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The Online Listing Showdown

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Vendasta and AdviceLocal are robust platforms for managing Listings presence online. Both platforms offer additional services depending on the solutions a local business is looking for. With a seamless user experience, great customer support, and a focus on local business, both solutions deliver results.

AdviceLocal and Vendasta are both viable options for resellers looking to offer automated marketing services to local businesses. Both platforms sell to agencies as a white-label software-as-a-service provider, and the agency has the ability to sell to their business clients.

What makes Vendasta different?

Vendasta offers a robust platform that empowers you to provide marketing solutions to local businesses under your brand. The Vendasta platform includes marketing and sales automation, a sales CRM, a pipeline management tool, a full suite of resellable digital marketing solutions, and more.

Vendasta is an exceptional AdviceLocal alternative, as it’s designed to meet a variety of business needs across industries and help marketing service providers grow their business and ultimately drive local economies.

Freemium Listings Solution

Both Vendasta and AdviceLocal have a wealth of knowledge and a user-friendly platform when it comes to managing online listings. With the ability to see all listing sources and their status and accuracy within one dashboard directly within the platform, managing listing information is a breeze. 

When comparing the listings management features of Vendasta and AdviceLocal, they’re nearly neck-and-neck. However, there are some key features that Vendasta offers that AdviceLocal does not. For one, Vendasta offers a suite full of Listing products in order to meet every need of a small business. This includes a freemium listings solution product called Listing Builder. Listing Builder is the base of the entire Vendasta Listings product suite and is a great starting point for local businesses who are just beginning to move into the digital and automated marketing space. The upgrade path for an agency selling listings solution is completely natural once you’ve shown the importance of being present online using Listing Builder.

Key Freemium Listings Features:

Freemium Listings Solution Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Freemium product offering
Free landing page to direct customers to with business information and reviews
Free sources (including Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and more)
Google Insights available (no charge)
Free reporting metrics such as profile completeness, landing page visits, and syncing accuracy
Make changes to listings all in one place for free

Data Aggregator Listings Solution

AdviceLocal and Vendasta offer a similar data solution that sends business data (name, address, phone number, etc.) to the four primary data aggregators, Localeze/Neustar, InfoGroup, Acxiom, and Factual. These aggregators power navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and more. This data is then purchased or referenced by hundreds of listing sites across the web in order to keep businesses online information accurate.

Submitting business information to data aggregators is an easy and low-cost solution to ensuring business information is accurate across the web. Since the information is not being instantly published to sources, it may take some time for listing sites to reflect the correct information; however, it is important to ensure all bases are covered and that these four main data aggregators have correct business information. This automation tool eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual submissions and updates. 

With Vendasta, the data aggregator solution is called Listing Distribution. It is the second step in the Listings suite to ensure a business’s information is found and accurate across the web.

With both solutions, a local business can manage their listing information, the syncing status, and if the data was accepted by the four data aggregators. We see from the table below that Vendasta and AdviceLocal are pretty much neck and neck.

Key Data Aggregator Listings Features:

Features Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Submit business data to four main data aggregators
Builds citations and boosts SEO
Citation tracking
Improved local search ranking
Submit, update, and monitor business information from one dashboard

Data Publisher Listings Solution

Again, Vendasta and AdviceLocal have similar solutions when it comes to data publishing, although Vendasta has a few key differences. Data publishing is an instantaneous change to a listing source with accurate information. It gives you power over how your business appears across the web, protects from third-party changes, and many more features.

At Vendasta, we take listings management seriously. We not only identify which business listings aren’t present or accurate, but we also ensure those listings stay accurate through daily monitoring and automatic updates. Vendasta offers two data publishing solutions: Listing Sync Pro (by Vendasta) and Listing Sync Pro powered by Yext. These two solutions are offered depending on a business’s needs; both offer business data syncing across a variety of sources. 

With both AdviceLocal and Vendasta solutions, listings and online directories included in the product will be sure to reflect accurate business information, giving you peace of mind your customers are finding you (and aren’t being sent to competitors).

Again, AdviceLocal and Vendasta have a similar offering; however, we can see from the table below that Vendasta’s solution has some important advantages.

Key Data Publisher Listings Solution Features:

Listings Management Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Instantly publishes data to directories
Publishes data to 50+ directories
Manage listings all within one dashboard
Option of using Yext within the Vendasta platform (Yext dashboard available)
Suppresses duplicate listings
Solution available in 7 countries



Automated reporting

Local Marketing Platform

AdviceLocal only offers Listing and SEO management tools. Conversely, Vendasta’s Listings management solutions are just a portion of Vendasta’s platform that includes the full spectrum of local marketing tools.

Vendasta’s expansive local marketing platform features a Marketplace of agency-specific solutions, as well as marketing automation and pipeline management. These tools help partners sell more effectively to local businesses at scalable rates and without any fine print.

Key Local Marketing Features:

Local Marketing Platform Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Listings Management Solution
Marketplace of Additional White-label Solutions (Social Marketing, Reputation Management, etc.)
Automated Content Prospecting

Managed Services

Both AdviceLocal and Vendasta offer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions, but only Vendasta offers DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) and DIWM™ (Do-It-With-Me™) for end business clients. AdviceLocal only offers agency solutions for agencies, under the AdviceLocal brand. 

Vendasta’s Task Manager solution enables agencies to offer their own managed services and grow scalable revenue if they choose to build out an in-house agency. Task Manager includes features such as responding to reviews across platforms, creating and scheduling social posts across social media platforms, and much more.

When you subscribe to Vendasta’s Marketing Services, they’ll do the work for you under your brand. With our DIWM approach, in-house agents collaborate with your local business clients to remain authentic when replying to reviews, managing social profiles, correcting online listings, and more.

One offered service of Vendasta’s Marketing Services are manual listing claims. Our team takes the work off your shoulders of manually claiming the most important online listings, including Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Once our team has claimed a listing for a business, they have full control over that listing.

Managed Service Features:

Managed Service Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Marketing Services under your brand
Task Manager solution


AdviceLocal’s pricing is structured quite differently than Vendasta’s. AdviceLocal requires you to spend a minimum amount of $249/month; Vendasta does not require a minimum amount of accounts. Additionally, AdviceLocal keeps its pricing under lock and key, while Vendasta’s subscription pricing is easily found and available on the Vendasta website.

Vendasta offers a monthly subscription that provides access to a wholesale marketplace and marketing automation. As a channel partner, you have the ability to chose from a wide variety of products depending on you and your clients’ needs.

Pricing Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Publicly displays subscription pricing details
Free tier available

Business Model

AdviceLocal sells directly to local businesses and to channel partners, whereas Vendasta sells exclusively through channel partners. 

At Vendasta, we don’t compete with our partners. We do everything we can to help them succeed. AdviceLocal is a potential competitor. Vendasta is a partner.

Business Model Features:

Business Model Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Offers a full local marketing platform
Only sells to agencies and not your clients


We’ve been a listings management company since 2008, so we bring a lot of experience as a proven platform, but over time we’ve grown to so much more than just listings management. The summary here speaks for itself.

Section Vendasta Technologies logo AdviceLocal logo
Local Listings Management
Reputation Management
Local Marketing Platform
Managed Services
Business Model
**Disclaimer: This comparison is based on information that is publicly available. If something is inaccurate, please contact us to review and update.**

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