Win over clients with fresh updates to Snapshot Report, automations, and more

Businesses today not only need to have an online presence—they need to make sure they resonate in a world where digital reputation is everything.

Want an example? Online reviews, the primary avatar of a business’s reputation, have a staggering influence: 92% of consumers read at least one online review before making a purchasing decision.

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And given year-over-year trends, the percentage is likely even higher. That’s why it’s the key to enhancing your client relationships and driving success.

This week, Vendasta's latest updates to Snapshot Report, automations, Business App’s inbox, and more, share a theme: ensuring every facet of your online presence, from Google Business Profiles to SMS communications, fortifies your client’s reputation—and your own as their go-to provider.

PS: Make sure you read to the end for an exciting update that’s in the works!

Win over service area businesses with Snapshot Report

Whether you’re a Snapshot Ninja or new to our sales intelligence tool, we think you’re going to love our updated Snapshot Report—a concise overview of a business's online health.

Plus, the latest improvement bringing forth a more integrated view of service area businesses was based on a partner suggestion on! Cheers to the power of collaboration.

  • Google Business Profiles integration: Google Business Profiles of service area businesses are now found and displayed in Snapshot Reports. This connection offers invaluable insights into a company's digital standing.
  • Make a strong case for your services: With a Google listing connected, businesses now have immediate access to reviews, painting a clearer picture of their online reputation—allowing you to show how you’ll make a big impact.

Snapshot Report updates

More secure processes with enhanced automations

Effective automations can be the silent workhorse for your business, driving efficiency and accuracy in operations. But what if they could do even more? Say less! Here’s how we’re pushing our automations further.

  • Boost security with tailored permissions access: Beyond the conventional role-based permissions, you can now grant specific team members the authority to trigger certain automations.
    • This brings a new layer of security and precision for processes that might require senior oversight, such as canceling products on unpaid accounts or approving orders placed by certain customers.
  • Append content feature: A small yet significant change, allowing users to add to existing data in custom fields. Track changes seamlessly with a comprehensive version history.
    • This is particularly handy for activity logs, such as a field that documents the last time something was updated. By appending instead of overwriting, you get a full version history!

Tailored permissions access with new automations

Automate operations further with improved APIs

APIs have paved the way for a more interconnected and automated digital ecosystem. And now, we’re making them even smarter.

  • Cancel subscription assignment API: Streamline operations by automating the deactivation of canceled products. Plus, the ability to document cancellation reasons makes it easy to track trends and find out if pricing, performance, competition, or something else is causing the reduction in revenue.

Cancel subscription assignment API

Better client communication with Business App’s inbox

At this very moment, I’d bet you have a conversation with one person that spans several different messaging platforms. Emails, text messages, messaging apps, social media chat—it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

And when it comes to clients? You can’t afford a breakdown in communication. Business App's Inbox streamlines communication and ensures your client's messages never miss the mark.

  • Easy A2P registration for US clients: A built-in form makes it hassle-free for US-based accounts to comply with US telecom regulations and enjoy uninterrupted SMS messaging.
    • Note: Your US-based clients must register their numbers before August 31st to minimize disruptions to SMS messaging with their clientele due to US telecoms blocking messages from unregistered accounts from the 31st onward.
  • Image sharing capability: Enhance communication by receiving and sending images via SMS, fostering a more dynamic interaction.

Image sharing capability in Business App inbox

Global connectivity with Customer Voice add-on

Digital boundaries are disappearing, and Vendasta ensures you're prepared to serve clients across the globe. More specifically in this case, the United Kingdom!

  • SMS 50 Pack - UK: This new add-on is available for businesses looking to send text messages to customers and request reviews within the United Kingdom. It can be a game-changer for businesses targeting or operating in the UK, ensuring seamless engagement and digital reputation building.

Customer Voice 50-pack for UK-based accounts

🥁 COMING SOON: Reputation Management Premium!

We’ve loved highlighting exciting releases to come, and this week is no exception. We are thrilled to announce that Reputation Management Premium will be arriving very soon!

Managing reputation has never been more critical for local businesses, and Reputation Management Premium has you covered, giving you the power to generate more positive reviews for your clients.

If you’ll allow us to get creative for a second: If building trust online is an art, Reputation Management Premium will be your artist's brush.

  • Solicit reviews effortlessly: Send out review requests across major platforms using AI-customized email templates.
  • Track and thrive: Monitor recipient interactions, gaining insights into who has engaged with your requests, ensuring continuous improvement in your outreach strategy.

Want more details? Stay tuned for next week's "What's New" video or subscribe to our blog, where we'll unveil more exciting information about Reputation Management Premium.

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Coming soon: Reputatio Management Premium!

Elevating client reputations

With Vendasta's Snapshot Report upgrades and the imminent Reputation Management Premium, businesses have a suite of potent tools awaiting them. Experience them in action and stay updated with the latest via the Changelog on

We'll be back with more exciting updates in the Vendasta universe!

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