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Heidi Abramyk

Heidi Abramyk is what some would call a content-a-holic. She is among the select breed that finds the subject of local SEO and business listing citations absolutely fascinating. Heidi enjoys words (especially the best ones), designing (in every form but hand drawing) and formulating content strategies to take over the digital marketing world.

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Online Reputation Management Fails

To our amusement (and to our dismay), there are countless examples of online reputation management fails. Have you ever witnessed a company make an online reputation management blunder and cringe a little on their behalf? In life and in business,...

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What is Online Reputation Management?

How did reputation management become online reputation management? In the good ol’ days, a business’s reputation used to be what they said about themselves in their advertising (and PR campaigns) and the limited reach their customers had via word...

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