

Who is Vendasta for?

Vendasta is an all-in-one platform for marketing agencies, media groups, telcos, multi-location brands, technology platform providers, and financial companies looking for a one-stop-shop to sell and fulfill digital solutions for local businesses or quickly add new revenue streams while meeting their clients’ needs.

Our white-label platform empowers you to provide all your marketing solutions under your brand, including SEO, Reputation, Listings, Social, Video, Advertising, Website, and more.

Grow your revenue with Vendasta

You’re not just a client; you’re our partner – and we’re interested in your success. That’s why we’ll work with your company to make sure you see growth selling digital solutions to local businesses with our platform.
Get started today, no credit card required.
Schedule some calendar time with one of our product experts.
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Scale your business with Vendasta

  • Our platform will lower your cost of customer acquisition, and help you focus on only the interested prospects.
  • Our marketplace will allow you to bolt on new digital revenue streams quickly, with little overhead.
  • Our white-label digital agency will help you scale up fulfillment.

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