11 Hilarious Yelp Reviews

Over the next seven minutes, you're about to embark on 11 hilarious—okay ridiculous—Yelp reviews that will not only give ya a laugh and some grave insights about humanity, but also a little dose of reality.

The pleasure centers will be tingling whilst reading the shenanigans, but undoubtedly, if you're like most marketers, the business side of you won't be able to help but wonder what kind of impact reviews like these are having on a business's online reputation.

But why just Yelp? It's where most local businesses (your clients) focus their attention when it comes to review sites. Over 89 million unique mobile users in last year’s Q4 alone visited Yelp! Millions of customers are searching for reviews with buying intent.

Let’s take a look at these reviews.

The 11 Funniest Yelp Reviews

1. What kind of sick world would we be living in if Yelp didn't have an update function?Hilarious yelp reviews 1

2. False advertising gets this joint one star


Hilarious yelp reviews 2

3. Hey, two stars not bad, considering... (I had to)

Hilarious yelp reviews 3

4. This guy cleaned up at the HLAs last year (Hate Life Awards)

Hilarious yelp reviews 4

5. Even when they're good, they're bad

Hilarious yelp reviews 5

6. Not even Yosemite National Park is off limits

Take note: this reviewer (with 142 reviews) is what is known as a “Yelper”. A loyalist, a crusader... or someone with nothing better to do.

Hilarious yelp reviews 6

7. This guy's been partying for weeks. 

Maybe it's time to turn the Yelp off and hit the sack brah.

Hilarious yelp reviews 7

8. You won't see this one coming

Hilarious yelp reviews 8

9. There's something to be said about honesty

Hilarious yelp reviews 9

10. When in Rome is what I always say

Hilarious yelp reviews 10

11. Normal, no?

Hilarious yelp reviews 11

If those beauties didn't lighten your day just a bit, maybe it's time to put down the Nietzsche. True some of it was ridiculous; however, there is a learning point to be had here. Good review, bad review, weird review, no business is immune to being talked about and judged online. 

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The crazy thing is, reviews like those above have real power. Did you know, 74% of people trust online reviews the same way they do personal recommendations (Search Engine Land)? Sometimes this really backs a business into a corner, as they have no control over what customers say about them on sites like Yelp... or do they?

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