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Simplifying SEO for small businesses. Take control of your own SEO by following the tailored and easy-to-complete monthly actions. Or use our expert support if you just don't have the time.

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Hike’s white-label SEO software easily allows you to sell, build and deliver SEO packages to your clients without having to learn it or hire experienced SEO staff.

If your clients are asking you for SEO, then Hike is the perfect solution. It was made for agencies who want to develop a new revenue stream but aren't SEO experts.

It will help you - with step-by-step instructions - to create an SEO strategy for your client that will identify the best keyword and content opportunities and what they should target.

Then, simply tell Hike how much time you can spend on your client and the software will give you tailored, bespoke and easy-to-follow monthly SEO actions for that website to improve their SEO rankings. These can be completed by anyone in your agency; no need for any previous SEO experience.

If you don't have the resources in-house to deliver their SEO, then you can use Hike's white-label fulfilment team who will complete your clients monthly SEO tasks for you.

Watch the below presentation to learn more about the SEO solutions you can sell to clients using the Hike platform and fulfillment offerings:

Setting up white-label is easy; please see the FAQ section below for details on the stages for implementing this solution.

If you want to find out more then please book a call with one of the Hike team here - https://calendly.com/hikeseo/partner-introduction


Additional Keywords (x50)

Additional Keywords (x50)

50 additional keywords added to your website within the platform to be used for keyword tracking and extra keyword optimization.

50 additional keywords added to your website account, which can be used to:

  • Find and optimize more keywords across your website
  • Track your rankings within the Google search results 

These keywords are an addition to the 50 keywords you receive with the base product.

Monthly Support (2-Hour) SEO Package

Monthly Support (2-Hour) SEO Package

'Monthly Support (2-Hour)' SEO Package. With this package, we'll work alongside your business monthly and carry out 2 hours' worth of work to improve your SEO performance.

With our Monthly Support package, we support your agency every month by carrying out 2 hours' worth of work to help you improve your client's SEO. 

Every month we’ll complete 2 hours of SEO work on your client's website based on the actions that the platform has generated (whether it's onsite SEO work, content creation, local Google My Business optimization, and more).

Note - we do not communicate with the client. All communication will need to be conducted by your agency.

This is perfect if you're an agency that:

  • Needs support to get their SEO product and service up-and-running 
  • Have smaller clients with smaller budgets
  • Need team members to be trained to a high-level (the time can be used for us to train your team)

If you have a dedicated in-house team that needs support and training, then our team can work alongside them as part of this package.

Or you can use the time every month to get our help in making actual SEO changes to your client's websites (whether it's onsite SEO work, content creation, local Google My Business optimization, and more).

If you'd like to speak to the Hike team about our Monthly Support package before signing up, then please book a call here - https://calendly.com/hike-seo/hike-partner-introduction-call

SEO Strategy Creation

SEO Strategy Creation

Our team of SEO experts will create a bespoke SEO strategy for you in the platform, tailored to your business and attracting your ideal customers.

Our SEO team will build an in-depth SEO strategy for your client's website that is going to enable them to target the right customers at the right time

We'll make sure their SEO campaign is focused in the right direction to bring you relevant traffic and success.

This is a perfect precursor to selling your client an ongoing SEO retainer!

Note - this is a white-label service, so we will deliver a video overview of the results (typically 15 minutes long) using your branding on the platform, which you can send straight to your client!

Within the SEO Strategy Creation add-on, we'll cover the following areas:

  1. Keyword research
    • We'll identify the very best keywords that your business needs to target. Looking at both the opportunity and achievability of relevant phrases, we'll build out a keyword list that ensures you'll reach your customers at the point when they're ready to buy.
  2. Website structure
    • Finding keywords is only half the battle; knowing where to optimize them is just as important. We'll build your keyword sitemap, identifying the most relevant pages to optimize each of the keywords discovered during the research phase.
  3. Content roadmap
    • We'll develop a content roadmap for you, identifying the top longtail keywords and questions you need to target via high-quality blog content creation.
  4. Competitor review
    • We'll review your top competitors in Google organic search, identifying any new keyword and backlink opportunities that we can build into your ongoing SEO strategy 
  5. Backlink acquisition strategy
    • We'll identify great backlink opportunities from your competitors; backlinks your competition have but you don't! We'll also set-up the ideal keywords to track within the Journalist Outreach feature for PR link building.
  6. Google My Business review
    • We'll take a look at your GMB listing in the platform, identifying the top areas you need to focus on to improve your visibility within the Google Maps results.

Once we've completed this, we'll deliver a video overview from one of our SEO team (using your branded version of Hike) detailing all of the above that you can send straight to the client.

Unlimited Content Wizard Credits

Unlimited Content Wizard Credits

Unlimited Content Wizard credits added to your website within the platform to be used to generate SEO copy using AI.

Unlimited Content Wizard credits added to your website within the platform to be used to generate SEO copy using AI, including:

  • Optimized page titles
  • Optimized meta descriptions
  • Optimized H1 headings
  • SEO blog structures and outlines (coming soon!)

These credits are an addition to the 10 monthly credits you receive with the base product.

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