Cultivating success in the digital era: The 90/10 rule for media companies


Unlock the secrets to revitalizing the media industry with renowned media entrepreneur, Guy Tasaka. Guy explores the crucial role of culture in driving success and how embracing the right values can lead to growth and innovation for publishers and broadcasters.

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In this webinar, you will:

Understand the three key phases of the media industry and their profound impact on the business models of news organizations.

Explore how cultivating a culture that prioritizes innovation and adaptability will contribute to 90% of future business success.

Uncover practical strategies for pivoting swiftly, embracing change, and aligning with customer-centric approaches.

Gain insights into forging strategic partnerships and deploying digital services rapidly for sustained growth.


Drew McLellan, CEO at Agency Management Institute

Guy Tasaka, Managing Partner at Tasaka Digital

Jason Swenk, Agency Coach & Founder of Agency Mastery 360

Vishal Teckchandani, Senior Content Editor Vendasta Technologies

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