7 White-Label Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Agencies

You came here to start a business, or grow your current one. Forget drop-shipping mythology—start a business that will actually lead to real sales and real success. Introducing: the white-label business model. White-label business opportunities are a gateway into the business-to-business (B2B) world and enable you to sell products and services without pre-planning, hiring, training, and implementation work. By the end of this blog, you will have a full understanding of the white-label business opportunities in the market today, and have all of the tools you need to start or expand your business. Your future awaits, are you ready?

How Does White-Labeling Work?

White-labeling is a business-to-business model involving manufacturers and resellers. Essentially, a software manufacturer sells an unbranded piece of software or a service to a reseller who then places their 

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branding on the offering and resells it to their business clients. Digital products can be bought and sold over the net, so you generally require little (or zero) overhead to get started—all you’ve gotta do is start pounding the pavement and selling to businesses.

Digital Products and Services

For entrepreneurs and agencies selling business solutions to local businesses, there are two umbrella opportunities to focus on; products and services. A product example of white-labeling would be reputation management software that agencies can resell to businesses to manage their reputation and online reviews. A service example would be a third party team that would impersonate your company and provide review response work and fulfilment to your business clients—through a product such as reputation management.

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Top 7 White-Label Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Startups & Agencies

Here are some of the top white-label business opportunities to start (or expand) a business. These bundles are in high market demand and can either form the foundation to a great startup or compliment an existing agency offering. Take a peek.

1. Website Hosting & Design Agency

The web hosting services market is currently valued at over $40 billion and is projected to reach $154 billion USD by 2022, climbing there at a 16% annual growth rate, according to the Business Insider. Due to these forecasts, this has become a highly competitive market with several larger players and numerous smaller players. For most, it would be a difficult space to enter, but by leveraging white-label website solutions., you can instantly become a world-class hosting reseller and service provider. Website bundle to resell:

  • Website Hosting:Hosting websites gives you a foundational, sticky relationship with your business clients. This is the most critical piece of your bundle!
  • Website Design / Creation: With a website hosted, adding on a custom design is the obvious next step. You can design websites internally, through a freelancer, or by leveraging a white-label website design service.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization services are a great value-add for any website bundle, ensuring the website is found on search engines when consumers are looking for your client's business.
  • Add-ons: Consider offering additional add-ons such as appointment scheduling, form builders, or live chat software depending on your client's needs to further boost the value of your website bundle.

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In the Vendasta Marketplace:

  • White-label website solutions: hosting, design, SEO
  • Add-ons: Appointment scheduling, instant site builders, form builder, live chat, chatbot

2. SEO Agency

Use white-label service providers to join the ranks of other internet wizards and claim your revenue share in one of the most sought-after services in the sphere of digital marketing. The market for search engine optimization (SEO) services has been growing steadily since, well, pretty much ever. According to Forbes, the spend on SEO services for 2020 will be about $80 billion USD in the US alone. Critics have always forecasted the crash of the market for SEO services, but despite preconceptions, the market continues to grow. If businesses can’t conquer the SERPs, then they have very little chance of generating any traffic organically. The problem? Not many local businesses have the time, knowledge, or resources to master their SEO. That’s where you come in to the equation, and here’s the bundle you need. SEO bundle to resell:

  • SEO Audit: By outsourcing auditing services, you can give your clients insights into keywords and pages that are working, and an in-depth assessment of site speeds, engagement, citations and so much more (ex. MarketGoo).
  • On-Page SEO: Under your branding, experts can optimize titles, metadata, headings, and other on-page content to identify ranking issues and optimize the pages to rank better..
  • Off-Page SEO: White-label service providers can build backlink relationships that will help your clients' pages rank on their most valuable keywords.
  • Blog Creation Services: With white-label blog creation, you can give your clients an advantage in search ranking by creating great written content and leveraging the benefits of backlinking and keyword targeting to grow search authority (ex. Textbroker).
  • Add-ons: Consider coupling SEO services with reputation management and listing products/services to drive conversions when prospects find your clients in the SERPs.

In the Vendasta Marketplace:

3. Online Reputation Agency

In today's marketplace, businesses live and die by their online ratings and reputation. By becoming a white-label reputation agency you can meet this essential business need for your clients. According to the Pew Research Center, 91% of people trust what they see and read on search engines (online reputations), and 65% trust these results more than any other source. Local businesses that aren’t able to manage their reviews and reputations online cannot survive anymore, and you can be their savior. Reputation bundle to resell:

  • Reputation Audit: Performing a white-label audit and/or competitive benchmarking can help clients discover unknown reviews, and determine how they stack up against their competition.
  • Reputation Management: This white-labeled software allows your agency to monitor and manage every aspect of a local business' online reputation, such as: reviews, listings, and mentions. Outsource or fulfill the work in-house.
  • Review Response and Generation: Enable your clients to capture more of their customer feedback, and build stronger reputations with the help of this white-label software/service.
  • Social Media Management: Social media is a huge component of your clients’ customer facing image. White-label providers can manage content and post on behalf of your clients to ensure brand continuity throughout social platforms.
  • Add-ons: Video creation tools to drive greater engagement, chatbots to build instant connections, and WiFi marketing tools for your clients’ physical stores.

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In the Vendasta Marketplace:

4. Provide the Business Essentials

Imagine if you decided on a restaurant for dinner tonight, and tried calling to book a reservation, but the number listed was not in service. How would you feel? 80% of people would lose trust in a brand at that instant. By giving your clients the business essentials they need, like listing support, you can send them into the market equipped for success. Every business needs to meet their core operational requirements before they worry about going out there and taking on the world. Some of these core requirements include: claiming their listings so they can be found on the net, being able to create internal and external documentation, building a logo, managing their reputation, and creating that ever so important website. Suggested business essential bundle:

  • Listing solutions: Did you know that there are well over 100 listing sites/directories prospects could be using? Use white-label listing solutions to make sure your clients have accurate address and contact information across all of them.
  • Graphic design: Every great brand starts with a great logo, business card, envelope, and letterhead designs. Use white-label design services to give your clients professional logo production work.
  • Reputation management: White-label software so that you can either manage review responses for your clients, outsource it to a white-label agency, or simply provide your clients the ability to manage their own reputations so that the world knows they have a pulse!
  • Web Hosting and Design: Use white-label providers to give your clients the web hosting and design services they need to launch their business.
  • Add-ons: Consider reselling basic operating software such as G Suite, video marketing tools, and review generation tools to supplement this foundational bundle and generate some recurring revenue.

In the Vendasta Marketplace:

5. White-Label Content Agency

You know that pipe dream that most of us have of working off a laptop on a beach somewhere? By starting a white-label content agency, you can make that dream a reality. Companies benefit from written content, we know this. According to DemandMetric, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month than those without. With the addition of video content, businesses are 50 times more likely to rank in organic Google search. Furthermore, by adding a video to a landing page, conversions rates increase by upwards of 80%. Although the barriers to entry in this space are low, it is also a fiercely competitive market, since everyone seems to be a freelance blogger in 2019. Content bundle to resell:

  • Blog Creation: With white-label blogging, your clients can share their knowledge and expertise without losing focus on their business.
  • Video Creation: Video is the nectar of the gods in 2018. Build a stronger client relationship by providing them with professional videography.
  • Website Copy: With a white-label team, you can give your clients the power of a compelling brand story that lives throughout their entire site.
  • Social Posting: This white-label service can give your clients expertly crafted social posts that will drive their engagement and build brand awareness.

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 In the Vendasta Marketplace:

  • White-label content essentials such as: blog writing, web creation, social media management
  • Add-ons: video creation services, Textbroker for written content

6.White-Label Accounting Firm

With white-label services, becoming an accounting firm, and scaling your growth have never been easier. And there’s money to be made in the accounting industry. According to Statista, the "Big Four" (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and KPMG) accounting firms made just under $155 billion USD in revenue in 2019. Accounting product and service providers to leverage:

  • Accounting-as-a Service: Leverage companies that can tackle work on behalf of your team, giving you flexibility and the ability to grow and scale with ease (ex. Booxkeeping).
  • API Integration: If you’ve already developed an app or software, companies like Bean Cruncher Accounting can offer white-label API integration to build out more diverse and robust client facing offerings.
  • Accounting Products: Simply want to provide your clients with accounting software they can use themselves? White-label providers like Flexi can enable you to do just that.
  • Add-ons: Valuable add-ons for your clients may be apps for appointment scheduling as well as operating software such as Microsoft Office or G Suite.

In the Vendasta Marketplace:

  • Add-ons: Appointment scheduling, G Suite

7. The Full-Stack Marketing Agency (Vendasta Style)

This is the type of reseller that we work with the most at Vendasta. Consumers don’t shop like they used to, so for your clients, capitalizing on the modern customer journey is the difference between landing a sale and a consumer buying products or services from a competitor. As a result, we have determined the core products and services that every local business needs to beat out the competition every step of the way. Here they are:

Product Review Sites modern customer journey

In the past, it has been difficult to reach a full agency status due to the degree of knowledge and specialization required for each facet. However, the marketing industry is flourishing in the digital age, and becoming a full-service agency can happen overnight with the help of white-label providers.

By becoming a full-stack agency, you can earn your share of each of these multi-billion dollar industries. The marketing agency bundle to resell:

  • Digital Advertising: All of the Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube, mobile advertising, and display advertising that your clients need to stay top of mind.
  • Listing Solutions: Make sure your clients can get found, no matter where their prospects are looking.
  • Reputation Management: The ability to monitor and respond to online reviews, mentions, and listings.
  • Social Media Management: All social media channels funneled into one white-labeled dashboard and composer to streamline the content creation process.
  • Web Hosting and Website Creation: The ability to build and manage great WordPress sites for your clients so they can drive traffic and conversions.
  • A CRM to manage it all: If you are an agency that is going to be managing all of these marketing facets, you’re going to need a powerful CRM to keep it all organized and fuel your sales process.

Explore the Vendasta Marketplace today!

Best white label reseller programs 

The below programs are all available through the Vendasta Marketplace to resell as white-labeled tools. White-label is a product or service that can be rebranded by other companies to make it look like they made it themselves.

Boostability: The team at Boostability has a sales support team that can help with website health checkups, SEO proposals, answering questions, and help to close sales. They include a pricing tool to help provide quotes for potential clients, and the product itself is unbranded so it can be sold under the reseller company name. 86 percent of Boostability clients get on the first page of Google within six months of signing up.  

Technology includes client account management, keyword performance, google analytics integration, work history, and local listings where users will see a list of their client’s business profiles on relevant sites across the digital universe. 

Alpha SEO: Ideal for businesses that want to rank higher on search engines for their local business, the Alpha SEO base package includes: an all-in-one SEO dashboard, one keyword topic and one target location, seven target keywords, one piece of content writing every six months, ten or more backlinks every month, five website pages of on-page optimization, a website audit and SEO issues fixes, GMB listing advanced optimization as required, website goal conversion tracking in Google Analytics, status reporting, ongoing website SEO health checks, and SEO key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard and metrics.

The KPI’s Alpha SEO tracks include keyword tracking for both desktop and mobile rankings, Google Maps, Google Analytics, integration, and GMB integration. Their team will set and track goals in Google, and implement live chat functionality, notifications, and results tracking as well as include audit reports. Every account is assigned a project manager to assist with any questions and issues that arise.

White-label digital marketing agency: Vendasta has an in-house digital marketing agency that provides reselling services including digital advertising, web design, social media content, reputation management, content services, and listings management. 

These six services can be packaged together or resold separately depending on client needs. Each has separate teams of specialists who fulfill work for partners as a completely white-labeled service. This means Vendasta’s digital marketing agency can do all fulfillment work under a partner’s brand so that partners have more time to focus on what they are really good at.

White-Label Opportunities for Enterprise

White-label solutions don't only work for entrepreneurs and startups—there are many solutions that can help enterprise companies build out their revenue streams through upselling and cross-selling their clients. 

Many enterprise marketing services provider specialize in one key area and dominate their respective market. These companies can use that authority and massive client-base to upsell clients with additional solutions, and not only increase their revenue, but also increase client retention. The Vendasta churn study of 100K+ SMBs found that selling an SMB 1 product has a retention rate of only 30% after 2 years, but selling that SMB just 1 more product showed an increased retention rate of nearly 20%. Even further, selling an SMB four products shows a retention rate of 80%.

Here are some  white-label opportunities for enterprise companies to explore:

  1. White-Label Agency Services: Cover the full marketing stack of services from ad campaign management, to social posting, to website design and more with a white-label team that handles the fulfillment for you. This is a great solution for enterprise companies as they can add new solutions without having to add to the workload of their fulfillment team.
  2. White-Label Web Hosting: Just like with agencies, web hosting is a great service to add to an Enterprise's portfolio of solutions—because it's hands-off and a foundational piece of a business' marketing strategy. White-label website hosting can be a huge value-add to both small and large business clients, and even help brand new businesses get up and running.
  3. White-label Listings & Reputation Management: Listings and reputation management are services that often go under the radar, yet are blowing up in terms of SMB ad spend. Our study found that fewer than 45% of marketing service providers sell these services, yet they're a combined $600 million market. That means low competition and a huge opportunity. White-label listings and reputation can be easily added to capitalize on this, without having to build out additional divisions.

Advantages to the White-Label Business Model

Here are some key product and service advantages that are driving the growth of white-label adoption among startups, agencies, and media groups around the world.

Why resell white-label digital products?

  • No physical distribution or need for brick and mortar store
  • Skip research & development and start selling instantly
  • Local businesses need business and marketing tech to keep up with the big guys
  • The fastest way to create or grow revenue

Why resell white-label business services?

  • White-label services build a stronger client relationship than simply a product offering
  • Generate stable recurring revenue with ongoing services
  • Minimize costs, risk, and staffing expenses with white-label service fulfillment
  • Fast-tracked growth and easy scaling by leveraging fulfilment teams that grow with you

Now you just have to decide which opportunity is the best fit for you.

What White-Label Business Opportunity is Right for You?

The type of white-label opportunity you leverage depends entirely on your goals as a company/entrepreneur. What kind of local expert do you want to become? If you're just starting out your business, any of these solutions may be good for you to start bringing in revenue. However, you'll want to establish a stable brand and niche to give you a competitive edge in the market. As you're adopting white-label solutions, you'll need to have a strong brand and message to stand out in the crowd. Here are the key considerations when choosing a business model:

  1. Expertise. Where do you have the most knowledge and experience? This can be a great foundation for determining the best fit for you or your business.
  2. Price. Some white-label digital solutions are more expensive markets to get into than others. For example, if you were to explore becoming an SEO reseller, and take the service-heavy approach that we suggested—there would naturally be a much higher overhead cost. However, there would also be much less work involved as a reseller.
  3. Product or service specialization. As was mentioned near the start, white-label in the digital space is comprised of products and services. Depending on your level of experience, you will have to decide which services you would want to outsource to a white-label agency, and which you would like to complete in-house.

The easiest route to growth for entrepreneurs, startups, and other companies operating in the business service space, is digital-based reselling.

Becoming a White Label Reseller with Vendasta

Now you have a holistic understanding of how white-labeling works, the top white-label business opportunities, and some strategies to differentiate your offering. There’s only one step left. If you’re ready to explore a white-label provider for marketing and business solutions, Vendasta is a great place to start. Getting started with us has never been easier. With Vendasta, skip your onboarding fees and start for free with access to baked in selling tools and a fulfillment team that’s ready to meet any and all of your service needs. And you don't pay a dime until you start making sales.

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Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Perform powerful business needs assessments with our fully automated Snapshot Report
  2. Build a client-facing store with solutions from our Wholesale Marketplace
  3. Provide solutions and manage clients through our White-Labeled Platform
  4. Grow and scale into the company of your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

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