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Top 10 white-label marketing tools in the Vendasta Marketplace


As a SaaS reseller, you can transform your business and bolster your bottom line without having to pay for pricey software upfront; instead, you only pay when you secure a sale from your client. However, reselling a bunch of different programs under different brands can begin to dilute your brand. The solution: incorporate white-label marketing tools and services into your portfolio of products.

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White-label marketing tools can be rebranded under your company name, so they appear like your own proprietary software. From the client's perspective, this makes your business feel more indispensable than if you were only reselling SaaS under other brands that they know can be found elsewhere.

Here’s our round-up of the 10 best white-label marketing tools in Vendasta’s marketplace that you should be selling to take your business to the next level.

1. Advertising Intelligence

Your clients need to be advertising across different platforms for the best return on their ad spend, but this requires managing multiple campaigns that all have a different login and dashboard. It’s time consuming, impractical, and beyond what most small and medium-sized businesses can handle in house.

Advertising Intelligence is PPC reporting software that brings all of your client's campaigns into one convenient dashboard to solve this problem. It’s easy to see what’s working, cut what isn’t, and identify repeatable formulas for PPC success. Manage all your client’s PPC ads from a single interface, so you can spend less time jumping around platforms and more time optimizing ads for results.

2. Customer Voice

Online reviews are the currency of the internet. Your clients need plenty of them on an ongoing basis in order to build trust and drive buzz for their brand online. That’s exactly what you can deliver with our reputation builder software, Customer Voice.

With Customer Voice, you can generate authentic reviews everywhere that customers are looking, from first-party landing pages to third-party review sites. Never miss the opportunity to collect feedback by automating on-brand requests through text and email. Plus, you can track the progress of your campaigns with a built-in conversion funnel.

3. Reputation Management

There’s a reason our white-label reputation management software is a top seller: it delivers serious results.

With roughly 87% of shoppers conducting online searches when they intend to buy something, having a positive online reputation is more important than ever. Reputation Management brings everything under one roof:

  • Email alerts for every review
  • Built-in smart review responses so no review goes unacknowledged
  • AI-powered insights
  • Listings management
  • Competitor and industry average benchmarking

With one white-label marketing tool, your clients can take control of how they’re perceived online, helping them secure more conversions and a stellar brand reputation.

4. Social Marketing

Our white label social media management software enables your clients to schedule and publish content across many of the top social media profiles from a single dashboard. Managing a busy calendar of content becomes a breeze. Plus, they can speed up their content creation with access to stock images and ready-to-post visuals.

But Social Marketing is a lot more than a content scheduler. It provides powerful, data-driven insights into post performance and link clicks. This allows clients to gauge what works best for their audience. They can also respond to questions and comments all from one interface, without the need to log into a bunch of accounts.

On the Pro version, clients can even create shoppable galleries from their Instagram posts, helping them convert online fans into paying customers.

5. Listing Builder

Having consistent listings across all sources where they appear is essential for local SEO success. Our local listing management software is the perfect tool for introducing your prospect to your online presence and reputation management capabilities and to the rest of your digital marketing offerings.

Why? For no extra cost, you can provide free business listing sync to four key sources (Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), Google Business Profile Insights, and a free My Listing landing page. Once they see how great your services are, they’ll be ready to move on to the more robust features available on the paid Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro tiers.

6. Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaigns makes it possible to deliver top-notch social media management services in easy mode. Streamline content creation, publishing, and communication all from one place.

You and your clients can enjoy unlimited storage for creative assets such as images, videos, logos, and more, making it easy to access and create on-brand content. Collaboration is a breeze thanks to the ability to send content for approval in-app.

Your clients will love the custom-built white-label interface you can create, and your team will love being able to swiftly jump between accounts with individual workspaces for each customer.

7. Hike SEO

SEO has become non-negotiable for businesses of all sizes, but it can be a very technical and time-consuming task. With Hike SEO, you can build an deliver custom SEO packages quickly and without the need for deep know-how or technical staff in house.

Just follow the app’s step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be able to generate a strategy identifying the best keywords and content that your clients should target. Hike SEO will then generate a task list for you based on the amount of time you can dedicate to each client. With this product, you can generate data-driven strategies for your clients on demand. Cool, right?

8. marketgoo

Your small business clients can now use a DIY SEO tool created with their specific needs in mind: marketgoo. This white-label marketing tool can scan any client’s website and come up with a step-by-step plan for them to follow so they can start ranking for keywords in their niche.

Your clients don’t need prior SEO knowledge to succeed, thanks to marketgoo’s easy-to-understand guidelines.

9. Website Optimizer

The right website optimizations can have far-reaching effects, from enhancing discoverability in search results to reducing bounce rates and improving website security. It’s no wonder it’s one of the top-selling white-label marketing tools in the Marketplace.

Website Optimizer is first and foremost an SEO tool that analyzes a website so that you or your clients can take action to improve performance. But a well-optimized website isn’t just about higher search rankings: It also provides a better user experience, which ultimately means more conversions for your clients.

10. Google Ads Robot

One of the coolest white-label marketing tools is Google Ads Robot. Creating optimized Google Search ads in 5 minutes is possible thanks to this tool. All you have to do is input what your client’s business offers and the geographical area where you want to advertise, and the world-class tech behind Google Ads Robot will get to work on your behalf.

Once it’s running, management is minimal. Now your clients can enjoy a healthy return on their ad spend, while you enjoy the recurring revenue from selling this top-tier white-label solution.

Start selling white-label marketing tools from the Vendasta Marketplace

If you’re looking to sell more white-label marketing tools to your clients in order to boost your revenue without adding to the cost of managing people, check out the Vendasta Marketplace. As a partner, you’ll gain access to not only these white-label marketing tools but many other services, tools, and products you can resell at a profit.

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