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The Review Management Showdown

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With online review management products, tracking online reviews has never been so simple. Two of the leading tools are Vendasta’s Reputation Management solution and ReviewTrackers’ online review product. By the end of this showdown, you’ll have a better idea of the similarities and differences between the two companies.


Vendasta and ReviewTrackers both provide well-known online review management solutions for agencies serving small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). The following is how each of them describe their software in a nutshell.

Vendasta’s Reputation Management solution shows businesses what people are saying about them, improves their visibility in local search and provides progress reports to prove your agency’s worth.

ReviewTrackers helps you leverage review data, interpret customer insights, build brand reputation, improve market vision, and maximize performance where it counts.

Tony Roland

Robert Cullen, City Search Solutions

Vendasta’s customer service, marketing platform, and most importantly, their team is amazing. We would highly recommend working with them, as we’ve seen significant growth since using their online tools. Great company with great service!

Review Management

At first glance, the two review management tools look similar and offer many of the same features. From a high level, the difference is that ReviewTrackers focuses solely on functionality related to online reviews, whereas Vendasta’s Reputation Management solution provides broader monitoring of a business’s’ entire online reputation, including online listings, unstructured mentions, competitive data, social statistics, reviews and more. These ancillary features will be elaborated on in future sections; for now, we’ll focus on review functionality.

Key Review Management Features

Reviews Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Review aggregation and management dashboard
Monitor over 40 review sites
Advanced Listening (mentions, citations)
Industry benchmarking
Comprehensive review reporting/monitoring
Review Generation
Multi-location review monitoring
Personalized user access
Single sign-on

Competitor Monitoring

When small businesses are competing with each other, it’s a good idea to keep their eyes and ears on the competition. Not only does Vendasta’s  white label reputation management product closely monitor a company’s own reviews and reputation, it also monitors their competitors’.

Reputation Spy is a tool that comes free of charge with Reputation Management. It gathers intel on small businesses’ competition, and since small businesses can’t afford to ignore their competitors, it helps them stay ahead of the guys across the street. ReviewTrackers provides no comparable solution.

Key Competitor Monitoring Features

Competitor Monitoring Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Allows businesses to monitor on how many reviews competitors are getting
Allows businesses to monitor competitors social media activity
Allows businesses to monitor competitors staff members

Managed Services

ReviewTrackers and Vendasta both offer managed services that allow them to provide Do-It-For-Me work on behalf of agencies and their customers. In other words, they can help companies manage online reviews on behalf of local businesses who are too busy or inexperienced to do it themselves.

For agencies and other resellers, ReviewTrackers offers what is known as “White Glove Managed Services”. Vendasta offers similar services, but has two distinct options: Do It For Me (DIFM) and Do it With Me (DIWM). Partners can choose if they want to leverage Concierge, a task management solution that empowers them to provide digital agency services themselves, or hire Vendasta’s in-house digital agency to take care of review management, social media engagement and more.

Key Difference: Vendasta’s managed services not only provide companies with the option of fulfilling managed services themselves or through their own in-house digital agency, but—because Vendasta’s platform is broader than ReviewTrackers—agencies can offer a whole host of services that ReviewTrackers can’t. These include listings correction, social media management, website building and more.

Key Managed Service Features

Managed Services Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Offers managed services
No minimum accounts for use of managed services
Offers additional models of managed services to suit business needs


No matter what platforms you’re choosing between, sooner or later the comparison comes down to price. Both Vendasta and ReviewTrackers list prices right on their websites, so this research is relatively straightforward until you get further into white-labeling territory (which Vendasta offers out-of-the-box in all of its subscription levels).

Key Pricing Features

Pricing Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Publicly lists pricing off homepage
Offers white label services on all accounts at no additional charge
Monthly cost per location $12 $49

Business Model

ReviewTrackers sells directly to local businesses, whereas Vendasta sells exclusively to agencies and media companies. From our perspective, the main difference is this: you can’t be mission critical to a partner if you eat their lunch.

At Vendasta, we don’t compete with our partners. We do everything we can to help them succeed. ReviewTrackers is a potential competitor. Vendasta is a partner.

Key Business Model Features

Business Model Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Offers a full local marketing platform
(not just review management)
Only sells to agencies and not your clients


We’ve been a reputation management company since 2008, so we bring a lot of experience as a proven platform, but over time we’ve grown to so much more than just reputation management. The summary here speaks for itself.

Section Vendasta Technologies logo ReviewTrackers logo
Review Management
Competitor Monitoring
Managed Services
Managed Services
Business Model

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