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If a local business does not have a presence in voice search, they are missing out on capturing the attention of 58 percent of consumers who use their voice to search for and find local business information. Consumers are time-crunched and may only have a few minutes in between responding to a work email and preparing dinner to check the website of a local shop where they need to place a curbside order. When time is short and attention is split, looking up information by cuing Google, Siri and Alexa with a voice command can be the quickest way to find a business online.

Voice search is three times more likely to be local businesses, meaning they must ensure their sites are optimized to appear in these searches. But where do they start? As a trusted local expert, you have an opportunity to step in and provide guidance, showing the value, and walking them through how to easily optimize their site for voice search as it continues to grow.  

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What is Voice Search?

Voice search is the action of using speech to ask questions to compatible devices like smartphones or smart speakers. The searcher speaks to the device, prompting the built-in voice command software to do an online search with the result that the device responds to the command and answers the question.

First introduced by Google more than 10 years ago, voice searches are now conducted by 40 percent of all adults at least once per day. When potential customers use their voice to search, they are searching with transactional intent, signaling that they are ready to buy. Transactional intent means that a consumer is using phrases that include specific product or business names in association with words like “buy,” “coupon,” “discount,” and “shipping.”

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Source: voice.page

How does voice search work?

Voice search and digital voice assistants work by:

  • Processing and transcribing human speech into text
  • Analyzing text to detect questions and commands
  • Connecting to external sources like search engines to find relevant information
  • Translating that information into a digestible format to fulfill the user’s intent
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By optimizing for voice-based search, businesses are more likely to improve their overall search rank on Google and other search engines, bringing them closer to appearing on the first page of those search results. To do this businesses would typically need a developer to complete the work and maintain it on an on-going basis, which can mean months of effort, and many high-cost billable hours. Local experts have an opportunity to help their small and medium business (SMB) customers find a solution that’s easy, fits their budget, and meets the demand of a growing customer segment who want to search online through voice commands.

New to the Vendasta Marketplace: voice.page

Voice.page is a product that simplifies voice search adoption. It’s a search engine optimized or SEO-powered solution that creates a voice search optimized landing page designed to drive customers to conversion.

The problem and opportunity is that only 4 percent of businesses globally are voice search optimized and ready for this new channel. This is often because voice search optimization is technical, expensive and time consuming. Most businesses simply don’t know where to start when it comes to voice and local search.

Aaron LeBlanc

Chief Commercial Officer, Locafy, Creators of voice.page

How voice.page works 

Voice.page is an easy to use solution that allows businesses to set up voice search-optimized landing pages without SEO experience or expertise. It’s a stand alone web property that ensures a business has all the key components needed to be found by consumers on voice triggered searches. These components include:


  • Schema - Used by developers to structure meta-data on a website so that search engines can understand the content that appears on it’s pages
  • Speakable - A type of schema developed by google to identify sections within a web page that are best suited for audio playback using text to speech
  • Speed - One of the core factors used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages because slower load times can result in higher bounce rates and lower the average time a consumer spends on that page
  • SEO - on page, off page and technical SEO all play an important role in how search engines find, read and serve content across the web, on mobile and voice search
  • Security - SSL certificates are a security measure for websites. Google’s algorithm looks for sites that use SSL certificates to determine their trustworthiness 
  • Seamless - Google has rolled out its mobile friendly algorithm, meaning that website content must be properly formatted for any device accessing it
  • Synchronized - Business information content must be consistent across the web. It helps to increase the trustworthiness of the brand and that’s why citations and listings are so important
  • Scale - every page on the website needs to be optimized and enhanced with the key factors needed to rank for web, mobile, and voice searches

Voice.page ensures all of these pieces are in play to help the business improve its search engine ranking, driving more traffic to a businesses website.

Reselling voice.page to your SMB clients 

“Vendasta partners like voice.page because it’s powerful, low cost, can be sold at a high margin, is completely hands off, and maintenance free, and is a scalable solution for their entire customer base,” Aaron LeBlanc says.

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Voice-enabled for Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, voice.page uses proprietary technology to produce fast, secure, seamless, speakable, and voice search compliant pages for the web.


  • Works within an existing website and online presence. It uses existing information and optimizes it for voice search. Major changes are not required.
  • Each page contains the essential schema that Google indexes, and ranks. 
  • Makes it possible to easily update designs without impacting existing content or manipulating existing website information. 
  • Is updated every time a business listing changes, without any additional work required and automatically keeps everything accurate and up-to-date.


Download email templates to help introduce clients to voice.page by clicking here. 

Find out more about voice.page in Vendasta’s partner centre.

How to Sell SEO and Voice Search Solutions  

After doing an initial review of a client’s website, look to show value. Use tools like the Vendasta Snapshot Report to help your client understand the importance of SEO and optimizing for voice search. Here are tips to help guide you through the process: 


  1. Start with the positives - Discuss your proposal and reference areas where they are doing well before examining opportunities for improvement. They might have already invested in SEO improvement and you want to position your voice optimization as an enhancement to their investment.
  2. Introduce places for improvement - Be specific and highlight areas for improvement. A focus should be placed on immediate or simple improvements that might have a large impact. Tools like the Snapshot Report will automatically call out these areas to highlight with your client.
  3. Recommend an optimal plan - Discuss realistic and expected results that can be achieved within a reasonable timeline. Have an optimal plan and a set of recommendations ready to go with hard goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) that meet your client’s desired requirements and outcomes.

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Nicole Lauzon is a Content Marketing Manager at Vendasta and has spent the last decade of her career helping local businesses tell their stories. Kickstarting her professional journey as a writer and producer for a major Canadian television network, Nicole would later spend five years as a PR Agency Creative Director, managing brand journalism, social media, blog and video content for corporate, non-profit and local business clients. Whether Nicole is marinating over her next piece of writing or enjoying some down time with her family, she likes doing it in floral print.

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