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The Reputation Management Showdown

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When it comes to best-in-class online reputation management solutions for agencies and media companies, Vendasta and are often at the top of the list. While we don’t disagree each deserves a bit of recognition, we’d like to set the record straight on how our offering and approach to business differs.

Reputation Management Solutions

With virtually equal experience in the space, each company provides a wealth of capabilities in their reputation management solutions.

At first glance, you may think they’re identical. Both companies offer full reputation management tools, including the ability to monitor online listings, reviews, social activity, competitive intel and more. Both companies help businesses generate more reviews. Both companies feature customizable landing pages.

No surprises here. We knew that the reputation management battle was going to be neck-and-neck, so based on foundational features alone, we’ll call round one a draw.

Key Reputation Management Features

Reputation Management Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Online presence management
Social media monitoring
Online review monitoring
Competitive monitoring
Review generation tools
Landing page builder
Notifications and alerts

Review Generation and Vendasta have similar review generation features too. In fact, they take an identical approach to helping businesses generate reviews: they each have a review collection process that allows businesses to solicit feedback from customers through a customized form, which then posts the reviews to a dedicated landing page that the business can manage.

Key Review Generation Features

Reviews Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Review aggregation and management dashboard
Monitor over 40 review sites
Advanced Listening (mentions, citations)
Industry benchmarking
Comprehensive review reporting/monitoring
Review Generation
Monthly Executive Report
Multi-location review monitoring
Unlimited user access
Personalized user access
Tiered management access
API Access
Single sign-on

Local Listings and Presence

With 97% of consumers searching for business information online1, local businesses not only need to be visible in search results, they also need to make sure that their listings contain correct information. When listings are wrong, businesses lose the trust of 73% of these consumers2— and when trust is lost, potential customers are going to take their money elsewhere. In other words, listings management is a must in the reputation game.

At Vendasta, we take listings management seriously. We not only identify which top directories a business’s listings aren’t present or accurate, we ensure they’re correct through daily monitoring and automatic updates. While does identify problems with some top directories, they are nowhere near as comprehensive as Vendasta which monitors over 250!


Key Local Listing and Presence Features

Listings Management Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Identify missing or inaccurate listings on top directories
Monitor over 250+ directories
Submit correct listings data to the 4 major online listing distributors
Work with the web’s major data providers to ensure listings remain accurate
Comprehensive listings management reporting

Local Marketing Platform’s reputation management platform is simply that: tools to help businesses strengthen their online reputation. Vendasta’s reputation management solutions are part of a larger platform that provides a full spectrum of local marketing tools.

Vendasta offers an expansive Local Marketing Platform that features a Wholesale Marketplace of agency-specific solutions, as well as a Marketing Automation, Pipeline Management and Product Catalog combination to help partners sell more effectively to local businesses.

Key Local Marketing Features

Local Marketing Platform Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Reputation management solution
Wholesale Marketplace of additional white label solutions (Social Marketing, Listings Management, My Listing pages, beacons, etc.)
Email Marketing
Automated Content Prospecting
Sales CRM
Product Catalog

Managed Services

Both Vendasta and provide DIY solutions as well as a Do It For Me (DIFM) service to manage online reviews and social profiles on behalf of local businesses. With, digital agents can manage businesses’ reputations, similar to Vendasta’s Digital Agency.

Vendasta’s Digital Agency goes above and beyond providing review and social services. We’ve developed the “Do It With Me” (DIWM) approach, where in-house agents work with local businesses to remain authentic when replying to reviews, managing social profiles, correcting online listings and more.

Vendasta also provides a Do It For Me solution called Task Manager. Task Manager enables agencies to offer their own managed services and grow scalable revenue if they choose to build out an in-house agency.

Managed Service Features

Managed Services Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Digital Agency


Finding’s pricing is like pulling teeth—it’s not listed on their website, and they’re slow to hand it over even if you ask politely over phone or email.

According to our research, has a yearly subscription that must be paid in full within 30 days, versus Vendasta’s scalable monthly subscription model.’s subscription is non-cancellable and non-refundable. You are locked in for twelve months whether you like their services or not.

Vendasta offers a monthly subscription that provides reputation management, as well as access to a wholesale marketplace of other white label tools and its marketing automation platform.

Pricing Vendasta Technologies logo BirdEye logo
Publicly displays pricing details


We’ve been a reputation management company since 2008, so we bring a lot of experience as a proven platform, but over time we’ve grown to so much more than just reputation management. The summary here speaks for itself.

Section Vendasta Technologies logo logo
Reputation Management
Local Listings and Presence
Local Marketing Platform
Managed Services
Publicly Displays Pricing
Business Model

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