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Introducing Reputation Management Premium and its powerful new features


When a few keyboard clicks have the power to make or break a business, maintaining a positive online presence for your clients is more essential than ever.

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We get it. In fact, that’s why Vendasta already has two great products for helping improve and amplify your clients’ online reputation.

You might be familiar with our Reputation Management software and how it allows your clients to manage, monitor, and respond to reviews from countless sources, all in one place. And of course there’s Customer Voice, a tool for requesting new reviews from customers via email or SMS.

And now we're reshaping the reputation landscape even further.

We’re thrilled to finally introduce Reputation Management Premium! Get ready to leverage the power of a positive reputation to fuel major growth with stunning new upgrades and features.

Enhance reputation with premium features

Our new Reputation Management Premium merges the review request features of Customer Voice into our powerful Reputation Management platform, offering a seamless end-to-end workflow for managing and boosting your clients' online reputation.

Here a taste of some of the next-level features.

An overview of Reputation Management Premium's new and exciting features.

  • Effortless review requests: Send review requests via email to collect authentic, positive reviews from satisfied customers across platforms like Google and Facebook. Customize and add review sites as needed.
  • Intuitive email builder: Quickly create compelling emails with our new Email Builder, equipped with ready-to-go templates. AI-powered content suggestions ensure messaging resonates with customers.
  • AI-powered personalization: Tailor review requests to each customer using AI-generated suggestions, creating a personalized experience.
  • Advanced contact management: Import, edit, and filter contacts to segment recipients and craft targeted review requests.
  • Transparent tracking: Track open and click-through statuses for each recipient, gaining insights into campaign performance.
  • Upcoming SMS integration: Soon, request reviews via SMS to reach a broader audience and enhance review collection.

By sending review requests via email and SMS, your clients will have an irrefutable collection of high quality reviews boosting and bolstering their reputation—quickly and efficiently.

They’ll see their business rise in search rankings, and their revenue increase as customer trust is strengthened. In fact, businesses with a 4 to 4.5 star rating earn 28% more in annual revenue.

So don’t leave that money on the table!

How Reputation Management Premium works

Once upgraded to Reputation Management Premium, your clients can start requesting reviews via email.

The new Email Builder empowers them to craft engaging emails swiftly.

Reputation Management Premium's Email Builder

The "Review Request Links" block lets them easily add links to their Google and Facebook pages or any other review site.

Reputation Management Premium's Review Request Links

Recipients are managed seamlessly in the new "Customers" tab, synced with contacts in Vendasta's Business App. Your clients can create new contacts easily, too, either one-by-one or by uploading a CSV.

Reputation Management Premium's Costumer Contacts

Filters let your client segment contacts to make sure the right request is always going to the right recipient, and selecting multiple recipients to send requests in bulk is a breeze.

Reputation Management Premium's Contact Segmentation

And I want to remind you that this is all happening right within the Reputation Management Premium product now, so no more switching between different applications.

Unlock the potential of Reputation Management Premium

We’ve loaded Reputation Management Premium with tons of features from our Customer Voice product, and upgraded those features to provide an even better all-around experience.

Reputation Management, Reputation Management Pro, and Reputation Management Premium: Features comparsion

Reputation Management Premium offers unparalleled value and efficiency:

  • Prove performance with better search rankings
  • Boost positive reviews
  • Strengthen customer trust
  • Streamlined experience
  • Pricing tailored for you

For example, previously using our Pro edition of Reputation Management plus Customer Voice with 50 SMS messages, your wholesale price would be higher than simply switching everything over to Reputation Management Premium.

So at the end of the day, you’re providing a better, all-in-one experience to your clients while also saving money.

Next steps: Level up your reputation services

If you're already providing Reputation Management, set up pricing for Premium to ensure a smooth transition for your clients.

To customize pricing:

  • Visit Partner Center
  • Select Reputation Management Premium product info
  • Select retail price to adjust

Here’s a support article detailing exactly how to adjust the pricing if you want more details.

Reputation Management Premium Pricing

For newcomers, now is the perfect time to start offering Reputation Management from the Marketplace. Set pricing for Pro and Premium editions and establish a new revenue stream in minutes.

Wholesale pricing for Vendasta partners

Embark on this journey with Reputation Management Premium, available at an exclusive wholesale cost of $35 USD per month. This includes 50 SMS messages for US clients once the feature becomes available, alongside comprehensive A2P compliance.

Exciting updates to the Pro version

But wait, there’s more! Our development team has had quite a busy quarter, and there’s lots to look forward to.

I want to share two new updates to Reputation Management Pro:

  • Review revision history: Easily monitor trends by viewing the full revision history of edited reviews from Google and Facebook.
  • CarGurus integration: Serve the automotive industry better with CarGurus now available as a review source in Reputation Management.

Explore Reputation Management Premium today

As always, if you’re not a Vendasta partner but like what you see, we’d love to chat with you and offer a tailored walkthrough. Book a quick demo with us!

We hope you’re excited about all the ways you’ll elevate your clients' online reputation with Reputation Management Premium. Experience the difference and watch businesses thrive. For more information on all our offerings, stay up to date on roadmap.vendasta.com.

See you back here soon with more What’s New at Vendasta.

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