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9 Best white-label reseller programs


Before we dive into white-label reseller programs, let’s answer the question: What does white label mean? White label essentially means reselling software products and services under your own brand. This helps businesses build trust with their clients and offer more products and services than they would be able to without an online white-labeled marketplace. White-labeled products and services are easily added to existing business offerings with seamless integration.

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White-label reselling is a smart and strategic step in business expansion. It’s time consuming and difficult to do everything yourself, and you likely won’t be able to grow your business at the same scale if you DIY rather than follow a software reseller business model.

In white-label reseller programs, partners sell the software provider’s products and services under their own brand. Programs can fall into categories like white-label digital marketing, digital advertising, ecommerce, security, productivity, and fulfillment services. White-label reseller programs are a huge value add to agencies, MSPs, and media companies, as well as their clients.

What are the best white-label reseller programs?

  1. Customer Voice
  2. Reputation Management
  3. Social Marketing
  4. Listing Builder
  5. Advertising Intelligence
  6. Marketing Services
  7. SiteGlue AI
  8. GoDaddy
  9. Website Pro

Best white-label reseller programs

Digital marketing, digital advertising, productivity, security, and ecommerce are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to white-label reseller programs. With hundreds of solutions available in each category, carefully curated online marketplaces serve up only the best product and service resale solutions.

Marketing and advertising white-label software

  1. Customer Voice helps businesses succeed with the power of online reviews. Your clients will be able to collect positive reviews in bulk with this solution. Customer Voice also helps local businesses be found where their customers are searching for them.
  2. Reputation Management simplifies managing your clients online reputations. Built-in reporting collects data from your clients reviews, listings, and social media, and presents it all in one place. This freemium solution can be upgraded when clients are ready to purchase.
  3. Social Marketing helps you to strategize, schedule, and publish your clients content across their Google Business Profile, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all from one dashboard. Social media takes up so much time when you’re managing it manually, but with automation you will save time, post more efficiently, and keep customer success at an all-time high.
  4. Listing Builder is a solution that assists in getting clients found online by building consistent citations. Keep business information up to date in directories, voice search, and mobile apps so your clients can rank higher in search with accurate information across the board. Manage the online presence of clients with two upselling opportunities in Listing Distribution and Listing Sync Pro.
  5. Advertising Intelligence delivers live digital ad reporting and analysis. See what’s working across multiple platforms. This solution uses automation to help you stay on top of the metrics and report back to clients.

White-label marketing services

  1. Vendasta’s Marketing Services is a service agency packaged with a white-label marketplace. The white-label digital agency can fulfill your clients’ social media work, blog writing, listing claiming and editing, and digital advertising among other services, all under your brand name. Focus on your core business and developing your specialization while a team of experts delivers on your behalf.

Productivity and collaboration reseller software

  1. SiteGlue AI is a white-label software solution that equates to a chatbot. It’s not just any chatbot though. SiteGlue AI helps clients engage with site visitors by engaging with them and pushing hot leads through a lead capture conversation flow.

Connectivity and security reseller software

  1. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. Help clients register their domain so they can use the same words and images across the internet in all customer touch points. Keep others from using your clients’ business names or similar names so that they show up higher on search with competitive keywords. Domains are also used for professional email addresses to keep your clients on brand.

Ecommerce white-label software

  1. Website Pro website builder and managed WordPress hosting includes world-class security, ecommerce-specific templates, Divi Builder and WooCommerce already installed, and low maintenance web hosting. Setup is relatively quick for the high-quality hosting your clients expect. With a white-label website admin dashboard, you can manage all sites from one place and save time.

Benefits of joining a white-label reseller program

Cost effective

Signing up for a white-label reseller program means your business doesn’t need an in-house development team. The pricing model for this lean business model is likely subscription based but can be flat-rate depending on the marketplace and products so you’ll know what to expect.

Some online marketplaces even offer service teams for activities like social media fulfillment, blog writing, website services, and digital advertising. The opportunity to outsource white-label services means fewer in-house salaries to pay and quick growth.

Quick setup

Software development is time consuming. As a white-label software reseller, time that would have been spent there is now spent on activities like building client relationships. Rather than developing your own software or services in house, you can deliver projects faster with existing products and services from an online marketplace, adding value to your client offerings.

Tried and tested products and services

As a white-label software reseller, you will have access to software that has been vetted by the provider. This can often include an entire online marketplace of products and services that can then be sold under your brand to your clients. The provider will have selected their vendors carefully ensuring each product and service is high quality.

Expansion of offerings

A software reseller can gain access to hundreds of products and product categories with an online Marketplace. Stay competitive by increasing your offerings and branching out into new categories with minimal effort. An increase of offerings can improve client retention because your customers can get everything they need from you rather than going to multiple providers for different solutions.

Eliminate necessity of technical expertise

White-label reseller programs give you more time to focus on your business and clients by removing product development and service fulfillment from the equation. This also reduces costs so that you can rely on the provider’s technical team to deal with everything on the back end.

Save time

With all the time you’ve saved by becoming a white-label reseller, you can focus on what matters most: your clients, growing your business, and growing your brand.

Take your business to the next level as a white-label reseller

The above benefits of buying into a white-label reseller program are insurmountable and can be enjoyed by agencies of all sizes. Customer success teams are available to help new partners adopt the best solutions for their own needs and their clients’ needs, and white-label marketing materials and sales enablement tools are available to help with prospecting.

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